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9 Wild “lessons in love” from the Mara plains where the raw world mirrors human life

30 Jan, 2019
9 Wild “lessons in love” from the Mara plains where the raw world mirrors human life

Thriive CEO, Pinky Daga, shares her incredibly eye-opening lessons in love from the Mara plains in Africa.

An incredible awe-inspiring opening to 2019 within the Mara plains disconnected me from the world but reconnected me to things that truly matter. As I saw that wild raw world mimic and mirror human life, I couldn’t help but learn that…


Beauty exists everywhere, in the natural and urban jungle. Our only job is to be able to see it. Find that magic and you’ve found Heaven on Earth.

No matter who says what… or however much we may feel alone…every living soul is connected. No one who’s seen the lionesses hunt and chase as one… or the male deer, once defeated, form their own “boy’s club” …can doubt it! Love and connections do make the world go round!


If we can see differences as just another expression of the Universe and let every living creature just be who they are, we could live in perfect harmony. Never heard the baboons say to the elephant: “You’re too fat and dark!”


Species that mate for life are rarely hunted together. They stay the strongest and are the least stressed, till one of them dies. They all have an instinctive knowing of their mate. Well, atleast somewhere in the world someone is honouring ‘Till death do us part ” and true love is not just a myth.


There is no greater unconditional love than that of a mother. Everywhere they are programmed with the instinct to protect and nurture. All creatures who can respect it, bloom and grow.

If we can allow ourselves to just be, all unfolds as it should. If the magnificent Lion King can surrender and trust the Universe… then the mere human is just foolish to resist!


There are predators everywhere and the ones being hunted need to be smart enough to run or fight back with everything they’ve got. Never saw the Impala just stand there…cry…complain or bemoan their fate!


The chase for the elusive is exciting…yet sometimes what’s right in front of our eyes is so much prettier, gentler, and easier. Think Rhinos v/s Zebras.


Love the world…all the life in it…in every corner…even the darkest…for in that we are honouring our own divinity and becoming God!

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How does your sun sign make decisions

28 Jan, 2019
How does your sun sign make decisions

Use your strengths to become a superpower at work & love
By Kiran Shahpuri
Your sun sign decides the way you shine in the world and light it up. Imbibe its power to make self-empowering decisions both at the workplace and in your personal life. We asked Thriive-verified, expert Astrologer and Tarot Card Reader Kiran Shahpuri to reveal to us the secret superpower (and also the Kryptonite) of each sun sign. Do you want to know what makes you the lord of your destiny (by making fab decisions each time)? Scroll down to your sun sign and all will be revealed.

Aries: Fire – Ruled by Mars
Aries, you are very aggressive and impulsive in making decisions. Always calm yourself down and take 3 deep breaths before making a choice. Never ever make a decision when you are angry or not in the right frame of mind.

Taurus: Earth – Ruled by Venus
Taurus, your choices are based on practicality, security and stability. You think too much while making a decision and this may lead to unnecessary delays and missing out on opportunities. Go by your gut and make your decisions promptly.

Gemini: Air – Ruled by Mercury
Gemini, you are very impulsive and indecisive. You find it difficult to stick to a single choice. While making a major decision, it’s very important for you to ground yourself. Do some physical exercise. Go for a walk, practice yoga or hit the gym. Once you have made a decision, stick to it and don’t mull over your options.

Cancer: Water – Ruled by Moon
Cancer, you make choices based on emotions, feelings and sentiments. Your focus is always your loved ones. While making major decisions, you need to maintain a balance between the mind and the heart.

Leo: Fire – Ruled by Sun
Leo, you are over-confident, self-righteous and over self-assured in making choices. Once you have made a decision, you will abide by it, no matter what. While making major decisions, remain flexible and consider others’ opinion.

Virgo: Earth – Ruled by Mercury
Virgo, you are over-analytical and too practical. You tend to take the safest choice and this again, like Taurus, may make you miss out on opportunities. While making decisions, give some rest to your logical mind and involve your heart a little bit.

Libra: Air – Ruled by Venus
Libra, you focus too much on harmony, relationships and people. In the process, you may end up ignoring and neglecting yourself. So, while making major decisions, give yourself priority.
Scorpio: Water – Ruled by Pluto
Scorpio, you are very secretive and tend to make choices that will benefit your life the most. While making major decisions, you may keep yourself a priority but remember not to hurt the other people’s sentiments and emotions.

Sagittarius: Fire – Ruled by Jupiter
Sagittarius, you makes decisions in the heat of the moment and tend to firmly abide by it, even if it’s not the best choice. While making decisions, it’s important for you to weigh your options properly.

Capricorn: Earth – Ruled by Saturn
Capricorn, you tend to go by standard and traditional choices. Your main focus is practicality and discipline. As a result, you may miss out on new experiences. While making major decisions, explore the unknown and widen your horizon.

Aquarius: Air – Ruled by Uranus
Aquarius, you are independent and forward-thinking but extremists in making choices. Your decisions are thoughtful and based on the social good or what would benefit everyone. While you may be very independent, it’s okay to ask for help even when you need it.

Pisces: Water – Ruled by Neptune
Pisces, your moral quotient is very high. Your decisions are based on spirituality, moral values and your belief system. While making major decisions, it’s important to be objective, neutral and unbiased.

About Kiran Shahpuri

Kiran Shahpuri is a gifted Astrologer and Tarot Card Reader with more than 15 years of experience in these fields. She empowers you to tap into this ancient wisdom and enables you to take control of your destiny. She guides her clients in finding resolutions to their issues and overcoming obstacles that are stopping them from reaching their highest potential. She has a trained psychologist, clinical hypnotherapist, Silva graduate, Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner. In her workshops and sessions, she provides in-depth knowledge and clarity about the challenges one faces in life and how best to get ahead of them. To connect with Thriive-verified Astrologer and Tarot Card Reader Kiran Shahpuri, please click here: https://tinyurl.com/yanm59vt

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Here’s how today’s Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar eclipse can transform your life

21 Jan, 2019
Here’s how today’s Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar eclipse can transform your life

Eclipses are the game changers of life. Learn to play them well.

