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Making of an Angel – Kaya

20 Feb, 2017
Making of an Angel – Kaya

What are angels? Are they some kind of mythical magical creatures that go around bestowing miracles? Another form of fairy godmothers? Are they real? Any talk of angels and these are the thoughts that most likely pop in most people’s minds.

Yes, angels are real. Many who’ve been brushed by their magic know this. What is hard for the human brain to fathom is that we all can metamorphize into angels. Simply by entering the immense flow of spiritual powers within us, we all can spread our wings and claim our angelhood.

Kaya’s journey is proof of this phenomenon. A handsome gifted Canadian rockstar whose career was on the brink of take-off, stepped back and claimed his angelhood. Join Thriive as we speak to him about his fascinating journey.

Where did your journey begin?
My spiritual journey started when I was very young. As a sensitive child, I was very inside of  myself. Even though I do not come from a religious family, spirituality was very very deep in me like a secret world. At the age of 6-7 years, I would just sit at a bench to look at people, and to question ‘Why is he working like this?’, ‘Why is he talking like this?’, ‘How come he has got a red hat?.’ I had also started to sing at churches, marriages and funerals when I was about 6.

Did you take any kind of training in singing?
Yes. One day, a woman was passing by my house and heard my voice. She knocked at the door and next thing I know I was having concerts at the age of 7 in front of 25 thousand people. At 9, I did my first album. Until the age of 26, I had signed major contracts and was number 1 in Canada. I had the same management team as Celine Dion does. Even though I had this career for about 20 years, I never felt like being a musician. When I was not singing, I was questioning, “What am I doing here?” I was living in a lot of abundance, had fame at a huge level, was roaming in Limos and was surrounded by bodyguards, but something felt disconnected.

When was your first interaction with the extraterrestrial?
When I was about 4 years old, I had started to communicate with the parallel world and was moving objects on the table. I was also devoted to a lot of foundations that dealt with children with terminal illness. During that time, I had an experience that changed my life. A 19-year old girl was about to die due to leukemia. She had a dream that she needed to see me before she dies. I visited her and she explained to me the things she saw in her dreams. I knew that she would need to see me since I was a child. She said, “Now is the time you need to come out as you have a mission.” It was very powerful as it was the first time I was hearing this from someone else.

She asked me if I could intervene for her and if she could live for a few more days. I couldn’t decide for her but I had to help her in some way. I asked her to imagine my eyes as I was giving her constant energy transfer. I felt her during two weeks in me when I was giving her energies. During one night she passed away and came to visit me in my dream to thank me and said that they had a gift for me. She mentioned that they were very proud of me and I was about to begin my mission and even though it would be very difficult, it would be necessary. It was time to reprogram myself. She brought me to the large black room, in the middle of which there was a long black table and a square space with a mirror. I was able to see the tunnel of light in that mirror, which we usually see when we die. It was so beautiful.

This was all in your dream?
Yes, but it was so real. She said that this will shift my consciousness to another level. It was so beautiful with the deepness of crystal blue light and clouds. I woke up in tears of joy. After that night, I started to receive 10-15 dreams every night and very powerful nightmares. It was all a part of the purification process. Soon after, Sony offered to renew my contract with millions of dollars. But I told them that I could not continue. It was over for me. I stopped everything, even watching TV or reading newspapers. I was only meditating and having my nightmares. I never had any teachers or masters. It was during this time that my mission in India was explained to me.

How long would you meditate for in a day?
24 hours.

What were the initial symbols that came to your life?
I was coming in and out and thinking about these dreams. Therefore, I wasn’t meditating on emptiness. I was meditating to see myself, to understand something. I was writing down everything, trying to study the symbols. One day I went to a bookstore to look for study materials on symbols.

I was seeing earthquakes and intense apocalyptic dreams and tornados. When I would wake up, instead of thinking something will happen on earth, I was able to understand that I was that tornado because my thoughts were spinning and I had an obsession about something. That’s why I was seeing a tornado. In dreams, you see the truth. But that’s when we need to be careful because this could lead to extremism when people start to focus on the negative for too long and forget to see the bigger picture of anything. My wife Christian helped me with this when I was in the bookstore that day. The owner saw me and said that he knew someone who knows about symbols.

