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Here are 4 reasons you’ll fall in love with the Art & Soul Xperience at GFSS

28 Jun, 2018
Here are 4 reasons you’ll fall in love with the Art & Soul Xperience at GFSS
Experience music & dance at the transformational level

Music and dance are known to have a profound effect on humans at the cell level.

Studies have proved that sound waves of particular frequencies can induce deep healing and create positive transformations. Dance, through the sheer tempo of its movements, has the power to raise energy and elevate the life-force, both of the dancer as well as the viewer.

You will be surrounded by this energy in all directions at India’s one & only ‘soul’ festival – the 11th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences (GFSS), held at Asia’s most powerful pyramid, in Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru.

Thriive Art & Soul, India’s only state-of-the-art digital portal, registering a verified network of healers and therapists from across 150+ alternative health modalities, is bringing together renowned musicians and sufi whirlers to help us create our own unique vibe through music, sound & dance.

And, here are the 4 reasons that will absolutely make you fall in love with the Art & Soul Xperience at GFSS:


1) Harmonic Music Sets by Adam Apollo

As Leadership Ambassador at the White House, Adam Apollo has offered insights on global transitions, physics, technology, human spirituality and the future. Adam also brings along his experience of 18+ years as a prominent DJ and electronic music artist with his deeply emotional, heart-opening harmonic tracks. Get set to have your heart-chords thrummed even as you feel a deep, unconditional harmony within yourself.

2) Desert Song: Odissi and Sufi Whirling Dance Performance by Zia Nath

Zia Nath is India’s foremost sacred danseuse, whirling expert, TEDx performer, Founder of Realms of Dance™. She will present a synergistic confluence of sacred dance movements which include the traditional Odissi dance from India and Sufi whirling which began in the time of Rumi. Surrender to the mystical absorption of your inner divine.

3) Sound Immersion by Aurelio

World-renowned sound therapist from Austria/Auroville, Aurelio describes himself as a communal artist and innovative activist. In his session at GFSS, you are invited to experience the soothing waves and vibrations of pure acoustic instruments such as gongs, bells, chimes, strings and diverse new and archaic sources of sound. Set forth on a sound journey and a deep synaesthetic contemplation.

4) Soulful Chanting by Professor Kaya

Feel the vitality seep into you, as words set to beautiful music transport you to a world where everything is possible. Prof. Kaya from Canada, a charismatic ex-rockstar and now a world-renowned Dreams & Symbology expert, will guide us into a meditative vibe with chants that indeed touch our very souls.

Give yourself an Energy makeover with these ‘soulful’ experiences at the GFSS. To know more and to subscribe for the Special Early Bird Prices, connect with us here: http://gfss.thriive.in/ticket/

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The top 5 reasons why you need to be seen @ India’s one and only ‘soul’ festival

22 Jun, 2018
The top 5 reasons why you need to be seen @ India’s one and only ‘soul’ festival

Come September-end, all roads will lead to Pyramid Valley for India’s one & only ‘soul’ festival. Here’s why you need to mark it as a “must-attend” event in your calendar.

India’s only ‘soul’ festival is here. In its 11th year, the Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences (GFSS) is focused on helping you create your own unique vibe.

#Goodvibes, then, isn’t just a cool hashtag–it’s your ENERGY signature.

And to help you do this is a line-up of some amazing Presenters and Performers, Musicians & Meditators, as you engage in soul-soothing, energy-raising activities along with a 1000+ tribe of like-minded people in Asia’s most powerful Pyramid.
So, here are the top 5 reasons why you need to be seen @GFSS 2018:

1) A line-up of Global Presenters changing the world


Every year, GFSS sees awe-inspiring global Presenters who share their insights and wisdom with an eager audience in a balanced mix of theory and experiential knowledge. In the past, Presenters have included Dr. Raymond Moody (USA), Robert Schwartz (USA), Aurelio (Austria/Auroville), Donna Eden (USA), Dr. Fred Alan Wolf aka Dr. Quantum(USA) to name a few.

This year’s line-up is an eclectic mix: Adam Apollo, who has also presented at the White House, will speak on the Unified Harmonic Matrix; Greg Friedman will guide us through the wondrous Native American Medicine Wheel; Susan Hough will show us how to discover our clan, while world-renowned Dream & Symbology experts Prof. Kaya & Christiane Muller will reveal how dreams can be decoded to help us navigate life with confidence.

Look out for festival favourites Jasmuheen, Dr. Newton & Dr. Lakshmi among many more global Presenters.

2) Sufi dance concerts and alternative DJ sounds with renowned whirlers and musicians

Sound Therapy, Sufi whirling & Musical harmonies are known to induce deep level healing inside us even while they appeal to our sense of fun and entertainment. Highly accomplished performers will regale us with interactive sessions of dance and sound waves from a range of musical instruments that will rev us up not just for these 4 days but even after we go back to routine life.

3) Discover Yoga & Tai Chi

Mornings begin with Yoga & Tai Chi where you learn to flex your body (with Hatha & Ashtanga yoga), and bring your energy (chi) into alignment. This not only jumpstarts your day but also helps you remain high on ‘ease’ without your energy flagging.

4) Meditations with experts inside Asia’s most powerful pyramid, and energy spots within the gorgeous Pyramid Valley

This 28-acre valley, where lush coconut groves sway along water-ways bordered with Zen gardens and waterfalls, has become a true power spot in India. Pyramid Valley houses a range of pristine accommodations to suit all pockets. So, whether you are an eager-beaver student with limited pocket money or a Corporate honcho on a journey inwards, the Valley lays out its goodies for you with equal panache. Meditate to imbibe the powerful energies inside the Pyramid or lie down on the grass outside in the labyrinth as you gaze upon the ‘Elements of Nature’ designed on the mammoth walls of the Pyramid. And if you’re in the mood to steal away for some ‘me’ time, personal Pyramid Pods that dot the Valley are your ideal hideout.

5) Mindful Activities to keep the kids interested & engaged

Give your children a digital detox. Studies have shown that the exposure to e-devices has greatly reduced the power of concentration in children and increased the levels of stress (yes, even in young kids). At GFSS, they can give free rein to their inner artist while they splash color, make a dream catcher or dirty their hands with clay, making pottery, along with a host of other mindful activities. They’ll thank you for it.

If events are your thing, sign up right away to get the Special Early Bird Price. If you’re still sitting on the fence (which means you’ve got questions, that’s awesome too), connect with us on 75064 24584 / [email protected] to get your queries answered & to subscribe for the Special Early Bird Price.

The Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences is one of the many fascinating events conducted by Thriive Art & Soul. We also conduct Moon Magic Meditations every Full & New Moon. Keen to know more? Click here: http://gfss.thriive.in/

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