Mention the word eclipse and two groups will form in front of you. On the left, you’ll get the scientific types spouting science jargon quoting NASA and throwing these explanations at you: A lunar eclipse takes place when the Sun, Earth and moon line up so that the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow.

On the right, you’ll have the superstition-oriented types who even while muttering some mantras might want to scare you with a narration of the many the ills that eclipses bring.
But, as the Buddha said, it’s best to take the Middle Path, even in the case of eclipses.

On 21st January 2019, the Full Moon will be an eclipse but not just that, it will also be a SUPERMOON, A BLOOD RED MOON and also A WOLF MOON.

It’s like a novelist with too many pen names, right?

But coming back to the eclipse, my childhood memory is that of wretched women dressed in tatters carrying a naked kid on their hip and a big cloth bag on the shoulder shouting out “De daan, chhootey grahan” (Do give alms so that the eclipse may end). Since atleast 4 eclipses take place every year, you felt you’d done your philantrophic deed for the year by giving them lentils, used clothes and even money.

Nowadays, the beggars are a no-show except at traffic signals but why wait for them to come to you. Eclipses might be a good time to take stock of your life (and pave the path for transformation) by asking these questions:

  1. Are you doing enough good in the world?
  2. Are you doing what really makes your soul sing?
  3. Are you ready to face your shadow self and let go of what needs to be released?


Now we know that the Moon affects the tides and since we are 70%+ water, its phases affect humans in a big way too. Full moons bring out all the psycho behaviour in people (and sometimes the werewolves, if you live in Potter World). Yes, wolves do bay at the moon, especially in winter and so the January full moon is also called the Wolf Moon. Be careful to keep your wolf-like characteristics in check (police have more than enough reports of it) Meditation can help to remain calm and done at this time, gives thrice the benefit of regular meditation.


At the time of the lunar eclipse, the moon is blocked by the Earth but a little bit of sunlight reaches the Moon through the Earth’s surface and gives it a red tinge. And since the moon is closest to the Earth at this time, it is going to look BIG. Hence the
name Supermoon.

Here’s what you can do to make this SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE memorable:

  1. Feel the eclipse with your body – how is it impacting you physically.
  2. Journal it. Write down all your thoughts and what you are experiencing at this time.
  3. Since the eclipse is in LEO – which is the 5th House by Signs and so connected to creativity – recheck whether your inner Child is having fun. Seek new or revisit older avenues of authentic self-expression. Make time for yourself.

And if you welcome rituals, check out these two fire rituals by indigenous tribes shared with us by Ritualist & Healer Susan Hough.

Sometimes, a personal consultation with experts helps us make the best out of challenging situations. Thriive-verified Astrologers and Tarot Card Readers can help you see the path you want to tread. Get in touch with us to connect to these experts: https://beta.thriive.in/thriive-seeker

Sonia Rao is the Editor In Chief at Thriive Art & Soul

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These are the 5 benefits of Whirling Mandala™ which you never expected: By whirling enthusiast Zia Nath

18 Jan, 2019
1 Comment
These are the 5 benefits of Whirling Mandala™ which you never expected: By whirling enthusiast Zia Nath

Whirling sounds mystical but has a lot of benefits.
Whirling is a great way to explore your soul, embark on a new adventure and stay fit! And the best part, anyone and everyone can do it. We spoke to Sacred Danseuse & Whirling Enthusiast Zia Nath and she tells us why everyone must do the Whirling Mandala™:

Whirling gives Balance

An active dance meditation that explores the intersections of motion and stillness, Whirling Mandala™ brings us deep states of balance, stability, strength and silence within.

Whirling is a Mirror

It is a beautiful mirror to our inner self. It reflects our inner journey, shows us what we are holding within or holding back.

Whirling brings Freedom

As we sustain a continuous whirl, our inner space starts to clarify. The excess baggage of conditioned patterns, emotions, thought processes start to ease off and we experience freedom within the structure.

Whirling is Blissful

It has therapeutic benefits and a beautiful way to bring equilibrium to our nervous system. If we are stressed out and overwhelmed then the whirling can calm our nerves and lighten our spirit. If we are tired and lacking vitality, then this meditation can revitalise our system with a blissful glow.

Whirling is Meditative

Whirling Mandala™ meditation is a bridge to the mystical realms of existence. As we journey along the unknown, unseen path of our inner consciousness, the practice of this work lights up our path, one step at a time, illuminating the profound stillness that holds our inner balance.

About Zia Nath

Self-taught whirler, Zia Nath is also a TedX performer, originated Realms of Dance™ – a showcase of sacred dances of ancient temples of India and Central Asia. Zia has been in the practice of this work for more than two decades, presenting and teaching her dances across the country as well as around the world.

You too can now experience Whirling Mandala ™ at the launch of India’s first and only whirling community in an evening of dance, meditation, music and poetry by Thriive Art & Soul & Zia Nath.

Call 7506424584 / email [email protected] to book your seat NOW!
Date: Friday, 18th Jan, 2019 | Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Venue: Imperial Towers, Tardeo | Entry fee: Rs.1799/- (+ GST)

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  1. Wow! Useful stories for health! Well these advantages help fashion goers! Does an old habit lead the lifestyle in modern era! Are environment sophisticated for healthy mind! Does air quality index and diet is the key to see wellness! Let’s discuss with Vidhiberi, a reputed holistic wellness coach to understand every concern related to post partum depression, mood swing and unhygienic food during maternity, lactation issue at the time baby feed, malnutrition problems.


How attending an ODM changed the way I think of Dance

17 Jan, 2019
How attending an ODM changed the way I think of Dance

At Capt. Sumisha Shankar’s ODM, I discovered that dance can be healing too
By Sonia Rao

Not having trained in dance, I was especially thrilled to win the prize for best dancer at a prominent 5 star hotel’s New Year Bash. I had just unleashed my inner dancer and swung and swayed according to the music.

But dance is not just about pleasure. It can heal too.

