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Mental health therapy is a technique that helps individuals overcome a wide range of mental problems and emotional difficulties. This process reduces or eliminates troubling symptoms, allowing a person to function better while simultaneously impacting their well-being.

Mental therapy works when mental health counselors provide patients with a safe space to share their personal thoughts and feelings. This allows them to cope with trauma and grieve the loss of loved ones while undergoing psychotherapy for depression. Provide deep insights into your relationship problems and love life
Manage stress and answer questions about your current situation
Overcome any kind of fear, worries, anxiousness or depression
Make business and career choices
Solve parenting & teen issues while strengthening family relationships
There are several mental health services, ranging from love problem solutions to past life regression therapy. The most common formats include:
  • Individual Therapy: This involves only the patient and therapist. Here, individuals can avail one-on-one counseling for any mental health issues they may be facing.
  • Group Therapy: Patients going through similar experiences can participate in group therapy, thus gaining comfort from the fact that they're not alone.
  • Couples Therapy/Sex Therapy: This type of therapy allows spouses to understand what their significant other is going through while simultaneously highlighting behavioural changes that can strengthen their bond.
  • Family Therapy:Family is a key part of an individual's inner circle. Family members must understand what their loved ones are feeling to deepen connections and uplift their spirits.
Yes, mental health therapists are trained to diagnose depression and anxiety disorders while simultaneously teaching patients to be healthier, happier, and more aware.

For example, a form of psychotherapy known as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a tapping, self-acupressure technique that helps release any negative feelings stored in the body to restore a balanced energy pattern. Such processes are highly effective when it comes to anxiety and depression treatment.
Find Your Perspective: Don’t be thrown off by a negative reading. Focus on the positives. You can choose to walk out inspired or frustrated. It’s all on you. Work on yourself and hone your inner reflections.
While online tarot card readings cannot completely cure emotional disorders or mental health problems, they can shed some perspective on dealing with anxiety while explaining why you feel the way you do.

In short, online card readings cannot replace doctors, therapists, or other mental health professions. However, they might help you transform any negative energy into rays of positivity, in turn reducing your stress levels.
It's a known fact that online mental therapy can:
  • Improve one's self-esteem,
  • Find a cure for depression and anxiety,
  • Strengthen one's coping mechanisms,
  • Build community functioning skills, and
  • Deal with a host of issues related to mental health disorders
Plus, since this type of therapy can be conducted online, it is:
  • Accessible,
  • Convenient,
  • Affordable, and
  • Confidential
Thriive Art & Soul is India’s leading digital wellness platform that verifies and lists credible mental health professionals from across the country.
  • Overcome lockdown fatigue
  • Grapple with emotional exhaustion
  • Grieve the loss of friends or family members
  • Deal with anxiety or stress due to loss of financial security and social connections
  • Get the emotional support you need

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