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The Healing Power of Sacred Sites – An Interview with Dr. Newton

31 Jul, 2017
The Healing Power of Sacred Sites – An Interview with Dr. Newton

Why does it happen that at some places suddenly we feel energetically elated and cannot explain that feeling? Why does it happen only at certain places? What are these places after all? New Age Master and Pioneer in the field of Past Life Regression, Dr. Newton happily opens up to Deipshikha Dhankhar about these “powerful” places, spiritual significance of whales and dolphins, healing our addictions and why we should not heal others.

What are power spots? And when we are “at” one, how does it affect our energies?
On the Earth plane there are spots formed due to a particular kind of configuration where all the five elements of nature meet in perfect harmony. As energy lines, these run beneath the surface and where they intersect the most, they give rise to a power spot. Anybody, even a non – meditator, can feel the strong energy of these spots.

One such place is the Giza pyramids of Egypt. Anyone who goes inside the pyramid to meditate can feel the high energy of that place. There is another one at Mount Shasta near California, which represents the Root Chakra energy. It is known to be home to many ethereal beings. Some of them are ascended masters while some are fairies, and others are there just to assist many people in making a transition to the highest spiritual planes.

Another spot is at Lake Titicaca in Peru, South America. The energy of the second chakra is located there and it is believed that one can heal infertility and other reproductive tensions here.

There is a power spot in Scotland as well as in England (Stonehenge). This is the third eye energy, and the only one that changes from time to time. At present, it is moving through England.

What is the best way to access the energies of these powerspots?
When we visit these power spots, we must try to stay for at least 3-4 days and sleep near either the mountain or the glacier. This would help us tune into the place, so that we could experience the energy in our dreams as well. These dreams are very spiritual, and symbolic in nature, carrying profound messages for us.
In fact, at these power spots, you need not even meditate. You just need to be. Just make your monkey mind silent and once the logical mind is absent, the intuitive mind will open up, which will guide you further.

Any particular experience you had at a power spot?
I was at one of the power spots – The Tenerife in Canary Islands – which is very close to the Bermuda Triangle. Many people visit the Atlantic Ocean to meet dolphins and whales. While taking our boat deeper into the ocean, at exactly one spot, I felt great silence, and presence of some angelic beings. We stood still and I started meditating. After maybe 5 minutes, the sky suddenly began to change. The cloud started forming all kinds of angelic beings. The sun was setting and hundreds of whales surrounded us, showing their belly, breathing in a very melodious manner. Generally they don’t do that unless they are surrendering to something greater. I was so touched by that experience.

Talking about Dolphins and Whales, can they heal humans as per the stories we hear?
Dolphins and Whales are higher intelligent beings, probably more intelligent than humans. During our visit to Canada, there was a cancer patient with us. A whale came to her and touched her. She started trembling and shaking as if experiencing a panic attack. However, she said she was in a state of ecstasy. She then narrated how she had cancer, and after the whale touched her she felt strong vibrational currents in her body. She explained this process as “cleansing”. After 4 months, she reported back that she was completely healed of cancer.
Even I have received healing from these beings. I always had an unhealed relationship with my mother. Even though I loved her so much, I couldn’t go and embrace her. So, during another trip, there was this mother whale and her baby. The mother whale came and stood in front of me in a vertical position, looked into my eyes and transmitted her love. I began crying and couldn’t stop. I was thinking about my mother in that moment. By the time I came back to India, the ego wall in me had completely fallen off. I went to my mother, fell at her feet, cried so much and hugged her for the first time in my life. My childhood anger of her leaving me with my grandmother had dissolved. The mother whale’s love had healed me completely.

When we meditate, how do we know that the thoughts we are having are real and not a build up of our own imagination?
First, we need to make the logical thoughts quiet. After that whatever emerges is your experience. They are not your thoughts. It can be a possibility that your right brain or your intuitive mind is giving you those thoughts. But they are not the logical thoughts which are coming to you based on your past experience or whatever you desire in the future. It’s something profound that comes out.

How can one heal addictions?
Addictions always need to be healed from the roots. For such people, what is needed is to look deeper into those layers where they are carrying pain. For example, I met a lady who was alcoholic and even after trying everything, she couldn’t come out of it. Then I asked her about her life pattern. She said that she was the earning member in the family. Her husband would take all her money, and his behavior would alternate between hot and cold. She was carrying so much pain that she became addicted to alcohol. I told her that there was a connection between her emotional pain and the alcohol addiction. So first, the emotional pain needed to be healed in order to break free from her addiction. Most of us carry shame and guilt. These are actually the true causes for any kind of addictions.