Rehab centres use dance as one of the tools of healing to cure depression, anxiety and addictions too, by raising the body’s energy levels. Ahhh… no wonder one always felt good after dancing!

So, when Capt. Sumisha Shankar invited me to attend her Organic Dance Meditation (ODM) to experience the healing powers of dance first-hand, I agreed immediately.

ODM sounds like a close cousin of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) but the difference is that ODM requires you to be mindful of your movements which is almost meditative.

In the packed hall at the Yoga Institute, colourful garlands hung down from the ceiling in celebration of their 100th Year. One could actually feel the excitement rising as Sumisha got the music system ready for the session.

Dance without ambition

“Dance without ambition” – this is the first thing Sumisha said to us. There was going to be no competition and one had to focus on one’s own experience of “Feeling Alive.”

We began with the Rasas – the 5 elements of the body – Fire, Water, Earth, Air & Ether. Dropping off all our pre-conceived ideas, we shimmied our hands to denote fire while for water we made wavy movements.

Different steps followed different movements. It was all about letting go even if it meant slithering along the floor. In fact, one of the participants hopped around the room but the movements were so rhythmic that our guffaws were coupled with awe.

The music moved from slow to fast-Bollywood. We matched steps with our partners and we jumped up and shimmied and rocked and had a lot of fun. Sumisha took up the already high energies many notches higher as she shouted out encouragement. At one point, we were even doing the wave like you see the crowds doing it at baseball games. At this moment, we all felt in tune with each other and dare I say, the Universe.

Feeling alive

“I’m so glad I signed up for this session,” said Vishal, working in the IT sector. He had taken leave to attend this and could not stop raving about it.

Patricia, from Spain, “absolutely adored” this dance meditation. She was part of a group of trained dancers who had come down from Spain to study at the Yoga Institute. The joyous smiles on their faces were enough testimony that ODM totally rocked for them.

The evening ended as we meditated on Ganesha shloka-chanting by a trio of international students of Yoga Institute but the feel-good hormones coursed on inside the body bringing a sense of wellness to the body and spirit for a long time after the event.

Sonia Rao is the Editor In Chief at Thriive Art & Soul

Want to experience ODM for yourself? You’re in luck! Capt. Sumisha Shankar is conducting Organic Dance Meditation as part of Thriive’s Moon Meditation on Saturday 19th January, from 6:00pm – 7:00pm at Seventh Sense Movement & Language Centre, Chowpatty. Call up 7506424584 / email [email protected] to book your seat.
Get more details here: https://tinyurl.com/y7nnb6ed

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Be Fit

Renew Your Body Like A Marathon Runner

16 Jan, 2019
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Renew Your Body Like A Marathon Runner

Become hardcore with these rad tips on building a marathon-runner body
by Dr. Rajani Patil

You know it’s Marathon-time when your Newsfeed is filled with “stories” of fitness challenges and miles run in a day. And you might even be tempted to participate in one.

Running is a form of fitness that has many takers. It needs very little investment – it’s like – “Have feet, will run.” For most people, the efforts at getting fit and staying fit is a never-ending cycle: Resolutions come and go, one fitness fad tried and discarded as you start yet another one.

The benefits of running are many, including reduced stress, improved overall health, a balanced mind and soul. It is also one of the best ways to lose weight and work the heart.

But running a marathon is actually a whole different ballgame. It requires specific training done in the right way. Here are some tips that can help you build a hardcore, marathon-runner body:

  1. Starting the practice: Begin training for a marathon at least a year before the D-day. This gives the body enough time to adapt.
  2. Invest in coaching: A good coach and a well-structured training program customized for you, with the appropriate warm up and cool down stretches, will go a long way.
  3. Invest in proper shoes: The right pair of shoes is critical and should be picked based on your foot type, terrain and body weight. Get Gait Analysis done by a sports physiotherapist to understand the right way to run so that any inadvertent injuries are minimized.
  4. Distance: Take care to ramp up your mileages slowly and steadily.
  5. Base mileage: Plan your weekly mileage over time. Running 3-5 times a week with relaxed pacing and increasing the mileage by 10% per week is a great way to train. Practise one long run every 7 to 10 days so that the body gets enough time to recover. Also, someone with a smaller body frame can pick up the mileage faster than a person with a heavier body as it puts stresses due to increased weight.
  6. Rest and recovery: Adequate hydration, sleep, nutrition, sports massage and stretching to perform at your best at each run, are important for recovery.
  7. Strength training: Running involves a lot of muscles working together to create synchronized stride. It is therefore important to maintain muscles at their optimal strength. The calf and quadriceps are especially adapted to act like a spring, saving energy to propel the body forwards. Add functional training, Pilates, weight training, swimming, and core workshops on rest days.
  8. Energy and hydration: Practise your runs with hydration packs and energy gels or bars in a side pocket so as to get accustomed to it. Long runs lasting for more than two hours cause depletion of energy due to which the body might feel tired and heavy. Replenish your energy at timely intervals; sports drinks are recommended every few miles.
  9. Breathe right: Work on your breathing while running. This helps you train your diaphragm and provide enough oxygen to the body to reduce the energy expenditure.
  10. Pump up your stamina: If you are new to running, concentrate more on building time and not distance. Set realistic goals to keep yourself motivated.
  11. Listen to your body: You can hear your feet while running. Are your treads soft or hard? A softer landing will reduce the impact on your knees.
  12. Inner strength: Running trains not only your body but also your mind. Sometimes, pushing your body just a tad bit more to finish your running goal for the day strengthens your discipline and gifts you a positive, goal-oriented frame of mind. Run your own race. Don’t compare yourself with other runners. Whether it is a 10 km or a half or full marathon, have a game plan and stick to it. Build a marathon body you can be proud of.

About Dr. Rajani Patil

Dr. Rajani Patil is a sports physiotherapy specialist with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from A.T. Still University (USA). She is also a Certified McKenzie practitioner and is the holder of the Sports rehab Certification from North American Sports Medicine Institute (NASMI).