And that’s how you met?
Yes. I left my phone number and she called me. At first, when we met, it felt like I always knew her but never thought that we would be a couple. It was the first time that I was able to talk about my experiences and I was feeling that she was able to understand what I was going through. She introduced me to the world of angels. An angel is infact a very ancient metaphor and the wings are just to express the power we can achieve as humans when we open our spiritual dimensions. I got introduced to that. So, if I was invoking the angel of love, I was having 50 dreams about love. When I was chanting to the angel of justice, for the next few days my dreams were about justice. This was a huge connection that we had and then two years after that, in dreams, we saw that we needed to be together as we were twin souls.

How do you recognise if you have found your twin soul?
You only know in dreams. That’s why I have been teaching that you should never marry someone if you don’t receive a dream about them. That’s the best way to know if the affinity will last forever or just six months.

So, you should ask for that person in your dream to come?
Yes, you ask your dreams, ‘Is this the right person for me?’ In your meditation and when you go to sleep, you repeat the question until you get the answer. The whole Universe will begin to talk to you.

Have you seen each other in your dreams?
Yes, dozens of times. We talk sometimes and Christian receives a part of the answer and I receive the other and we share it together.

How does one believe in angels?
First, you need to know that it’s not just a belief, it’s a logical aspect. For instance, if you say ‘I am joyful’ and you keep repeating that again and again, you are going to attract joy. An angel is just the condensation of mantras that represents qualities. It’s a symbolic aspect of ourselves. We can travel to other dimensions. This teaching was hidden for very long as it is very powerful and brings about a lot of opening and knowledge.

We have the names of the angels along with the names of human distortions. When we take an angel and chant that mantra, we are shown what has been preventing us from becoming that. We get their qualities and cleanse the distortions. This way you can enter your life deeper to understand who you are.

How do you resolve your conflicts?
We don’t have conflicts. Never. Because we have really worked upon ourselves before meeting each other and we are on spiritually advanced path. Every time there is something that is needed to be understood, we don’t take a decision immediately. First, we come back to ourselves and analyse the resonance.

If we take the example of a woman who married an alcoholic husband, what does she need to understand? Alcohol is a part of water which denotes emotions. So, he has a greater percentage of emotional dependencies that have materialised in alcoholism. She needs to work on her emotional dependencies too. She should not be afraid of separation at whatever age. And she should definitely never accept 20 years of violence, abuse and a careless attitude from her husband. We live in 2016. We can arrange to get the life for ourselves if we just reorganise.

If someone needs to learn about symbolics, where should they begin?
I can recommend the dictionary of dreams – The Source Code which is a compilation of 20 years of experience and knowledge. It’s a really profound book to understand the mechanism of interpretations. In India, we offer the DSSI program which is Dreams, Signs and Symbols Interpretations where we talk about all kinds of things, from couples to business. We talk about how to marry spirit and matter and to build our spiritual autonomy. This training is adaptable to everybody and there are only 2 seminars per year, one in February and one is November. The rest of the year, this is available online. There are teachers who help you with your dreams constantly. Every two weeks, we also have a webinar for 4 hours. This is basically a year-round training and a certification of 3 years but a person can do with just one year.

So, you can refer to:
The book of angels – The Hidden Secrets. It explains the mantras and symbols in day to day life.
Dictionary DSSI – The Source Code
The autobiography – Becoming an Angel
All are available online on Amazon India.

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How I Met My Soul 2 – Full Moon Meditation

10 Feb, 2017
How I Met My Soul 2 – Full Moon Meditation

I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t she just meet her soul? What again?!!! Let me tell you, a meeting with your soul can’t be a one time thing. This is one meeting that doesn’t even care if you’re dead. Your soul’s definitely going to be picking you up post death. So, in the interest of life, death and the ever after, I thought it is best to become besties with my soul.

Remember the last time I was talking about the moon energy making my name stronger? Soon after the DNA workshop, the moon grew into its fullness. Though my name saw no difference, the energies around the office started going a bit wonky. Since I’m the office guinea pig, they decided it was time to initiate me into how these heightened energies could trigger reactions at all levels. In ancient times, when clocks and calendars didn’t rule the days, women used to menstruate with the lunar (moon) cycle which is also of 28 days. So, PMS is many times more like a Pre-moon-syndrome! I could tell that my moon metaphors have constantly been tested. Even before I was done rolling my eyes, I was told there was a whole new meditation for the full moon! Walking into a Nike store and looking at the bottom of my shoe would have made me meet my soul faster than this!

