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Strong Connectivity-Weak Connections!

30 Jan, 2018
Strong Connectivity-Weak Connections!

Technology empowers, but disempowers us of our human–ness by Ritu Garg

The GPRS was on! Google Maps was our guide! But our destination still eluded us! We were going round and round the narrow streets of this non-descript village near Aurangabad. The sun was bright and a few village men wearing traditional pagdis passed by. I was tempted to roll down the window and ask the way but I noticed a strong resistance to asking for HELP! GOOGLE had to do it for us!

Is it a weakness to ask for help?  Is it primitive or uncool?

I remembered the time, some 10 years, ago, when one would ask the local people for the way —and that’s how one would learn the dialect, the disposition and the demographic of a certain area.

Our experiences are shifting from organic to technological

We don’t like to err; we seek precision, accuracy and predictability. The dart should hit the bull’s eye in the very first go.  Every little trip is like a mission to Mars – Precise: time wise, distance wise, and destination wise! And we find it uber-cool! (pun intended )

Instant gratification

We are getting used to Instant gratification.  We have a question, next minute we know the answer. Where is the quest, the ignorance, the inadequacy, the scope for guesstimate, the organic learning, the mistakes and the lateral realizations?. Where are those nights when our mind would be making imaginary figures to resolve a geometry question?

We have created robots who behave like humans but ironically we are becoming robots who look like humans. We feel we are controlling the world, but just who is controlling whom:

We have only as much power as there is power in the battery in our phones. Are we spiders getting trapped in our own web? Let our treasury not push us towards our own misery!

Let’s live life and not manage it!

Let’s smell the sweat and the soot, feel the touch through the hugs and the handshakes and feel the oxytocin-rush, see the wrinkles, hear the laughter and sobs.

Let’s be spiritual beings having a human experience instead of humans running away from  human experiences.

(Ritu Garg lives by the words, for the words and of the words. And, her before-the-sun’s-up tea).

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An Interview With Don Paris

23 Jan, 2018
An Interview With Don Paris

In this email interview, Don Paris, the co-creator of SE-5, simplifies for us the ground-breaking energy medicine concept of Radionics.
Thriive: What is Radionics? Tell us what led you to this path, because it is an absolutely new term we are hearing more of.

Don Paris: Radionics is a technology which allows the practitioner to gather information at a distance to analyze and balance subtle fields of information and energy for health and well being of plants, animals and other applications.

I was guided to this path by the inner masters. Even though I had seen a Radionic instrument and examined it several years before, I didn’t know much about it. I was led to this master Radionic practitioner. When I met him at his clinic the first time, I got goose bumps all over my body. I knew instinctively that this was what I had been searching for and that I would be working with him. After several years of working together, he turned all of his work over to me and we are still in contact after 30 years.

Thriive: Could you tell us about it in a way that even a layperson can understand easily?

Don Paris: We are energy beings. The entire universe is filled with subtle energy with which plants, animals, and even rocks are vibrating.

Every thing in the universe is created from a blueprint that is pre-physical. This information/blueprint exists on another level or dimension often called astral or mental level. In India, these finer levels of existence are well known and better understood than in the West. The information stored in these blueprints for existence on our physical level is what give form to all of life.

For example, a tree has a basic blueprint on its shape and size as well as design. If this information gets corrupted (just like a program in a computer can become corrupted) by chemicals or trauma or other means, the tree will not grow properly to fulfill its original design and may attract pests to begin to destroy itself. We can do this from a distance because we have access to the higher dimension levels of the tree.

With Radionics, we can analyze the tree to see if it is balanced within the original design or if it has gotten out of balance.

In case of an imbalance in the subtle levels of the tree, we can then begin to re-balance the original patterns so that the tree will recover and grow into a healthy state again.

This is a simplified explanation, but is basically what we can do with Radionics.

Thriive: How can one apply Radionics to daily life and what benefits can one get from doing it?

Don Paris: Since everything is energy and information, we can use Radionics in just about every area of life with health, plants, animals, relationships or even business.

Thriive: You are the co-creator of SE-5. Could you tell our readers what it is and how it works? Is it similar to any device used by the medical fraternity? Where did this research originate?

