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Banish Insomnia With Alternative Tricks You’ve Never Heard Of!

29 May, 2018
Banish Insomnia With Alternative Tricks You’ve Never Heard Of!
Insomnia is the number one cause of health issues in today’s times. Here are a few tips to go through the night sleeping like a baby.
Sleepless in Seattle? In London…Paris…Sydney….Mumbai or wherever? Owling the night away is no fun. Insomnia is a global health epidemic. It is a form of sleep deprivation, varying from irregular sleep to no sleep at all. Sleep is our only natural repair mechanism and when that becomes dysfunctional, the entire system bears the consequences.
A mind devoid of sleep is a body that’s working bad. What’s worse, sleep inducing drugs damage the already disturbed mechanism in the long run.
Alternative therapies, like all other medicine forms, have evolved and come a long way in treating and healing many chronic ailments, with absolute health as the only residue. Side effects are replaced with better health and long-term healing as its by-products.
Here are a few alternative treatments for Insomnia and related ailments such as stress, fear, anxiety and depression:

Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork 

Yoga is not only a low impact-high returns fitness regimen, but also an alternate way of life that can help to improve sleep in people suffering from chronic insomnia. Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that daily yoga practice could significantly increase sleep efficiency, total sleep time, total wake time, minimize the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and wake time after sleep onset. Another Harvard study suggested that mindfulness meditation, a mind-calming practice that focuses on breathing and awareness of the present moment brings about a sense of relaxation, thereby inducing sound sleep.


Acupressure is based on the principle of life energy flowing through ‘meridians’ or ‘points’ on the body. Disease occurs as a result of energy blockages on those points which can be released by pressing on them. The Acupressure Points (K 6 and B 62) between the heel and ankle bones (on both sides) have traditionally been used to relieve and prevent insomnia. The acupressure point on the inside of the heel below the inner ankle bone is called Joyful Sleep.
Sound Therapy
On one hand, while noise can cause disruptions in sleep, there are, on the other hand, sounds of certain frequencies (Binaural beats in the delta (1 to 4 Hz) range) that can retrain the brain waves and induce deep relaxation. This can help to heal anxieties by balancing the neuro-chemicals and reducing stress. Sound waves from Tibetan crystal bowls, gongs, chimes and harps are some of the frequencies that can calm hyperactive brain cells and align them into slower rhythms that bring about a relaxing sleep.
This is a great alternative to more traditional sleeping pills that often leave you sluggish and deprived in the morning. Inhaling the scent of aromatic parts of certain plants can strongly affect the mind.  It is therapeutic and greatly aids in general well-being. Essential oils such as lavender (which is mild enough to be used directly), jasmine, bergamot, chamomile, ylang-ylang and sandalwood are excellent in relaxing the mind and overcoming periods of insomnia in one’s life.
All of the above can help in providing short-term relief but if you are suffering from a chronic situation we highly recommend you connect with Thriive verified aromatherapists for treatment specifically designed for you. Know more HERE.

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Sound Healing Therapy – A Game Changer

26 May, 2018
Sound Healing Therapy – A Game Changer

Madhulika Arya shares with us the many ways in which sound waves or hertz can induce deep healing brain states and jumpstart weak spaces in the mind and body.

A Chinese Opera I attended a few years back revealed to me how powerful sound could be as an emotive tool. The sheer magic of sound vibrations wrapped within the high pitches took me through a whirlpool of emotions: ranging from tears to smiles and into an epiphany of sorts. It made me understand how sound healing therapy can be a game changer.
Sound Therapy may be the latest buzzword in alternative healing, but it goes back thousands of years to when sages optimized their being through the sound frequencies of mantras and ancient instruments. Examples abound: In Latin America, the Icaros or the medicine melodies were a powerful healing modality; Church Bells, Gongs in Temples, Pagodas and Monasteries (e.g. Ogane of Engaku-ji), all helped to connect to the Absolute, centering one’s Being. It also seemed to have the following benefits:

Activating Prana

Sound is a language with a frequency so profound, that it can travel through any medium: it can enter the brain through an external medium and stimulate the Chi/Prana – the life force that keeps us going. Once the Prana is activated, it revitalizes the breath and all organs, normalizing the heartbeat, breath, brain waves, neuron cells, metabolic and hormonal rhythms. While healing, sound also keeps the monkey mind from wavering through all sorts of thoughts and worries.

Unlearning Past Trauma

Pic Source

In modern times, studies have revealed that 85% of what we learn is through hearing. The medium to unlearn would not be any different. So, sound is an effective way to unlearn from deep conditioning and trauma, the body and soul might have endured over lifetimes. It can heal insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, chronic pain, and much more. With practice, it can also bring about physiological transformation by opening areas of blockage, moving up the energetic planes of the Chakras.