She is the founder of OrthoSports Physiotherapy with two clinic locations in Mumbai. Her expertise ranges from providing consultations to corporates, wellness companies as well as individuals, for sporting and running events as a gait analysis and shoe expert. Dr. Patil is on the specialist panel of several fitness groups and faculty at prestigious Sports Universities as well as that of well-known health & fitness magazine Krunch Today. She is a prolific writer and contributes insightful articles to various forums. The goal of OrthoSports Physiotherapy is not only to help one find relief now, but also to give tools for continued good health.
You can connect with Dr. Rajani Patil here: https://www.orthosports.in/

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  1. excellent article. almost all experienced long distance runners I have checked up on youtube speak a lot about glute and hamstring though. infact an article mentioned that if quads get too heavy than the glutes, it will restrain the running. can you write up something comparing the glute, hamstring versus quads, calfs? you can even throw light on every other muscle. I am beginning to feel that a body needed for running is different from body needed for boxing and so forth.

Be Fit

Wellness Trends We’ll Be Seeing In 2019

11 Jan, 2019
Wellness Trends We’ll Be Seeing In 2019

These trends in overall wellbeing are going to be so hot-hot-hot in 2019
Now that ‘being bored’ has become an aspirational trait, wellness is poised to get us out of our “overachieving” mode into a more “laid-back” approach to life. It’s time to move towards minimalism in our digital diet and to bring nature back into our lives.

This theme will colour every wellbeing practice in 2019 and here’s how we expect it to be played out:

1. Intermittent fasting

From eating every two hours we’ve transitioned into eating just two meals a day. Intermittent fasting wins it for the 16:8 (16 hours of fasting followed by 8 hours in which one can eat balanced meals). With results such as diabetes-reversal and safe loss of weight, Intermittent fasting is set to be the way we will be eating next year.

2. Eco-keto food

Keto diets based on animal foods is so on its way out. Plant based proteins are the way to go and it even has a name: eco-keto diet. Wellness includes the wellbeing of the Earth as one of the most important goals as is getting food without harming either the animals or the environment.

3. Crystal-infused water

Water, right? But plain water has taken a back seat to crystal activated water. Infusing your daily drink with the energy of crystals will act as an attractor to its properties.

4. Destressing with meditation

Meditation is mainstream now but it will not encompass only stillness as the form of meditation. Walking, dancing, singing, drawing & colouring are some of the many ways meditation can be practised.

5. Pranic Healing

The “no-touch” system of Pranic Healing has catapulted this therapy to the top of the “must-try-it-out-once” list. It works through the use of “prana” for the rejuvenation and balancing of cells. Numerous success stories have added to its appeal.

6. Wellness Vacays

Seeking wellness experiences is going to be the clarion call for 2019. Travel destinations that nurture with essential oils, natural scrubs, edible massage packs will be more popular. Spa plus sightseeing is the new travel equation.

7. Breathe in a better air quality

Not just in Delhi, but all over the world, the quality of air has turned foul. People have begun agitating for better environmental policies that will keep the pollution levels low. But till these are implemented, practising pranayams will safeguard the lungs against the polluted air. This is going to be even more important as people move out of gyms and into natural surroundings to do their work

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Find the secrets of anti-ageing in your own kitchen

8 Jan, 2019
Find the secrets of anti-ageing in your own kitchen

They’ve been hiding in open view all this while!
By Nikita Jhanglani
Imagine this. You are running across a lobby, because you are late for a meeting. This lobby has full-length mirrors along a wall. Of course, you sneak a quick look at yourself in one of those mirrors. We are all guilty of doing that, aren’t we?

There isn’t a thing wrong with wanting to look young and fresh at all times.

The problem, however, is our love for repair creams and serums that are nothing more than an artificial diet for the skin. Was there a natural way of reversing the ravages of time?

So we spoke to Thriive-verified nutritionist (and Mrs. Earth International 2016) Maadhuri R Sharma who pointed us to the fabulous age-reversal solutions that are completely natural and within easy reach in our own kitchens.

And without further ado, here they are:

(Oh, there’s a bonus tip too!)

Drink water. Lots of it.
One can’t stress enough on the importance of water for a healthy skin. Water maintains skin moisture, and gives you a soft, supple, and healthy skin. If you think plain water is boring, flavour it up by soaking some fruits like kiwis, oranges, strawberries and grapes in it for at least 2-4 hours (this is a Beyoncé fave, btw).

Make these fruits and veggies your bae!
Berries can make your skin shine — they’re superfoods for the skin, really. Vegetables and fruits like oranges, tomatoes, sweet potatoes are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins that will give you a healthy and flawless skin. Make them your best friends and you’ll not need a blush powder ever again!

Pile up the protein.
Chasing deadlines. Running around kids. Managing a home, a career, a family. All of this can get stressful. And this stress can show on the skin.

But, but, but. Here’s a simple solution that keeps your skin safe from the effects of stress—protein. A legit reason to get all that paneer, tofu, edamame, and mung beans on your plate.

Collagen for the win.
Collagen (a type of protein) is your best bet for a tighter, healthier skin. Beauty gurus around the world swear by the magic that collagen can do for your skin. Although our body produces collagen naturally, the production decreases with age. Citrus fruits like oranges and protein-rich foods are excellent sources of collagen.

Ditch the sugar.
If youthful skin forever is on your wish list, then sugar needs to go out of your diet. Too much sugar depletes the body’s natural collagen and can make your skin saggy, wrinked and lined. You obviously don’t want that. Other sources of sweetness such as honey and jaggery too are best avoided. And, artificial sugars are a BIG NO-NO!

Bonus tip: Meditate
Did you know that stress produces an acid inside your body that makes your skin look dull? One of the most effective ways to do away with stress entirely is through meditation. Carve out some time in your day for a spiritual spa (aka meditation) and your skin (and soul) will thank you for it.

Maadhuri R Sharma was the first Indian to be crowned Mrs. Earth International in 2016. As a certified nutritionist, she believes that a balanced mind, body and soul are the secret ingredients to a healthy life. Her clientele is spread around the world including all over India. She also gives nutrition tips in her show Living It Up With Maadhuri on Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana. She is also Thriive-verified and can be contacted here: https://tinyurl.com/ybqg3huq

Nikita Jhanglani is a technical and creative content writer, editor and book blogger. Currently, she is into world domination, one checklist at a time.

