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These 8 books are a must-read if you are keen to become a healer, say our wellness experts

27 Mar, 2019
These 8 books are a must-read if you are keen to become a healer, say our wellness experts

Books are a great teacher and have the power to change lives. But healers and therapists, too, change the lives of people through their practice. So, we were keen to know which books have  impacted them and which would be useful for a person keen to become a healer.

Here, then, is the list of books recommended for budding healers by our wellness experts:

1) A Deep Breath of Life by Alan Cohen

Written as a daily read, with one page for all 365 days of the year, it provides daily contemplation, facilitating the reader’s growth in myriad ways. Written with simplicity, Alan Cohen has included a theme, a wisdom quote a parable or real-life anecdote, a prayer, and an affirmation. It’s a wonderfully transformational book because it provides the reader space to reflect on life’s journey and higher purpose.
~ Anu Sachar, Life Coach

2)Lamb, the Gospel According to Jesus’ Childhood Friend Biff by Christopher  Moore

In addition to so many incredible books over the years, “Lamb, the Gospel According to Jesus’ Childhood Friend Biff” has had a great impact on me. It not only has the most insight or wisdom but it also took me on a spiritual journey and made me laugh out loud reading it. And I have found that if we can laugh we can make any situation and any journey just a bit lighter and a bit easier to navigate.
~ Greg Friedman, Guide & Mentor

3)Book of Mirdad by Mikhail Naimy

The words of wisdom given in the Book of Mirdad (my favourite book of all time) feels like the words of a messenger from God. This is because it wishes ‘man’ to separate from the concept of duality –  ‘I’ and the ‘non I’ – in the aim of unification. With certain concepts, I felt that my awareness would shift into a super state of awareness. From there I would observe things from the point my ‘I Am’ presence. This has helped me understand that All is Well and All is God.
~ Ladan Ratcliffe, Teacher & Learner of Beingness

4)Falling Out of Grace by Sobonfu Somé

This book talks about grieving and dealing with personal crisis. You must allow yourself to grieve a loss, a change, a difference that presents itself to find a state of grace. Being in a state of grace is a fluid thing for each of us. During our lifetime we will be in and out of states of grace. This book teaches how falling out of grace is actually a gift. But this is not the way we view it in our culture and I find this to be profoundly true. In fact, one thing that Sobonfu mentions in this book is “what food is to the body – intimate relationships are to the soul.” This reiterates the need for community, which is something I have had my entire life and I find we are lacking in this society.
~ Susan Hough, Life Coach & Ritualist

5)You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

This is one of the most powerful books that I’ve read because it puts forward the most profound and spiritually intricate concepts in the most simplest manner. Ideas and thoughts need to be simplified when you choose to implement them in your life. For me, ‘spirituality is nothing but a way of life’.  Louise Hay has brilliantly proven this fact through her book. This book is for EVERYBODY: whether you’re a healer or not. And the reason why healer should definitely have it; is to practice and preach simple life tools which create an amazingly qualitative reality.’
~ Radhika Deshpande, PLR Therapist, Spiritual Healer & Art Therapist

6)Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

Most of us have a ‘fear’ of Death. We do not want to talk about it.The fact is that it is the ONLY certainty in life. Our life should be spent in meeting this inevitable event of our life with joy and strength. This book is about Eddie who after his Death makes connections and elicits the meaning of his life. Through Eddie we can learn some lessons and lead a more fulfilling life. My favourite quote from the book that resonates with the current times: “Hatred is a deadly weapon. We think it attacks the person we hate, but hatred has a curved blade, it also attacks us.”
~ Anamika Chakravarty, Cancer Coach

7)A Boy Called IT by Dave Pelzer

This is a true, heartbreaking, autobiographical  story of a child, Dave Pelzer, who was violently abused by his alcoholic, mentally unstable mother. This book reveals how people in a family can become co-perpetrators in this abuse over 11 years. It tells of how a child has no power or resources to stand up to his/her abuser,especially if it’s a parent. It tells of how a child begins to doubt his very humanity & worth, his right to love & safety! I LOVE this book as it shows – “The Striving of a Soul To Live is much Greater than some one who aims to destroy it.” That sheer beauty in Dave’s soul that he could forgive his perpetrators without being bitter is so inspiring.
~ Dr. Sophia Roy Choudhury, Spiritual Sciences Trainer/Therapist