Don Paris: The SE-5 is the most advanced form of Radionics which interfaces with a computer. The computer helps us to organize vast amounts of complex Informational Fields (which are the basic blueprints I talked about before) and then send those Informational Fields to the SE-5 1000 for balancing our client.

The medical industry does not have any equipment that is similar. Radionics has been heavily suppressed through out its history of over 100 years by the medical industry. The current medical model is based on very old concepts of cause and effect through the use of drugs and chemicals. It fails to acknowledge that we are constantly changing energy beings that occupy many levels of reality. Mental and emotional changes have direct effects on the physical body.

Radionics has a history of over 100 years of providing a holistic approach to health. I have discussed most of its history and how it has helped people all over the world, in my book, Regaining Wholeness through the Subtle Dimensions.

Thriive: Could you share with us any incident in your practice in which SE-5 made almost a miraculous difference?

Don Paris: In my own life, I suffered from migraine headaches for over 20 years. It was a deeply genetic problem on both sides of my family going all the way back to my great grandparents and possibly further.

I tried many approaches from homeopathy, acupuncture, drugs, electro medicine, healers, chiropractic, osteopathy, Rolfing, massage, diet, but nothing worked.

One day, an SE-5 practitioner sat down and worked on me for about four hours and within a couple more weeks, I had no more migraines. That was many years ago now.

Thriive: We are witnessing an overwhelming and unprecedented number of inquiries for your workshop. What can the attendees look forward to in your sessions (both in- and post-conference) at QEC2?

Don Paris: We will have five leaders and teachers of the SE-5 1000 and Radionics speaking at the QE2 conference and also for the five day SE-5 1000 training. This is the first time in history we will have so much knowledge and talent of Radionics and the SE-5 1000 in one place. The QE2 has brought together the absolute best there is.

At the 5-day training, SE-5 practitioners will learn step by step procedures on different applications of the SE-5 1000 in health, business and agriculture.

Participants auditing the course will get an inside look at how people that have been in this field for many years have changed their world and the world around themselves. It is like walking through a door into another universe where the universe is alive and interactive. We become co-creators of life and work with universal principles to create the world they way it can be and should be.

It is one thing to read about miracles in a book. It is totally different to see the people that have been working in this field for many years and see miracles every day. We will not only have teachers from China, Holland, USA and India, but there will also be practitioners from around the world attending the course that are a wealth of information as well.

I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone once again in India and am super excited about this gathering of amazing people.

Don Paris, the co-creator of SE-5, will be speaking at QEC2 (in case you missed it in the cover pic ;)). You can catch his session on 26th Jan 2018 from 4:00pm – 5:00pm. His post-conference SE-5 training and seminar takes place from 29th Jan – 2nd Feb 2018. To register and to know more, visit HERE.

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An Interview With Dr. Fred Alan Wolf AKA Dr. Quantum

19 Jan, 2018
An Interview With Dr. Fred Alan Wolf AKA Dr. Quantum

In this email interview with Dr. Fred Alan Wolf AKA Dr. Quantum, we learn a few out-of-the-textbook things about Quantum Physics (*hint: it plays a major role in self-transformations)

Thriive: You are renowned worldwide for your study connecting Physics to consciousness. Physics and Spirituality is such a strange combination. Could you tell us how it all began for you?

Fred Alan Wolf:  As a child I began to wonder about light and that wonderment led me to study physics.  I have always felt the presence of God in my life so this early enquiry led me to ask how God made light.

Thriive: How can a layperson understand what consciousness is?

Fred Alan Wolf:  Good question.  The best answer I can give is that we have no adequate way to describe consciousness for to do so we would need to find another property that we could compare it with—and there is none. Hence not only are lay people not able to understand consciousness, but we physicists are also in the dark.

Thriive: How can one use Quantum Physics (QP) to transform one’s life? Could you share with us any incident in your practice where QP made a miraculous – and immediately noticeable difference?

Fred Alan Wolf:  Quantum physics is the closest way of thinking we humans have evolved to describe the magic and mystery of existence.  Even though it hasn’t given us nearly all of the answers we would hope for, it has shown a necessary connection between mind and matter—specifically how the choices we make in the world have an effect on how we are able manifest and improve ourselves. By thinking in a quantum physics manner, I have been able to train my mind to be able to see both sides of conflicts whether they are within my own experience or outside of that experience. This has given me a more peaceful and compassionate existence.