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Tarot Astrology by Kiran Shahpuri: What’s in store for you in 2019!

4 Jan, 2019
Tarot Astrology by Kiran Shahpuri: What’s in store for you in 2019!

Will Aries find their ‘true’ love? Will Capri find their ‘dream’ job? Will 2019 be the Year of Your Dreams? Click on your sun sign to get your Astro-tarot Career & Love Advice for 2019 by Kiran Shahpuri.




The Bigger Picture
Work – The Lovers

The Lovers tarot card tells you to passionately and intensely follow your heart’s desires and pursue your dream projects, business and work. Use ‘Law of Attraction’ for your work and financial situation to attract and manifest your career goals.

2019 brings in many wonderful opportunities as well as positive and fruitful changes in your professional life. This is also an excellent time to expand your business and take it to another level. The changes taking place at this time will bring good fortune, harmony and peace.

You will be faced with major choices that involve a great deal of thinking, mental activity, worry or indecision. When taking a decision, follow your heart instead of your mind.

If you have been thinking of getting into a business partnership, this a good time to seal the deal.
Love – 9 of Cups

2019 brings happiness, emotional security, love, contentment, physical and sensual pleasures in relationships, lifestyle, well-being. You will find yourself enjoying good food and wine, appreciating the arts, making love, relaxing in a luxurious resort or experiencing beauty. Live in the moment and give yourself permission to enjoy without feeling any guilt about such pleasures. Be careful what you wish for. You could get whatever you put your mind to.

The Bigger Picture – Three of cups

Bring the spirit of joy with you. BE JOY. Focus on fun and engage in joyful activities. Attend events such as festivals, parties, or any sort of celebratory activity. Play!

If your question is about a problem, this card advises you to call for the support of your friends. Rely on your trusted circle. Gather your family and friends close to you. Nurture those relationships through joint activities or celebrations. For a business question, the Three of Cups may indicate a need to network and foster goodwill amongst your associates.



The Bigger Picture
Work – The World

2019 offers opportunities for international trade and travel around the globe for work and business. An extended overseas trip for work, study or pleasure is on the cards. Any work, project or relationship that you have been working upon, for the past few months, will come to closure, fulfillment and achievement.

2019 will see your goal or purpose finally being accomplished. This could represent getting the position, promotion, expansion of your business or simply the appreciation and recognition that you have always dreamed of. Make use of each and every opportunity that comes your way as fortune is on your side and the Universe is favoring you. In a nutshell, this year marks a period of celebration of your many successes and enjoyment upon achievement of your goals.

Love – The Magician

The Magician is an excellent card for relationships. It brings magical relationships, magical love, magical people and magical moments with your loved ones into your life. You will find yourself strongly attracted, excited and obsessed with your partner, family or loved ones and these feelings will be reciprocated. However, excess of any sort can lead to a problem. So, it is important to maintain a balance in 2019. Get to know the other person better before you invest your trust, feelings and love in them or the relationship.

The Bigger Picture – 7 of Wands

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 7 of Wands tells you to hold your ground and stand up for your beliefs. If you’re dealing with too many demands, prioritize and work on the important ones first. You may also find it necessary to defend yourself. Be assertive and have faith in your capabilities. Take the lead and jump into the battle with all your might. You can win this!



The Bigger Picture

Work – The Magician

2019 brings you all the resources, skills, tools, energy and abilities needed to manifest your dreams and desires. Everything that you need is either within you or right in front of you. All you need, to turn your dreams into reality, is to take massive action. The Magician represents that time in your life when the power of manifestation is at its peak/extreme. Use your intellect, determination, focused concentration and will power to make things happen. Take courageous and bold steps and put all your plans and ideas into action. Great opportunities to make extra money and abundance related to finances are coming your way!

Love – Page of Cups

Exciting news and messages of an engagement, a wedding, pregnancy, birth of a baby, a new romance or an offer of a new project from your loved ones will fill you with happiness and joy this year. You might find yourself having unending fantastical crushes and attraction. If you want to turn it into reality, come out of your fantasy world and take determined action with practical measures. If you feel yourself drawn to someone, don’t hold back! Express yourself and let them know that you are interested. However, remember to guard yourself against being emotionally immature and needy.

The Bigger Picture – 2 of wands

You’ve reached a level of success. Take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come. Give yourself a pat on the back for all that you’ve achieved. Now look to the future and make further plans. Ask yourself, “Where do I want to go next?” If you’re planning to travel, the Two of Wands advises: Go!

The 2 of Wands can also symbolize a choice. Examine the two options carefully and go forth with confidence with what you want. Be open to newer ideas or ways of thinking. Don’t be shortsighted. Look at the bigger picture.



The Bigger Picture

WORK – 6 of Pentacles

2019 signifies a period of equality and fairness in your life. You are well-paid, valued and rewarded for your hard work and efforts. If you are looking for a job or considering a change of career, you will be far more successful than you anticipate. If you are in business, a bank or investors will be interested in investing in your business. Expect generosity, financial support, advice from a powerful business associate or boss. A possible promotion or bonus at work is on the cards. You will have enough wealth and prosperity for yourself. A strong sense of sharing your time, wisdom, knowledge, wealth with people around you will also prevail. At the same time, help and support will be available to you when you need it the most.

Love – 7 of Wands

Your relationships may present challenges and hardships. Constant bickering, jealousy and conflict with someone you care about, such as a lover, friend or family member or a rebellious teen, may upset you and create trouble. 7 of Wands says, “If you believe in something, do everything that is in your power to protect and save it.” Keep your composure, remain firm and hold your ground. Be very strong in your conviction and don’t let anybody influence you and ruin what you have. Safeguard yourself. Don’t hesitate to take help from a relationship or a marriage counselor, if need be.