8)The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce Lipton

Nearly all of us get involved in relationships / marriage and many of us get bitterly disappointed when we discover that things are not working. Bruce Lipton explains from an easily understandable scientific perspective how our intimate partners can help us uncover our subconscious. How our difficulties are meant to encourage us to heal. It also reveals how we can learn to bring the ‘Honeymoon Effect’ into our daily lives for a lifetime.
~ Natalie Matos, Transformational Healer

Sonia Rao is Editor-in-Chief at Thriive Art & Soul

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Breathe Right To Love Right with Breathwork

26 Mar, 2019
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Breathe Right To Love Right with Breathwork

We’ve learned that Breathwork can positively influence so many things, from sleep to focus. Do you also know that the breath you take can make your relationship better? You may be thinking how Breathwork therapy, a breath in-and-out activity can boost your relationship prowess, right?

Here is how:

1) It keeps You Thankful

One of the very top reasons for Breathwork making a  relationship beautiful  is its influence on the frame of mind. By regulating your emotions, Breathwork can help you retain a positive frame of mind. As a result, you remain thankful and thankfulness, in turn, strongly predicts long-lasting love.

Several researches confirmed that, as time goes on, we get too familiarized with our partners and undervalue them. That’s the time when people start to see the wrong side of their partner or even failed to remember why they fell in love with them in the first place. By focussing your breath, you can overcome past patterns of negative behaviour in relationships.

Thankful people tend to be more satisfied with what they share in their relationship and hold on to each other.  When you’re thankful, you focus on your partner and appreciate their good sides. Your spouse, in return, feels the appreciation and increases your bond.

2) It Reduces Stress

Most people deal with stress at work. Unluckily, they take the stress home and share it with their partner – which comes in the form of  mood swings, lack of affection, etc.  With time, this frequent occurrence can result in a negative atmosphere at home and reduce the bond between partners.

If you can include this breathing-based meditation into your daily routine, stress, and anxiety will be tremendously reduced and this will help you strengthen your bond with your partner.

3) Breathwork Helps You Stay Positive

Being positive makes you more creative, focused, charismatic, and productive.  In fact, it improves your ability to learn and explore the world differently.

And in particular, positive emotions allow you to easily connect with your partner. As a result, Breathwork makes us more open-minded and improves our bond with each other. So, with the help of a well-qualified Breathwork therapist you can train yourself to breathe right to forge better relationships.


Sheryl Kraft is a freelance health writer and breast cancer survivor, born in Long Beach, New York.

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Learn from experts the secrets to having an empowered day, everyday, including weekends!

25 Mar, 2019
Learn from experts the secrets to having an empowered day, everyday, including weekends!

A wise person once said, “Well begun is half done.” And a day begun well will put a contented smile on your face when you go to bed. But if your day begins with you immersing yourself in WhatsApp or Facebook, then you’re on the fast track to nowhere.

How can we then make sure our day is fruitful? We spoke about this to some our Masters and they shared these practices with which we can power up our days:

1) Trust in connection

“In the morning when your first wake up, welcome yourself back from the dream world. Wrap your arms around yourself and call in your ancestors, teachers, guides and spirits. Ask them for help and guidance throughout the day. When you step out of bed take time to feel the energy coming from the EARTH. Allow it to connect and ground you. Imagine your feet sinking into the EARTH and bringing you nourishment for your day. During the day, eat with intent – allowing it to nourish your soul. When WATER first touches your body (a drink of WATER, washing your hands, washing your face/showering) ask the WATER to help you reside with the peace within you and to align you with your feelings/balance.” ~ Susan Hough

(Read the full article here)

Susan Hough began her healing journey as in the traditional mental health sector but after 20 years of practice she realized it was not her path. Serendipitously, she met Sobonfu Somé, a Daraga Teacher under whom Susan trained in Daraga wisdom through indigenous rites and rituals. She is a Life Coach and also  founded ‘Living Your Gifts’ to help people empower themselves.