How can one break free from addictive patterns that happen subconsciously?
Let’s take an example of someone who has a pattern of falling into relationships where their partner always cheats on them. They can break free by working through two modalities. One is regression and second is consolation. Through regression, either age or past life, we could go to the origin of the patterns to see where they are stemming from. Generally the patterns have a karmic origin, which makes them experience the same thing. But because there is a lesson involved and they fail to learn it, they keep falling into the same pattern, attracting the same experience. After the soul has learnt the lessons, it will be ready for a new relationship. But first, they need to set themselves free from old relationships and cut the energetic cords. Consolation work is beautiful in that. Here, they say to the other person – ‘Thank you for all those cherished moments we spent together. But now I move on. I set myself free from you and I set you free.’ This gives space for a new person who can walk into their life without fear.

Should we heal others?
Actually I affirm that one should not heal others. When I perform Past-life regression therapy, I am not healing others. I am awakening them to their own self-healing process. Even if I want to heal someone, say of cancer, that’s meddling with their karma. Rather, I assist them to look into why the cancer has manifested in the first place. What is the root cause? What is the lesson involved? My role is to facilitate a session. Otherwise I would have to pay the karmic price for it. I have seen it happen in a few cases where I did some kind of interference. Out of compassion, I took over some part of their karma. But it didn’t help the person because I was dividing their lesson. In fact I had to suffer so much pain. It’s like everybody needs to do their own homework, you can only assist. Also, when we heal others, we are undermining their own capabilities of healing. We can only heal children up to 10 years of age, plants and animals.

When we end up being with somebody not as or not at all spiritual like us, how do we grow in that relationship?
In this Universe, nothing is non-divine. Everyone is divine, just that everyone is at their own level of evolution. So if you are spiritually more evolved than others, you need to work with compassion; they will also reach there. The energy you project will also affect the other person. Don’t judge them as spiritual or non-spiritual. We connect with everyone as humans. Just know that one day, they will also realize their truth. Until then, whatever you can do to inspire them to be happy, do that.

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Making of a Master – Rae Chandran

22 Jul, 2017
Making of a Master – Rae Chandran

What are the circumstances that turn an ordinary person into a Master? Rae Chandran, who is also Thriive’s Global Ambassador, shares with us his journey from being a man angry at God to becoming a Master, a teacher, channeler and energy healer.

How did your journey begin?

I was an angry man, angry at God. “Why am I so poor? If God is so lovely, why is there so much suffering?” These things did not connect with me at all. I thought there must be something bigger. That began my journey of understanding why some people have hard times and some don’t even have to move a feather. I never went to temples because I could not understand why people worshipped statues. I set out to find my own truth by travelling to a few countries but I ended up in USA. Around that time, I read a wonderful book The Power of Subconscious by James Murphy. It really hit me very hard.

One day, I met a girl in the US who was from Japan. I fell in love with her. We spent 3 days together and then she said that if I loved her, I should go to Japan with her. I went to Japan but we broke up in two months. I was hurt, betrayed and penniless. I became a homeless person and at that time I really started questioning my beliefs about God. I wanted a God who could give me some food, clothing and shelter.

I was in despair and attempted suicide twice. Even though I was struggling through dark times, I was somehow able to get help. Sometimes, it was in the form of a lady with peanuts and sometimes a taxi driver who took me to a restaurant. At that time I decided that if I ever got out of that misery, I would be like these angels and give upliftment and encouragement to people. Soon after, I started working in a publishing house and even became the director of the company. During that time, I read Conversations with God, which touched me deeply. I wanted a God who was a friend to me, whom I could communicate with, whom I could touch and laugh with. Now I teach only one thing – empowerment. You have everything inside of you. When you completely surrender to the divine, not from your personality but do a complete surrender and say – Thy will is my will – things start opening up for you.

In 2002, I read Shamanic Secrets which was really fascinating and I wanted to meet the author of the book. It took me three months to get his telephone number and when I called him, he was in Hawaii. I said, “The book was fabulous. Will you teach me?” He started teaching me for 3-4 hours a day, through the telephone. This went on for 3 years. He was one of the greatest Shamans of the world. He taught me how to feel the air and the leaves, and how to be one with God. I learnt to talk to the grasshoppers, butterflies, chameleons, turtles, and everything. After three years he said it was time to move on and I started channeling. I could channel a telephone, table, anything, because everything was a part of God.