The Bigger Picture – 2 of Cups

The Two of Cups focuses on relationships, so much of the advice is around tending and caring for your relationships. Since this card calls for unity, try to meet the other person where they are. Cooperation and compromise may help. Remember that relationships are about ‘give and take’. Share what you have with others. This card also advises you to make an offer (both in romance and other situations, such as buying a house).

If you’re asking about a potential romance, the Two of Cups says: go for it! There is a spark and attraction that is worth pursuing. Try to connect or reach out.



The Bigger Picture
Work – 3 of Pentacles

You have the skills, capabilities and resources needed to achieve your goals. Put your 100% involvement, dedication, determination, hard-work and commitment to build on success or foundations. Your attention to detail and efforts will pay-off. You will be rewarded and recognized for your efforts and achievements.

Team work, collaborations and associations with important and influential people will help you in accomplishing big objectives. Each person possesses unique skills and capabilities and as a team, they can create something much bigger than what they can do individually. If you are in an organization that doesn’t provide opportunity for growth and advancement, and you feel your abilities are not being utilized, move on and find an organization that values your talents.

Love – Queen of Wands

2019 brings a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. The new year brings in good friends and allies too but do not let over-enthusiasm cloud your judgment. Choose your friends wisely. Treat everyone fairly. Use your sweet, warm and charming nature and focus on making more connections, meeting new people or creating a new community of like-minded people. You will be the centre of attraction wherever you go and people treat you as a celebrity.

With bold and courageous actions and undertakings, undaunting confidence and self-assurance, you can achieve anything that you set mind to. Express your passions with great courage and let no-one silence you.

The Bigger Picture – 9 of Swords

Face your fears and insecurities. If something is bothering you, do not suffer in silence. Don’t put off taking care of the matter at hand. It would be better to deal with it. Seek help if you can’t deal with your fears alone.

In other words, the 9 of Swords tell you that what you are worrying about needs your attention. If something is keeping you up at night, eliminate that source of stress.



The Bigger Picture
WORK – The Fool

On the work front, 2019 brings new beginnings, new opportunities and possibilities that are filled with enthusiasm and excitement. There might seem to be some risks involved but the Fool tells you to have complete and total faith in the Universe and take the plunge into a new direction. You will be amazed with the outcome. Let go of all your tensions and worries and embrace the changes with open-mindedness and optimism. The Universe is opening new avenues that will be very beneficial to you. 2019 will bless you with a happy-go-lucky, friendly, enthusiastic and supportive attitude, especially in work-related matters.
Love – 3 of Swords

The 3 of Swords represents challenges in a relationship. In 2019, if you experience pain, heartbreak and hurt in relationships, just check yourself. Are you giving too much? Are you tolerating too much? Are you being over-sensitive? Are you expecting too much? Are being too straightforward in your conversations? Nobody has the power to hurt you unless and until you allow them to. So, 3 of Swords is a wake – up call. Vocalize your needs, set your boundaries, make yourself emotionally stronger. Reclaim your power and don’t give in to jealousy, hurt or anger.

The Bigger Picture – 9 of Pentacles

The 9 of Pentacles tells you to enjoy the fruits of your hard labour. Treat yourself to luxury, beauty and comfort. Focus on building security for yourself and everything else will work out. While it is important to count your blessings, live your life on your terms. Don’t settle for less.



The Bigger Picture

Work – Knight of Cups

2019 brings you an upswing in finances and lucrative offers in work and career. Any problems and struggles regarding work can be successfully resolved by thinking outside the box and taking practical measures. Resolve any work-related challenges creatively. Use tact and diplomacy, especially for important deals that need negotiations.

Explore your passions and interests. Pay attention to your emotions, imagination and intuition. At the same time, back them up with practicality to turn your dreams into reality. If you are still searching for a career, you may be drawn to a creative or artistic field.

Love – 4 of Cups

The 4 of Cups indicates discontentment, boredom and monotony in relationships and personal life. This may be because you are being too emotional, sensitive, dispassionate, lacking creativity, true expression, or have unrealistic expectations and fantasies about what your relationship should be like. If this continues, you will miss out on opportunities and options which you will deeply regret later, for sure. So, don’t ignore potential partners or offers of dates. Appreciate what you have rather than on what you don’t have. This attitude of gratitude will bring into focus all missed opportunities so you can benefit from them instead of losing them. Make the most of them to acquire the abundance, happiness, contentment and joy that you desire.
The Bigger Picture – Knight of Cups
Stay focused on your vision and let your heart lead you in all matters! Express yourself with complete openness and don’t hold back.

In your love and relationships, the Knight of Cups calls for courageous, romantic action. Let your feelings guide your every move. Go for experiences that bring joy. Take determined action for something you have always wanted to pursue. The Knight of Cups tells you that you are moving in the right direction.



The Bigger Picture
Work – Ace of Cups

2019 assures you security, stability and abundance in wealth, work and business. You can rest at ease and save up extra money that you are making to create a better and stress-free future. Be kind, receptive and friendly with your co-workers and colleagues. Socializing and building your network will attract loving connections that bring in creative opportunities, fresh beginnings and great productivity.

This is an extremely fortuitous and fortunate time. By letting your imagination and creativity flow and by exploring new possibilities you can reach your full potential and experience total fulfillment, contentment and success at work. Share your inner radiance and positive energy with those around you. Romantic attractions at the work place could become a source of distraction and interfere with your work.

Love – King of Pentacles

Your relationship and personal life are blessed with physical, emotional and financial security. You have reached a very stable, comfortable and secure level. Marriage and settling down in a very traditional and conventional manner is on the cards. Follow the traditions but don’t be too dogmatic or fanatic.

King of Pentacles represents a very loyal, dependable, stable, nurturing and grounded, mature man. He is very caring and loving but not very expressive. If you are single and looking for a partner you will for sure meet someone who embodies the qualities of this king. This is going to be a long-term relationship.

The Bigger Picture – King of Wands

You need to step up and lead by inspiration. With an enthusiastic and bold approach, you can bring your creative ideas to life. The King of Wands favors action. You may need to take a risk and let your passion guide you. So, keeping the big picture in mind, implement that idea you have been toying with for so long and make it happen!