2) Enter the no-mind state

“Simply practice meditation. Cross your legs and sit and just observe your breath. The whole purpose is to become thoughtless, enter the no- mind state.” ~ Shreans Daga

(Read the full article here)

Shreans Daga, vice-chairman of Pyramid Valley International,  was born into a religious but non-spiritual family. A negative personal situation sent him into depression. But once he discovered meditation it transformed his life completely. It has become his life mission to spread the message of meditation as far and wide as possible. One of the ways he does this is through facilitating hundreds of masters in spreading their light through the world. He also guides people to create an empowered reality for themselves.

3) We are the authors of our own story

“It is vital to remember that we are each the authors of our own story and not only can we write it based on perception and also by extension we are just characters in other people’s stories and to not take anything personally.” ~ Greg Friedman

(Read the full article here)

Greg Friedman, a Spiritual Guide and Mentor, builds bridges and creates the path from ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures to its application in everyday life. He also hosts ‘Inner Journey with Greg Friedman’ – an FM radio program that features renowned masters from the field of wellness and healing. His vast and deep knowledge of indigenous rituals and ceremonies make him the perfect guide for journeys into the Amazon Rainforest to work with and do ceremonies with indigenous elders.


Sonia Rao is Editor in Chief at Thriive Art & Soul.


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Be Fit

Facebook can help you boost up your wellness quotient in surprising ways

24 Mar, 2019
Facebook can help you boost up your wellness quotient in surprising ways

We all know how social media isn’t all that rosy: it can make anybody’s life look perfect while online bullying is an ugly reality. But that is the thing about social media – it’s instant, has a wide reach and is extremely encouraging for the moments.

Here’s a pro tip to ramp up your wellness quotient- get into Facebook. Yes, you read that right!

Why Facebook?

We all know how annoying that incessant Facebook feed can get! Unsolicited political commentary, pictures of your neighbour’s perfect holiday, after-work parties and what not. But the best part about Facebook is that you can tweak it to show you what you like.

So, whatever your area of interest, you will find like-minded people on Facebook. There are multiple groups on this platform on every topic you can think of.

Facebook and wellness?

There are fitness groups that encourage you to share before & after pictures. They have coaches and experts chipping in with suggestions and advice on overcoming health hurdles.

But we aren’t just talking about this. We are talking about wellness groups that encourage you to share your wellness experiences. Members of these groups also share tips on how you could amp up your healthy living.

Surprisingly, they also give you those much-needed psychological boosts to combat peer pressure. A lot of research has proven that when you look at your peers or friends or acquaintances performing well in the same platform, you tend to out-do yourself.

Here are 4 groups that we give two thumbs up to (in no order of preference):

1) Health and Beauty Tips: This group poses discussions based on what you should eat for healthy and beautiful living, natural foods to consume and so on. All of this is great because most of the things they talk about can easily be found at home.

2) Healthy Food: As the name suggests, this closed group provides an “entertaining, comical, educational and stress-free atmosphere” for all things related to healthy food.

3) Addicted to Rock Climbing: A fun group that’s about “helping people in their search for enlightenment and happiness.” If you’re also into adventure sports such as rock & ice climbing and so on, you’ll find a lot of interesting people and things to connect to. But more than anything, you’ll love it if you’re into improving the quality of your life.

4) Intermittent Fasting for Women: This group is about “Sharing, Encouraging, Accountability and most of all… Supporting each other and Celebrating when you reach your Goals!” Check it out if you are interested in being part of a ‘group of inspiring and positive women.’

So now you can be guilt-free about being on Facebook but use your time there judiciously because, after all, you’re doing this for your overall wellbeing.


Aishwarya Iyer is a chai-vanist, Murakami fan, considerate companion and a bubbly speaker with a fanaticism for fitness.

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Why ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ on Netflix Is Perfect For Your Wellness

23 Mar, 2019
Why ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ on Netflix Is Perfect For Your Wellness

The spanking new Netflix series “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” opens the viewer’s eyes on the healthy advantage of decluttering. Obviously, in this series, Marie isn’t in for pure entertainment, her practical advice on decluttering has successfully inspired her audience to live a brighter, healthier life.