Thriive: What can the attendees look forward to in your session at QEC2?

Fred Alan Wolf:  My multi-media presentations are a tapestry of didactic information, experiential exercises, audio/visual support and live interactions with the audience.  The workshops are entirely experiential, with people experiencing their brains as they play with ideas, sounds, pictures, and their own mindsets.

Thriive: What role have the traditional sciences from India played in Quantum energy?

Fred Alan Wolf: Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. To accomplish this we must use the most modern of sciences, quantum physics, and the ancient wisdom from thousands of years ago as perhaps taught in the Bhagavad Gita. By following both, you not only will change yourself, you will be empowered to change the world. This all has to do with learning to use your powers of perception — the manner in which you go about making observations in the everyday world you call your life. In quantum physics, we call this the “observer effect” and the “power of intent.”

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf aka Dr. Quantum (USA) is our star speaker at QEC2 (in case you missed it in the cover pic ;)). You can catch his session there on 27th Jan 2018 from 3:00pm – 5:30pm. To register and to know more, visit HERE.

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How To Choose When Confused? We’ve Got Answers!

16 Jan, 2018
How To Choose When Confused? We’ve Got Answers!

We’ve got answers for all the questions you had about Chanelling but didn’t know whom to ask!

We got a lot of questions in the mail after we published Ellaeenah’s journey as a Channel. So, we went back to her and got the answers to those questions.

1. Earlier you said we are all God. Could you explain that further?

Deepak Chopra once said: there’s only one fish in the Ocean. So, when I tell people to proudly affirm, “I am God” – many believe it is a conceited egoistic statement. But the truth is that every single one of us is a Radiant Being of Light. Each one of us can channel. All of us have that part of the brain that can access the Higher energies and convert them into words and images. The only reason I appear different in my ability is because I have done a lot of selfwork and cleared the cobwebs around those areas of my brain.

2. But when someone tries to channel guidance, how can they make sure they are actually sourcing the answers and not just indulging in wish fulfilment?

Supposing two job opportunities have come up, both with equal pros and cons and you want to make a decision based on guidance from Higher Spirit. I am using an example as material as this to let people know that we use this ability, which is our strength and our gift to ourselves, even in the most mundane of situations.

Bring yourself into a state of inner calm. In that moment of receiving the guidance, if you feel an absolute sense of peace with not an iota of doubt (the doubts may come later) then you can be sure it is coming from Spirit. But if the direction is coming from your conditioning or intellectual mind, there will be a feeling of toxins; the inner being will not be open and there will be an actual constriction, and you will find that tightness in your forehead. If you pay attention to your body at that time, it will give you the answer very clearly.

3. What is self-work and what does it entail?

Self-work means asking yourself questions, moment to moment. When faced with an obstacle or a conflict, or you haven’t reacted well to someone or they to you, then the self-work involves asking yourself, “What did I do to create this situation. Why was I not able to speak my truth? Why did I become timid/aggressive?” Our emotional conflicts have such deep roots that we are often unconscious of them. They often form a pattern. You gently urge yourself to look within and find the root. This process is a very slow and painful one. Self-work means getting a scientific-emotional (through a psychologist or therapist) as well as spiritual-emotional (from your inner being) explanation for all that you are going through. It opens us to the realisation that we must have the determination to live happily because that is our divine right.

(Ellaeenah will be conducting a Moon Magic Meditation for Thriive Art & Soul at Bayview Marina Garden, Cuffe Parade on Wednesday 17th January 2018. Entry is free. To register call 7506424584 or email [email protected])

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Making Of A Channel – An Interview With Ellaeenah

12 Jan, 2018
Making Of A Channel – An Interview With Ellaeenah

Ellaeenah is a Channel (and she would rather not use such labels as they are erroneous, she says) and we were curious to know how it all began

What were the first steps in your journey as a channel like?