The Bigger Picture
Work – The Sun

The Sun symbolizes positivity and optimism. On the work front, you gain freedom, fun, success, good luck and enthusiasm in equal measure. Finally, your hard work and efforts are recognized and rewarded during this period of your life.

Anything that is holding you back or any problems leading to difficulties with progression in your professional life, will all disappear in the bright light of the Sun. Hidden opportunities will come to light and will bring in much clarity, hope and new beginnings.

Excellent times lie ahead. Take small risks with money or jobs, such as seeking a change in your career, exploring new business ventures and making sound investments. To make the most of this period all you need to do is accept responsibilities for your actions, make clear and final decisions, and be open to new possibilities. You might enjoy a lot of work-related travel to warm places.

Love – 4 of Pentacles

4 of Pentacles indicates that you are holding on to people, possessions, situations or past issues and experiences. There are deep-seated issues you need to let go of. Being needy, overly obsessive, and clingy may start to suffocate your relationship, annoy your partner and obstruct your progress.

If you want to enjoy a long-lasting relationship and have peace of mind, work on your fears and insecurities. Be courageous and focus on ways to make your relationship more open and exciting.

The Bigger Picture – 7 of wands

Assert yourself and stand up for what you believe in. If you’re facing too many demands, deal with them in the order of priority. You may have to defend what is important for you. So, go ahead and do this with complete faith in your capabilities. You may have to initiate change, even if others resist. You will emerge a winner!



The Bigger Picture
Work – King of Wands

Take control of your professional life. Tremendous enthusiasm, optimism, motivation and energy level is required to accomplish and achieve your goals and objectives. Take bold and fearless decisions and actions. Don’t let your emotions come in your way.

The King of Wands is confident, strong, passionate, honest, loyal, energetic and a born leader. People admire him for his communication skills, maturity, charming and funny nature. He is someone who has full control of his emotions and feelings. If you are thinking of starting your own business, it is very important to imbibe the qualities of the King of Wands in order to be successful and prosperous at work front.

Love – Page of Swords

The Page of Swords indicates conflicts, unnecessary petty arguments and disagreements in your relationships. Don’t let silly arguments discourage and upset you. Face the problems squarely.

To improve an existing relationship, communicate, share ideas, and bring newness in your relationship. If you are single and looking for a partner, you need to socialize and make efforts in that direction. Keep patience as it may take a little longer than usual.

Page of Swords is also an immature and inexperienced young boy, who is very curious, blunt, inquisitive and logical. His head rules his heart. Don’t let the energies of the Page of Swords impact your relationship and steal away the romance and love from it.

The Bigger Picture – The Lovers

The Lovers tell you that an important decision needs to be made. Consult your Higher Self for guidance. Focus on what would be best for all involved and let love guide you in your choice.

In matters of the heart, the Lovers card tells you to go for it! Whether you want to ask someone out or propose marriage, the Lovers card is all about initiative. If you are single, put yourself out there. If you are already in a relationship, make efforts to make it more intimate and harmonious.

In a work situation, there is a need for teamwork and improved communication. With harmony as focus, listen to others and try to meet people where they are. Strong relationships are the key to your goals.



The Bigger Picture

Work – 6 of Cups

The 6 of Cups represents sharing, creativity, co-operation, goodwill, giving and receiving gifts at professional front. Get more involved in creative projects that require team work, young people and children.

Your past will play an important role in your life this year. Memories of old colleagues and workplace bring either happiness, regret or sadness. You might miss opportunities if you insist on clinging to the past and losing touch with the present.

The 6 of Cups asks you to make peace with your past, learn from your mistakes, forgive others and yourself and focus on the present. By doing this you open yourself to fresh beginnings and new opportunities that lead to happiness, joy and success. Focus on simple approaches and avoid complicated ways to achieve your goal or deadline.

Love – 4 of Pentacles

The 4 of Pentacles indicates that you are holding on to people, possessions, situations or past issues and experiences. There are deep-seated issues you need to let go of. Being needy, overly obsessive; and clingy may start to suffocate your relationship, annoy your partner and obstruct your progress. If you want to enjoy long lasting relationship and have peace of mind, work on your fears and insecurities. Be courageous and focus on ways to make your relationship more open and exciting.

The Bigger Picture – 2 of Wands

Be future oriented when you make your plans. You’ve achieved a certain level of success. Now it’s time to think about your next big move.

In matters of travel, the 2 of Wands advises: Go!

The 2 of Wands can also symbolize a choice you need to make. Look at these paths carefully and go ahead with confidence once you have made your choice. Be open to newer ideas or ways of thinking. The bigger picture is more important. Take time to look at your achievements, give yourself a pat on the back and with a deep, calming breath, step forward towards your next goal.



The Bigger Picture
Work – The Star
An increase in finances, work and responsibilities, a well-deserved raise, profits that lead to abundance and overall happiness and joy are coming your way. You have released all your fears, limiting beliefs and insecurities that were holding you back. A new sense of self, mental peace and calmness, renewed hope and faith at work front welcomes you this year. You are surrounded by positive, radiant and optimistic people and environment. There is a strong sense of confidence that all your desires and dreams can come true. Allow yourself to rise above everything and shine like a bright star.You will find yourself in the limelight, getting lots of attention and recognition. Be cautious about your actions and words in a public forum.

Love – 7 of Swords

This year, the 7 of Swords asks you to be fair, honest and truthful in your relationships and personal dealings. Lies and deception can unnecessarily complicate your life. Relying too much on wit and over-rationalization takes away the essence of relationships.

Be genuine and true to others as well as your own self. Accept and acknowledge your feelings and emotions. It is important to maintain your standards and not let others play games or take advantage of you. You might feel like escaping from responsibilities, commitments, hard work, love or other situations that are not working for you anymore. Face your problems head on rather than run away from them.

The Bigger Picture – The Chariot

Take what lies ahead at the helm and go ahead with confidence, trusting that you will reach your destination. Focus is key, so, set your intention. Do not allow anything to distract you until you have reached your goal.