Aiding Awareness

Pic Source

Sound becomes an experience and the healing process begins when the respondent starts to receive sound rather than merely hear it. It then transforms from entertainment into therapy – from passive reception to a participatory one. With the slowing down of the breath, experiencing the inner stillness of sound manifests into awareness of one’s spiritual essence. When it comes to healing, nothing can beat your own awareness. Sound therapy aids this mindfulness.
Some of the instruments used in sound therapy include the Tibetan bowls, drums and rattles, tuning forks and sound tubes, alchemy bowls, gongs, didges, harps and chimes, among many others.
Finally, it is rightly said that we are born to play out our Karmic debts in this realm. And as we walk along this path, not everyone knows how to heal their physical and emotional wounds. That’s where Thriive can help, by introducing seekers to our verified, world-renowned Sound Therapists – Aurelio, Rivesh Vade, Chintan Dalal– to open your auditory perception and heal forever. Learn more

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Are You In A Toxic Relationship? These 5 Signs Say Yes

18 May, 2018
Are You In A Toxic Relationship? These 5 Signs Say Yes
Watch out for these 5 red flags of an unhealthy relationship. By Sonia Rao.


Any relationship, be it personal or professional, is ideally one of mutual respect and co-operation. But sometimes the share factor gets skewed and toxicity sets in. Often it is very apparent such as in physical abuse. In which case, it is best to run away from there, ASAP. But at other times, the situation slides downwards so subtly that it can be years before one realizes they are in a disempowering situation. 

Here are 5 red flags to watch out for to make sure the relationship is healthy and gives you the happiness you deserve.


1) Lack of trust:Pic Source

Doubt hinders growth. Without trust each person’s inputs cancel out each other instead of becoming a vehicle of exponential expansion.

2) Only one-sided benefits:         Pic Source

You may be a fount of love and kindness but if you are the only one giving to the relationship before long you’re going to be depleted and turn resentful.

3) Constant criticism:        Pic Source

When criticism is not constructive but only a means of one-upmanship and showing contempt, it completely jeopardizes the relationship.  

4) Cold communication:Pic Source

Intimacy first begins with speech before it turns physical. If each and every aspect of life cannot be discussed easily, without being judged, that’s a huge red flag for the relationship.

5) Energy suck:       Pic Source

When spending time together drains you emotionally, mentally and physically, it’s time to re-think your relationship.
Sonia Rao is the Editor-in Chief at Thriive Art & Soul.

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I’m A Thriiver – Sonica Arya’s Journey from Despair to Optimism

11 May, 2018
I’m A Thriiver – Sonica Arya’s Journey from Despair to Optimism

When a hit-and-run accident left her young daughter, Rayna, critically injured, Sonica Arya was determined to get her back on her feet. This is the story of how Sonica paved a way to a new life not just for Rayna but also for the many TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) cases in India. Sonica shares with us, in her own words, her journey of going from despair to optimism, because as she says, “Till there’s life, there’s hope.”