I had heard of channeling but never experienced it. A close friend from school kept on inviting me to the chanelling sessions being held regularly at her place.  Even though I was totally uninterested, I listened patiently and tried not to show boredom. I must have been 20 years old at that time. This cycle of avoidance went on for many years. I got married and even had a baby. When my baby was barely two, I became bedridden with slipped disc.

A college friend of mine, Mehroo, began giving me Reiki. I felt so much better and for the first time I acknowledged that there was something I was ignorant of. This sparked my interest. A little later, a family member needed some kind of help, so Mehroo asked me to bring her to the meeting for Master’s help.

We’d already explored all other options but with no luck. So, we decided to give this a try. Mehroo too had been urging me continuously to attend her sessions. I thought atleast after this visit she’d stop badgering me.

Mehroo used to auto-write. We reached her place, she started writing and almost immediately put her pen down and said, “This lady has to step out.”

We all looked at each other. My family member got up to go outside so I stood up too. Mehroo said, “No, no, you sit.” There seemed to be some confusion. “I’m not the one asking for the meeting, she is the one,” I said, gesturing to the lady who had come with me.

Mehroo replied, “Yes, I know that and she can come back tomorrow but today the Master wants to speak to you.”


Face-to-face with the Truth

I darted a very angry look at my friend but not wanting to be disrespectful, I sat down and waited.

And then through her, Master wrote and informed me that I had been a very highly developed, telepathic cosmic teacher and messenger through several incarnations. Master also wrote that I should stop resisting my path in this incarnation. At the end, Mehroo said Master wanted me to be a part of that group so that the energy lying dormant within me could get activated.

This was such gobbledygook to me.

Taking up the Challenge

I didn’t reply and hurried out as fast as I could.

When my husband heard about this incident, he said, “Why don’t you go?” Before I could give him all the reasons I couldn’t go (or didn’t want to go, actually) he cut short my rant and said, “I think you are resisting because you are scared.”

I was certainly not scared! And I could never resist a challenge! My husband was flexible with his work timings so he offered to come along with me. I was happy for his company but equally determined to prove him wrong.

We decided to give it a month and I was sure we wouldn’t even go the next day. But months came and went, all doubts and uncertainties disappeared without me even being aware of it.

My husband had seen through my fear. It was only when I did soul work many years later that the true reason for it surfaced: As a cosmic messenger I had been subjected to a lot of torture and persecution in a couple of my past lifetimes and this fear was causing me to resist my calling.

Transcending Resistance

At first, I was just observing. But one day Mehroo turned the book around and pushing it towards me said, “The Master says you will write from today.”  When I hesitated, she said, “Your stubbornness hasn’t left you even after two years!”

I don’t know whether it has left me even now after 20 years (laughs) but at that time I was not being stubborn. I genuinely didn’t know what to do.

The medium gestured to me to pick up the pen and just write. But instead of words and squiggles, I started drawing ancient birds and animals. The pen would go all over the page and would only stop when the picture was complete. This is how I knew I was not controlling the pen because I can’t draw to save my life.

Autowriting came so effortlessly that it became clear it was an ability I had cultivated during my soul journey but was bringing it to my conscious recollection only now. After some time, Master guided me to start taking personal sessions. A little later, Master directed me to give up autowriting and start trance channelling. This was another scary moment but by then my resistance had reduced considerably. Through my selfwork I realised that all these situations had been coming up for me to smoothen my rough edges and to temper my very large ego.

I began trance chanelling but soon Master said, “You have to stop coming. Our work is done. You have to now take this journey on your own and be open to receive the energy of your own Master.”

A few months after that I received the energies of Lord Sananda or Jesus the Christ, whom I call Jadefire.

And that is my journey.

The Channel as a child

As a child I often knew with certainty about people and situations. Once, I remember, my mother was worried about my sister. She had been having fever that refused to come down. I suddenly told her, “Don’t worry, the fever will come down by 5pm today” and it actually did.

I didn’t realise till a long time that not everyone was able to do this. For me, it was just what I did. In the innocence of childhood, I never thought of it as something unique. When my husband brought my attention to this trait of mine that is when I realised the truth of Master’s words (that I’d been a spiritual healer in earlier incarnations).