Game on, Moon! Pre-Thriive I used to consistently ignore all persistent online moon articles  like “this time full moon will bring emotional stability” or “find out what it means for the moon to enter the Gemini”. Unfortunately or not, I am a Gemini. No matter how hard I tried to make my brain shut up, it only smiled devilishly reminding me of Rae’s insights “The moon will show up for you at midnight.” And I thought, this is not Harry Potter. This is now my real life.

Armed with my best friend, and a strong cup of ginger tea, I readied and steadied my emotions, peeked at the moon, and began the full moon meditation. Fear was not a factor, of course, but the bff, ginger tea, and the wide open window in front of me undeniably made me a stronger girl. I had a planned escape route, a teammate, and fuel in my system. Mission ready.

Very soon we seeped deep into the meditation. The voice and images guiding us spared me from getting lost in thousands of thoughts.  This was much like one of the episodes of Black Mirror, where the protagonist is put in a room with no internet, cell phone or a TV to test the latest game developed on human psyche. What a fake game! An ideal mind is a devil’s workshop anyway. We all know that. This guy starts to manifest the scariest of his fears as his mind starts to play tricks. And the developer proudly declares that he discovered this guy has insanity hidden within him. Crap! I feel like that protagonist all the time when I meditate without anyone guiding me through it in the audio.

The meditation spoke of white light entering the heart chakra and the rest of the body and a fence of energy being created around me. When it asked to imagine the white light entering the palms of my hands, my palms actually got heavy and I felt like I was carrying a few kgs in each one. The only thing left was to start working out with that. Unlike last time in Rae’s workshop, I was actually more receptive (and also more scared, because there were no people). I had no idea how to send back whatever may come my way in those twenty minutes. My chest started feeling really heavy like it does when someone eats samosas without sharing.

There hasn’t been this kind of exposure before where I felt my own body energy and I felt it strong. I felt it move up and down, going deep inside, and engulfing me as if it was always there. Because c’mon in India you cannot get anything so instantly, apart from a bad word and a bad maid.

After 20 minutes, the angst of my soul was opening up, even though in different directions for now. I had multiple dreams that night, which doesn’t happen that often even though I am somebody who dreams almost every night and remembers them for the next two days. I know, you slightly envy me right now. And then I completely stopped having any dreams at all. I know, you don’t envy me anymore. This continued for the next few nights and I was honestly frustrated because analysing what my dream meant in the cab next morning, on my way to work was the best timepass ever. I felt deceived. And I was thinking if that was supposed to be the outcome of the moon meditation – it sure wasn’t bringing any peace.

Was my body realigning itself during this no-dream period, were there any changes taking place at the subconscious level, was my mind really that blank and I had no dreams left to chase (rhetorically speaking) or something else altogether? You know what, I am going to figure this out very soon! I don’t know any answers yet, but I do have an increasing list of questions – I do have an increasing angst for my soul!

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How I Met My Soul!

3 Feb, 2017
How I Met My Soul!

So, yes this is another diary. I’m sure you may have read many. Most diaries are chronicles of our own hidden agonies, which we call an Angst. But this is not an angst of a new house or a job or even a soulmate. This one is the angst of my own soul. Here I was leading a seemingly normal life, and suddenly I found out what I knew of this world was really nothing at all. For me, spirituality wasn’t anything more than chanting, karma was just the corner café, and activation of any kind just meant shutting off netflix, and getting off the couch. So, when I found myself rushing to get to the DNA activation workshop by Rae Chandran, I had no clue where I was headed.  I mean, I was game because who doesn’t want to know what their DNA is made up of, besides a little bit of chocolate and a lot of crazy?

So, there I was walking into the surprisingly peaceful and normal looking space, exhaling a breath I didn’t even know I was holding, and thinking ‘Thank God there’s no weird chanting or hypnotizing going on! This should be easy!’ I plonked myself in the middle of the circle, trying to figure out who had the activated DNA and who didn’t. Quite a tough thing to do since everyone looked the same sort of fit and active to me.