The Chariot tells you to take charge. Don’t be a follower, you need to lead from the front. However, a little self-control can come in handy if you wish to overcome a problem.

The Chariot also advises you to let the past remain in the past and chart a different course to move on. At the same time, do not get pulled in too many different directions. Focus and commitment to your goals will lead you to victory.
About Kiran Shahpuri 
Kiran Shahpuri is a gifted Astrologer and Tarot Card Reader with more than 15 years of experience in these fields. She empowers you to tap into this ancient wisdom and enables you to take control of your destiny. She guides her clients in finding resolutions to their issues and overcoming obstacles that are stopping them from reaching their highest potential. She has a trained psychologist, clinical hypnotherapist, Silva graduate, Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner. In her workshops and sessions, she provides in-depth knowledge and clarity about the challenges one faces in life and how best to get ahead of them. To connect with Thriive-verified Astrologer and Tarot Card Reader Kiran Shahpuri, please click here: https://tinyurl.com/yanm59vt
*All the cards used here are from Biddy Tarot.

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After the feast, a fast: A 3-day Ayurvedic Detox by Ayurveda Expert Nidhi Pandya

1 Jan, 2019
After the feast, a fast: A 3-day Ayurvedic Detox by Ayurveda Expert Nidhi Pandya

A simple, delicious plan to get back on the healthy food track
The holiday season comes with its share of late nights and binge eating. From Navratri in October to New Year’s Eve in December, most of us put our bodies through quite a challenge. As a result we often end up feeling older in the New Year and experience the need to recover.

Luckily, you can use this 3-day Detox program based on Ayurvedic principles to recuperate from your adventure and step rejuvenated into the New Year:

Day 1

  • Start your day by getting an Abhyanga or Ayurvedic Massage. Abhyanga is best done on an empty stomach in the first 4 hours after sunrise. If you can follow up this massage with mild steam for a few minutes, that would be the cherry on top. Abhyanga calms your nervous system and gives a boost to your Agni*.
  • Breakfast can comprise of just half a cup of warm milk spiced with some cardamom and saffron. Don’t be shy to give your body a break from food. Keeping it light is the key.
  • Lunch can be a simple clear vegetable soup, spiced with black pepper and other warm spices. Your Agni that has probably dwindled in the holiday season gets kindled with these warm spices. If a bowl does not satiate you, have two, but I would strongly advise against adding more variety to your meal.
  • For the 4pm snack, munch on some ghee roasted makhanas with a cup of chai if you choose to indulge, or a cup of chamomile tea.
    – Dinner should be consumed early and should only comprise of mung dal soup. You can use a mild ghee tadka with cumin and asafoetida(hing). Add powdered coriander, dried ginger, roasted cumin and saindhav salt to it.
  • At bedtime, use lavender essential oil on your wrist or pillow to help you unwind and heal.
  • Bonus tip: Soak one spoon of Triphala* and black raisins in half a cup of boiled water and keep it overnight. Blend this mixture with your hands or a fork first thing in the morning and consume it, without thinking about the taste. Again, this will cool down your body and take your doshas* out, so don’t fear if the toilet becomes your friend in the morning.

Day 2

  1. Did you have the Triphala and black raisin decoction? There’s a great chance that you will have a good bowel movement.
    Get an Abhyanga again, if possible.
  2. For Breakfast, you can have a warm glass of milk with some cardamom or rose jam (gulkand).
  3. Lunch can be a simple vegetable khichdi cooked in ghee, followed by buttermilk. No yogurt, please. You should be feeling light and fresh and your Agni should be kindling by now. If not, consume one tablet of Hingvashtik* tablet.
  4. 4pm Snack: Same as that on Day 1.
  5. Dinner on Day 2 can be mung dal with some stir-fried vegetables. Give preference to squashes and gourds over all other vegetables.
  6. Repeat the Triphala- black raisin mixture on Day 2 as well.

Day 3

  1. Consume the Triphala decoction and pay your regular visit to the restroom.
  2. You will probably wake up hungry on Day 3. That is a good sign. You agni is kindling and you’ve maintained it well.
  3. For Breakfast, you can indulge in a laddoo or some halwa with half a cup of spiced milk.
  4. Lunch can be regular Dal, Chaval, Jowar Roti with some vegetables. Avoid pickles, papad and yogurt but chutneys and buttermilk are fine.
  5. For a snack, have pomegranate seeds and some herbal tea.
  6. For Dinner, you can choose between dal-chawal and veggies or lentil soup and stir-fry.
  7. At Bedtime, fry one pinch of dried ginger in one table spoon of castor oil, cool it down a bit and consume it with a half a cup of hot water or hot milk before bed time.

Don’ts during the cleanse
Do not get fooled that fruits or vegetable juices will help you. They may make you feel lighter in the short term as they literally weigh nothing but they will hurt your Agni and lower your digestive flame in the long run. Agni always likes warm and cooked food. Also, say no to social events for at least 3 days. The world will still be waiting when you present yourself post this cleanse, hopefully, fresh and new.


Agni: The digestive fire in the stomach primarily responsible for metabolism and identification of nutrients and waste. Call it the controller of metabolism and nutrient-waste management.
Doshas: Refers to toxic, waste material here.

Ahar: Food or consumption items
Triphala: A combination of three herbs that can dry excess fluids and cool your body by purging out waste. Available at all pharmacies.
Hingvasthik: A strong herb that kindles your fire and boosts up your digestion.
NOTE: Please do not consume Ayurvedic herbs on a regular basis without consulting an experienced Practitioner. When taken for longer periods of time, they can interfere with constitutional balance.

Nidhi Pandya is a Thriive-verified Ayurveda expert. She was born in the family of an Ayurvedic Healer. So the principles of Ayurveda are already ingrained within her. With added formal education from Shubham Ayurveda, where she studied the Sanskrit ancient texts of Carak Samhita and Ashtanga Hrudayam, she has gained deeper understanding of the subject. She is based in the United States where she teaches people how to prevent disease and lead happy, healthy lives by applying Ayurvedic principles.

She can be contacted here: https://tinyurl.com/ycgx8ker

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