The Channel as a conduit of energy transmission or why labels are erroneous

As a channel I receive energy which imprints itself on some parts of my brain and has the ability to receive those higher frequency energies. These imprints transform into words and images which I then speak or write of. That wisdom is not of my intellect – it is the combined wisdom of my Higher Self, My Cosmic Self and My Cosmic Master. In the final analysis, it’s all one energy. So, using words like channel, healer, medium creates a distance between us and those that we want to serve.

The Channel as a Teacher

Mehroo has been my spiritual mentor and it gives me great joy to pass the blessing forward by being a mentor too. In fact, I have been a school teacher for more than 30 years. And over the years, the thousands of students I’ve taught have showed me things about myself: where I erred and where I had strength.

I can look back and see myself as arrogant and insensitive, choosing the power of my speech to hurt. Though I regret that, I have forgiven myself. I have understood that I used the arrogance and harshness as a very strong defense mechanism against hurt and pain. My journey has involved me finding the courage to touch that pain, to bring it up to the light, to own it as mine and then to let it go. My immediate family and dear friends have stood by me at every step of this rocky road. And whenever I felt I couldn’t bear the pain anymore or I’d crack, I’d hear Jadefire say, “I’m holding you. Go through this fire. Become the diamond that I know you are but you cannot see as yet.”

So, the years of resistance have, in fact, been a blessing. They’ve been the Universe’s way of telling me that I was not yet ready.

A message to our readers

You are a God! I am a God! We are all Gods! Each one of us is a Radiant Divine being and we should always remain aware of this aspect of us. Always be the God you are! If you are praying to the Gods on your altar but are dishonouring yourself and not loving or nurturing yourself, then I promise you those prayers are only half said. But when, in your prayers, you  bless yourself and say “I love you and I love myself as much” then that is prayer enough.

(Ellaeenah will be conducting a Moon Magic Meditation for Thriive Art & Soul at Bayview Marina Garden, Cuffe Parade on Wednesday 17th January 2018. Entry is free. To register call 7506424584 or email [email protected])

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How I Got My Periods On Track With Meditation

9 Jan, 2018
How I Got My Periods On Track With Meditation

Meditate and hear your body speak by Deepshikha Dhankhar

I must sound crazy to you! For the first time when this occurred to me, I said something like that to myself too. It came to me last year, when my body started to miscalculate the menstrual cycle, that something was going wrong. Initially, I thought that it was ‘normal’ as we are mostly told. But the feeling lingered. Stress, very little exercise and sleeping late were not the only factors responsible for it.

I also realised that from a completely painless period, my cycle started coming with rather uncomfortable cramps and with a delay of 7-15 days. I was really worried by now. As someone who was inclined towards spirituality, I summoned courage one day and in my meditation, asked my cycle “what are you trying to teach me?” The answer didn’t come the first day but I knew I would have it soon.

As I meditated more and more, memories of bad and unfulfilled relationships started coming up, as a motion picture, giving me an unintentional feeling of disgust. I picked up ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay where I read that when we have any problems with menstruation or PMS, it is due to, “…..giving power to outside influences. Rejection of the feminine processes.” I didn’t quite understand that at first. However, as I meditated further, I started seeing how I had given away my power completely to the other person in those relationships and didn’t love or approve of myself anymore.

And as Hay stated the remedy in her book, I started saying to myself “I take charge of my life. I am a powerful dynamic woman. Every part of my body functions properly. I love me.” In a couple of months, my period was right back on track as I attempted to heal my energies. I learnt that sometimes, all it takes to come back to a healthy body and mind is to release negative emotions.

If you are going through something similar, just close your eyes and talk to your body. It is never too late to a happy ‘that’ time of the month 🙂

(Deepshikha Dhankhar is a Multimedia Journalist, Content Marketer and Writer who also provides technical SEO, Copywriting and web content services for businesses of all sizes).

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Death Is A Part Of Life

5 Jan, 2018
Death Is A Part Of Life

Birth and death are the only realities of life By Usha Sri
I was barely six then. My paternal grandmother passed away. When I saw her body lying on the mat on the verandah, with people silently mourning her passing, I was scared. I didn’t want to die and didn’t know who to talk to, about what I was going through. I started bawling from fear of death.