Rae Chandran, a middle aged, tall, and ever-smiling man who totally looked like he was  ‘activating stuff’, started demonstrating some “activator” hand positions to channelize inner energies.  After about 10 solid minutes of hand acrobatics, I realised this is the most I’d looked at my hands ever. Seriously, even more than when the DJ said ‘everybody, put your hands up’.  I was convinced that my hands were going to start shooting spider webs, and I’d suddenly find out that I have Spider woman DNA. Coool.

He asked me to point out two fingers of my left hand towards the palm of my right hand and move in a circular motion. I gathered my concentration. You never know I could be the first woman who shoots, maybe DNA strands if not webs. I soon felt a sensation in my palm and soon after, in my fingers as well. It started to get intense and a little weird. What was I getting myself into? This question kept popping up like a speech bubble during the workshop. A part of me was feeling “spider woman” powerful, the other part was just like “no way’!

Things got a bit more real or may I say surreal very soon. Another girl was just not feeling a thing. Rae asked me to connect with her, and at first all I could think was that the only recent thing I’ve “connected” to is the wi-fi. He was really looking at the wrong person, and I was pretty sure there would be a zero signal connection here too. Maybe I would just tell her, ‘Our DNA’s didn’t match’. But I think I underestimated myself a bit. Suddenly her head started swinging in motion. My own eyes practically bugged out of my head, because I had never seen anything like this unless you count channels like Aastha. In that past all I’d done was laugh, and think “fake actor!”  But now there was no laughing or denying what was happening in front of my eyes–because I was the one making it happen!!

She said she felt waves of energy whooshing through her head. I felt overachieved. I moved on to another participant to give her the same energy and she described feeling the formation of a tall, white pyramid over her head. A pyramid! This was my newly found threat to anyone who tried to get too cute – Don’t mess with me or I will make a pyramid over your head which will also, by the way, be electric in nature. I thanked Rae in my head and he offered a smile that instant. Maybe he did mention not to use these energies to harm somebody. I felt myself rolling my third eye and mumbling fine!

During one of the interactions, Rae mentioned that my name was weak, and that I should put the letter k and y as prefix and suffix and also call for the moon energy in my meditation. He showed me how to do that and to be frank, I wasn’t going to do that because that just sounded scary. Even more so, after he said that when I have meditated enough about her (given that the moon is feminine energy), she would come and ask me at midnight if I was ready to receive her. And in my mind I was saying ‘no freaking way! I wasn’t going to receive anything that comes at midnight and in no physical form because I wasn’t the crew member of Ghost Hunters, as simple as that! I would do with a weak name for now. At least I could make a cool excuse like ‘my name is feeling a little weak, how about we meet next Monday?’ Or ‘I am so tired. After all, activating stuff does take a lot of energy. And making pyramids? Even more so!’  I smirked. But thanks to Rae, I wouldn’t be able to look at the moon in the same manner again. Now it is something that increases the immunity of my name and not the romance in my life. Whatever happened to being an old school romantic? (sigh!)

We moved on to learning a whole bunch of techniques which was the less scary part for sure; to heal addictions, to heal emotional or physical blockages, to heal karma, to heal some more karma. But then I was thinking, if we heal karma, it won’t be a bitch anymore. And if we could heal the karma of five generations, like he promised, I wondered, why have we discarded science so much and believed in offering some coconuts and money, which after demonetization, is of no use to even God. I guess it was my time to believe that life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. I just have to notice them.

And notice them, I did! No sooner had I thought this when I felt someone touched my face gently and then slightly pushed my hair behind my right ear. I looked around but saw no one. Rae was teaching us to channelize the highest powers like Buddha, Jesus, and The Prophet Muhammad, and he channelized Muhammad for me. I sat in the middle of that circle, on a chair with my eyes shut, silently calling for trouble. And there came that feeling that I was most dreading – something which I would not be able to explain. It was freaky. It was divine. It was something in between. Muhammad’s touch without anyone physically touching me is something nobody ever prepared me for. He said that Muhammad had a message for me, ‘I give myself the love I needed today but didn’t receive.’ It almost made me cry, not because Muhammad gave me this particular message but because Muhammad had to come to Earth to give me this message. And being ‘too busy’ became more over-rated than it had ever been before. After all, God made time!