Do you think they all have souls?

It’s not about a soul. At quantum level, they have a molecular structure which has the same consciousness that we have. Before it was made, it was a part of Mother Earth. So, we are communicating with HER.

When you talk about surrendering, does this mean accepting whatever happens around you?

No! When you are faced with difficulties, there is a reason why your soul chooses to bring them to you. Even during my own darkest hours, when I surrendered, I could hear the whisper of God. You must remember one thing – everything in life happens because of our own choosing. And who is choosing? Our soul: to bring us the perfect lesson and to heal the karmic energy imbalance. One of the greatest life lessons for most people, especially for ladies, is the ability to say NO and define boundaries. Until we learn to do that, we would be put in the same situation again and again where everybody will put us down and we would not be able to say NO.

When was your first experience with an extraterrestrial being?

When I met my shamanic teacher, he helped me open up to the understanding of life in all its forms through nature. He guided me to look within my body to feel the wisdom and see the truth. In 2003, when I was working for the publishing company, somebody tried to blackmail us. This guy was from Singapore and asked for a lot of money. In Japan, if you have a situation like this, the company gets prosecuted, not only the employee because of whom it happened. That was not a good feeling. I went home that night, kneeled down and cried to God asking, “What can I do at this time? What will happen to the company, to our livelihood?” For the first time, I felt someone’s presence around me and he said, “I will take care of the situation.” The one who gave the threats suddenly went missing. Until today, nobody knows what happened to him. I know nothing bad happened to him but he was removed from my life.

Was he in a physical form or energy form?

He appeared to be in a physical form, wearing white clothes surrounded by incredible energies.

Didn’t you get scared in the beginning?

No. Not at all. Just imagine you are meditating and you see this Master with an incredible glow of light.  Wouldn’t it change your life? That loving impact would stay with you forever. At another time, I was meditating at 11 PM and 3 ten-feet tall men walked in. They were from my home planet Plantharous. They had a big red book. They asked me, “Are you ready to go?” I said, “Okay, I am ready to go. Does it involve death?” They said, “Only if you choose.” I said, “When I die, I want to have full consciousness of leaving my body.” They agreed to my request and left. Next day I became sick and my energy went down. Nobody knew what was happening to me. Everyday I was having death visions. I felt very alone that time. I had 135 guides, all had left me. Then they told me I should go to Egypt. I went there, to the Nile river. I saw a white light coming into my life.

Next day I went to see a man who had an oil shop. He made me sit down and touched different parts of my body and started to do Sufi chants. I got my energy back in 40 minutes. That day I learnt about channeling sounds. Now I can channel around 2000 sounds and I do sound healing workshops around the world. I don’t look upon them as miracles. I look at it as the natural order of things. I don’t look for proofs. Nor do I look for other people’s approval. I have communicated many times with Sai Baba, Jesus, Nichiren Daishonin, and many other high powers; that’s my reality.

Can anybody else do it?

Of course! Everybody can do it. Raise your frequency and you would be able to communicate with beings. There is nobody special because everybody’s special. Love of God draws God into you. You never have to do any rituals or ceremonies. But ask yourself, ‘’Do you love God with all your heart? All your mind? All your soul?’’

So, when we say God, what are we really referring to?

The infinite intelligence through which everything came! The law of One! I think: Why should I follow Buddhism, Hinduism or anything else? I would rather go to the Whole. We have made all Gods in the image of human beings and have given them human attributes such as jealousy and anger. We have Gods, one God running away with another God’s wife, one God killing another God, etc. These things never happened. These are all archetypal stories. Even Mahabharat and Ramayan never happened. Archetypal energies were created and through the power of belief, they came into material form.

In our culture, they say that we have to make the Gods happy by giving them certain alms. Are these beings also energy being who are demanding their own satisfaction?

One thing we have come here to learn is the power of thought. Your thoughts can create the energy and manifest it into any form you like. If 100 million people in India believe for 100 years that Roman civilisation happened in Bombay city, you will find artifacts of Romans in Bombay city. Because thoughts create energy, energy converts them into matter. Just imagine a billion people believing in one thing. This is the power of thought. Our thoughts affect our consciousness as well as the water and molecules in the body. One of the reasons we are here is to master the power of thought as they are the first form of creation.

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