My grandfather wrapped his arms around me and asked me why I was crying. I said, “I don’t want to die. When l grow up, I’ll become a doctor and find a medicine so that people will never die.” In spite of the grief of losing his wife, he laughed until he choked.

After all the rituals were done, he called me into his room and asked, “Do you like stories?”

“Yes,” I replied.

He said, “I want to tell you a story about the God of Death.”

I reluctantly nodded, still unsure what death was all about.

He said, “One day, Yama, the lord of Death, was walking back to his quarters and saw Garuda (the mighty Eagle) and a little sparrow in conversation. He looked at the sparrow from the corner of his eye and walked away without uttering a word. The little sparrow panicked. The sparrow expressed its concern to Garuda saying, ‘Oh my God! My death must be near. The Lord of Death eyed me. I don’t want to die.’ Garuda, took pity on him and said, “I am the fastest flying bird. I will take you across the seven seas and hide you in a safe place. It will take Yama a long time to reach you as he has to travel on his bull. You will be saved.” Garuda took the sparrow across the seven seas and placed it in a safe place and returned.

On his way out in the evening, Lord Yama searched for the sparrow and asked Garuda where the bird was. Garuda said, “My Lord, you scared the poor creature. I promised to save him and so took him across the seven seas and hid him in the burrow of a huge Banyan tree. He is safe now.” Yama smiled and said, “When I eyed the bird, I was wondering how the little bird would fly across seven seas in such a short time. He had to die today because of a snake bite in the burrow of the very same banyan tree.”

I sat numb, staring at my grandpa.

“Birth and death are the only realities of life,” my grandpa continued.

He said, “Every one that is born has to die, whether they are rich or poor, young or old, healthy or unhealthy. Everything that has a beginning has an end.”

“If there is an end to everything, why do we do things? Everyone will finally die, so why try?” I said.

He smiled and said, “Because you will be born again. And your hyphen is what will make you immortal, not some medicines.”

“What is a hyphen?”

“The small line that is made between the day you are born and the day you die. That small line is what makes you immortal. That will be the summary of your life. And if that small line is filled with love, empathy and honesty, people around you will remember you forever and keep you alive in their memories.”

(Usha Sri wakes up, reads, writes, reads some more, writes some more until she hits the sack and the sequence repeats).

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How I ‘Thriived’ At Work With Morning Meditation

3 Jan, 2018
How I ‘Thriived’ At Work With Morning Meditation

Teams that meditate together work better together

It is everybody’s wish to have a purposeful start to the day at work. However, it is not always possible to have our wishes fulfilled. But what if I told you that not only can you have an amazing day at work but also thrive in a team with a simple 10-minute meditation? Some of you might get excited and some will think this is yet another ‘how to’ stuff forgotten in a flash. After all,  haven’t we read enough self-help and philosophy but are still struggling to get through the day?

I was always self-motivated and loved the first half at work where I was all pumped-up to do my best, learn, engage and grow. But I also had days when I wished for a doppelganger who I could secretly swap places with. But that was just me living in a fantasy world and knowing it would never take place in reality.

So, what worked, you might wonder!

When I first joined Thriive, it was an office ritual to meditate in the morning before starting work. Being new to meditation, ‘what’s going on?’ was my initial reaction. But it soon turned to excitement and then it became a sort of an addiction. Very soon it became a necessity. It wasn’t very hard to grasp that meditation opened a window to another dimension, an unused source of energy. Whenever I tapped into it, I felt great. At the same time I also started to connect with my co-workers in a manner that would have otherwise taken a few months, even if one has the ‘social butterfly’ kind of personality. When we all meditated together, we were in sync with each other and the understanding between us grew. There were no conflicts, only differences of opinion. The team worked better, knowing we were all one.

We stressed less and laughed more, frowned less and understood more. Not only did it drastically improve the way I used to work in a team, it also had a positive impact on us as individuals.

I say, if you really want to stop rolling your third eye at others, start meditating with your team in the morning before you begin work everyday.

(Deepshikha Dhankhar is a Multimedia Journalist, Content Marketer and Writer who also provides technical SEO, Copywriting and web content services for businesses of all sizes).

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