I wouldn’t lie that that I was relieved when it all got over, but I also couldn’t deny that I enjoyed exploring my spiritual horizons. Wrong or right, it almost felt like I had several spiritual orgasms. I couldn’t even sleep that night. And for whatever time I could, Rae appeared in my dreams. Maybe my DNA worked while I was asleep, like most things in my life. I still wasn’t able to shoot webs or DNA strands but was definitely able to believe that I had in me everything I needed to be with God. It was good to finally meet a part of my soul.

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Are you a Thriiver? Because Rashmi is!

2 Feb, 2017
Are you a Thriiver? Because Rashmi is!

You know what they say about challenging circumstances, right? That pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Let’s tweak it a bit and say that “Pain is not permanent but quitting lasts forever.” This is true in all life situations – be it emotional or chronical.. And to beat these sometimes can become an unbeatable task in itself. Dealing with Cancer is one of them.

The thought of having any kind of cancer is deadly numbing, it is even more soul churning to face the unknown. Am I going to get out of this alive? But that’s where the mind game begins just like a wise man once said, “Everything begins with a thought and ends with a thought–it is all a mind-game.” But is it true when cancer strikes you?  Can we see problems of life, death and everything in between as a way for our soul to evolve? Can we be grateful to cancer?!! Many would vehemently disagree, but Rashmi, who is a proud cancer survivor, has a different take.

Being an ovarian cancer survivor, she tells her story, “Every 1st Jan, I would seek blessings from Lord Ganesha, so 1st Jan 2016 after saying thank you requested him to make the rest of my life, the best of my life and guess what he was listening. On 8th Jan 2016, I made a visit to my gynecologist because I had missed my regular cycle and I would have shooting pain in my legs by the end of the day. My gut was proven right when immediately after the sonography my doctor said there is a mass in my ovary which didn’t look good.. So we need to investigate it. I had a conversation with my guiding light and asked him “show me that you are walking with me”. It was as if I was having a conversation with God and after that at every step, he used to show me he was there with me.”

“My fear came alive after seeing the MRI and my CA marker reports. But with a lot of faith and self belief I started to shift my outlook towards the positive things in my life. My surgery lasted for 8 hours but I must say that the surgeon who operated me was a god-sent person. There were no major complications during the surgery. Everything was happening on time, my partner stood like a rock with me, my sister who had just relocated from US was by my side during my toughest Journey.. I was blessed to have support from my parents and my in laws too.The support group which I had during my battle with Cancer was commendable.All my friends and my loved once stood strong.”

“During my journey I understood that there are few elements which helped me fight my battle against Cancer – having the right medical treatment, proper diet, physical fitness to deal with all the chemo sessions, and most important one is creating POSITIVE THOUGHTS i.e RIGHT Mental fitness. There is medicine on one hand and then there is mind-game on the other. Any situation that comes to you, I believe that it is to teach you something. The minute you learn why understand the reason it has come to you, that is the end of that situation. My cancer was the blessing in disguise. It had come to help me grow beautifully from the inside. It helped me reinvent myself.”

“During the journey of healing and meditating I realized that I had stored so many unwanted thoughts from childhood, teenage years, first job, and the list can go on. I don’t know where I had lost that charm of me being only Rashmi and this was creating stress in my life. Truly Speaking, “I wasn’t satisfied with my life.” There was so much chaos inside me that I had to calm myself down to understand the chaos outside. Of course, I had many unwanted and scary thoughts associated with my recovery but I had learnt how to deal with them through meditation.”

“Post treatment, I continued to do my meditation, kept eating right and kept exercising. Even though I had severe neuropathy as a side effect of chemo where walking or even holding a pen would be very difficult, I enrolled myself for a training to run and completed two marathons with the Pinkathon Group.”

“I feel every cancer has something to say. Start understanding yourself. People don’t listen to their body and most of us take cancer as a punishment. No, please stand TALL against Cancer. I believe that CANCER IS CURABLE.
I want to Inspire many who have surrendered themselves in the hands of this evil. And which is why I have organised a Walk on 4th Feb – World Cancer Day – WALK TALL AGAINST CANCER.”

Do join me in this MISSION.

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