“I still remember that fateful afternoon, five years ago, when I got a call that my 12-year-old daughter, Rayna, had been seriously hurt in a car accident on the Mumbai-Pune expressway (the driver had fled the scene). That was when the smooth tenor of our life was completely torn apart and my faith severely tested. 
Life, till then, had been really good. To celebrate the fact that they were now pre-teens, I’d taken Rayna and her younger sibling, Myrra, for a vacation in Europe. They were two perfectly beautiful children. I was planning to put in greater focus towards my own career as an architect since the girls were grown up and fairly independent now. My husband and I were quite aware of the privileges we enjoyed. We felt deeply about giving back, so, in our small limited way we helped as much as we could: our children celebrated their birthdays with the children of the Salaam Bombay Foundation; we donated money.
Rayna was active and sporty and an achiever of sorts. Back in Europe, within 7 days she was already skiing on the black slopes. She was an accomplished Kathak dancer and a beautiful skater; it was a treat to hear her play the piano or watch the skillful way she rode a horse.
We loved traveling and often went together on family trips.
Faith was a way of life
My mother deeply believed in God and the temple at our home was almost like a living God. It was an important part of my own life: 30 to 45 minutes of my mornings were devoted to my prayers. In search of a deeper meaning I would travel to all those age-old places of worship which India abounds in. It used to be a standing joke between my friends that Sonica has suddenly left for yet another of her ‘trips’.
A hit-and-run accident that disrupted our life
I was in Mumbai though, when I got that devastating call that Rayna had been grievously injured in a car accident. No ambulances were available in Khandala or even Lonavala, so she was being brought to Mumbai in an ambulance from Panvel.
My heart clenched with fear but hoping for the best, my husband and I rushed from Mumbai and met the ambulance at Vashi from where we took her to the Breach Candy hospital. Through a friend in the Police we got the permission to bypass traffic signals but even then, it was quite late. Though they had put her on a ventilator, the delay in oxygen reaching the brain had caused immense damage. This could have been easily prevented if Rayna had been given proper aid within the ‘Golden Hour’ of the accident. At the hospital, they told us that Rayna had gone into a coma.
A school trip that went completely wrong
We had a lot of questions: Rayna was on a school trip. Why were she and the other children on the Highway? Where were the teachers? Why was there no first-aid available? Why are there no ambulances on the prone-to-accidents spots on the expressway?
But we had to keep them on hold because our first priority was getting Rayna back. Here she lay, comatose, unresponsive even as wires connected her to machines that kept her breathing.
It made us realize how precious and miraculous human life is. And how cheaply we let it go. I realized that if you don’t stand up and fight for whatever has happened it will continue, without making a difference to anybody.
Getting prayers answered 
And so, I took it up when I prayed for Rayna. This became an obsession. I was summoning all the energies in the Universe to help her, to give her the strength to pull out of that coma. I was praying for 15-16 hours in a day. People told me to pray and say things like “Do what is best for her.”
Sorry, but no! I said I want her back whole and I want her back home. I prayed, “Use me as your instrument from now on, in any way you feel I have to serve humanity, give me the permission but I want my daughter back whole.”
I had this zidd, this stubbornness, that I want her back 
After five and a half months, Rayna woke up. She could only blink. For a year, we fed her through the nose and then through the stomach. She couldn’t walk or do anything by herself. She used to communicate through a program on an iPad where she would write on it and it would speak back. We had to teach her how to speak again, and even to eat again.
A lot of the rehab had to be done abroad since such facilities were not available in India. At the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, where Rayna was their first international patient, we saw others who had been severely injured in the Boston Marathon bombing. This made us realize that we are never alone in our suffering.
Neuroplasticity can make even half a brain work again
Later, we took Rayna to The Feuerstein Institute in Israel, which specializes in Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and is doing path-breaking research in Neuroplasticity. It amazed us to see how each life is so precious for them. We met a person, a Commando, with half portion of his brain blown away. He was being taught how to think again and to do everything by himself. They don’t give up on anyone. It was a huge lesson for me and reinforced my faith to not give up on my daughter who was putting up such a fight against her condition.
The caretakers need care too 
Three years after the accident I felt depleted. The initial adrenaline rush and my willpower had kept me going: managing Rayna physically, her medical situation and rehab as well as going back to school with her. My body and mind had been on alert mode for too long. I was trying to be brave for everyone. But it had taken its toll and I was exhausted. I woke up mornings, sweating, with dreams of that call informing me of Rayna’s accident. I sought refuge in Past Life Regression Therapy with Dr. Newton, EFT, chanting. I meditated and studied Vedanta, did an e-journaling course. 
I realized I needed to let go. When our head, heart and hand are in sync, we are in sync with the Universe. We need to take care of ourselves and let the Universe do its work. It has also helped me to not be bitter. My husband and my daughter Myrra would often get angry with God for what happened with Rayna.
But in that too we can know God. We blame or praise Him according to our experiences of Life but I have to come to believe He is Pure Consciousness. He is the Grace He bestows upon us.
And this has been revealed to us in so many ways: in help reaching us at unexpected times through unexpected people, meeting the right doctors/treatment when we needed it most and even prayer groups I was not even aware of (I once received a global prayer chain message on the phone that said: add your name and pass it on for Rayna Arya), friends in Italy lighting candles for her in Church, bringing amrit from the Golden Temple and giving an ardaas there, getting the zam zam waters…it was all coming to my daughter.
Championing TBI rehabs 
Through all this, I always made sure that whatever rehab efforts we provided for Rayna we shared it with others. Rehabilitation is a must after any brain injury. As champions for the cause of hit-and-run accidents, we are working closely with Harkisan Das Hospital’s Rehab division and support group, where Rayna goes for her physiotherapy.
We’ve shared The Feuerstein Institute’s Trained Team that works with Rayna, with the Maharashtra Dyslexic Association and Sadhana School. They’ve trained the teachers at the Cathedral and John Connon School for Level 1 of the Enrichment programs.
Disability creates invisibility 
India is the brain injury capital of the world. We have very good doctors but even the neurologists have very limited knowledge of the rehab efforts needed. Even in routine life, the disabled / injured cannot travel easily for lack of facilities. They become invisible. This is frustrating for both the patient and the caregiver. Even in the case of children, we are working towards getting international norms being put into place, in situations such as crossing the road, guidelines to be followed by schools taking kids on trips and so on.
The message – “We don’t give up!” 
One never recovers fully from a brain injury. Managing it is an ongoing process for the rest of your life.
We live with the motto “ We don’t give up”. Rayna paints today and has held exhibitions. I take her abroad on holidays, as navigation there is much easier. I even took her skiing. She lay on the ski slopes and quickly made a snow fairy. Till there’s life, there’s hope. One day at a time.”

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  1. Sonica, your story is an inspiration to all.
    God bless you and your efforts and your little girl Rayna.
    I hope she gets better and better every day xxx

  2. Sonica,your relentless faith and determination has brought Rayna where she is today. You are a role model and ibspiration for all of us. God bless you always….