How does she relates a clutter-free life with good health?

According to Marie Kondo, when someone starts decluttering, their initial reason is to make a change. The change (which is a more organized home or workspace) can help reduce stress. As we all know, anything that reduces stress automatically improves health and wellness.

She also emphasized on why cluttering happens

Often, people receive gifts and items from friends and family or their loved ones and the emotional value they attach to it makes it tough to give them up. This attitude relates to hoarding.

Even if hoarding is triggered by either stress, depression or other issues related to mental health, it still remains unhealthy. This is a vicious cycle because hoarding contributes to unhygienic living conditions which further adds more stress to your body.

Fewer items bring more simplicity and gratitude

When your items are few, your life becomes simpler because you don’t have to think about all your things. That’s good health.

According to Marie Kondo, “If an object actually helps us achieve what we intend to achieve then we tend to care more about it, but if it’s the other way round, we get careless with it, so why live with it?”

What’s her killer tip on decluttering?

Decluttering can be confusing. To facilitate the whole process:

  • Put a date on your calendar to start.
  • Map out two hours from your calendar on the first day for a great start.

Putting an effort to decluttering will also give you a sense of achievement and serenity. You’ll have confidence and feel good about yourselves.

What could be healthier than that?

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Watch out for these 5 signs that say your job is stressing you out!

22 Mar, 2019
Watch out for these 5 signs that say your job is stressing you out!

You might love the job you do yet experience extensive distress from it. And, in the end, the distress can be unfavourable to your health and happiness. So, it’s important to know when your job is becoming a pain in the neck (literally, even), and what you can do to cut down the stress.

If the following things are happening to you, it’s time to take action:

1) You Have Difficulty With Sleeping

As reported by, insomnia, and sleeplessness are two major signs of stress. So, if every area of your life appears to be going well without a hitch and you’re completely hale and hearty, your difficulty with sleeping could be because of work-related stress.

Stop and think over what’s stressing you at work.

Do you have a lot on your desk? Do you feel your boss’s expectations are impracticably high? Discover whatever it is and come up with a way to address the problem.

2)You Frequently Need To Pop An Antacid

You recently got promoted. You’re earning big bucks. Everything is perfect! But if you’re experiencing acidity-type reactions and are popping off antacids, your job may be causing the pressure.

3)You Often Get Stress Headaches

Several things can lead to a constant headache (you’ll need a doctor if you’re going through this), but among them, the biggest reason is…you guessed it right, stress.

4)You Gnash Your Teeth, Always

Ever found yourself gazing at your office desktop screen gnashing your teeth? Ever done it during corporate meetings? The reason could be stress or anxiety which can result in teeth gnashing, causing you jaw pain and hurting teeth.

5)You Become Absent-Minded

Are you continually missing deadlines? Failing to remember crucial meetings with your boss? Losing track of your work notebook? According to a wall street journal, typically, an individual who is stressed tend to forget things that are not particularly related.

Someone running late for a meeting may not remember where he kept his car keys, or a homeowner battling with a foreclosure threat may not recall his mobile number. If you notice all these, you’re suffering from work-related stress.


Sheryl Kraft is a freelance health writer and breast cancer survivor, born in Long Beach, New York.

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Discover the 5 amazing, life-transforming benefits of attending a wellness retreat

21 Mar, 2019
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Discover the 5 amazing, life-transforming benefits of attending a wellness retreat

Ever wanted to wander to all corners of the world yet retain every bit of your energy? In that case, a wellness retreat is something you must experience.

Wellness retreats are special because they add that much-wanted, important dose of freshness and activity to your life. Additionally, traveling with a group of like-minded people who are driven towards a healthy, mindful lifestyle is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Spiritual backpacking has many benefits. These travels can be incredibly life transforming which is why they are very popular, lately.

So, come along with us to know more about the benefits of travelling for wellness:

1) Travel creates new pathways in the brain:

Travel is important because it activates the mind to release new ideas. It also sharpens memory and improves problem-solving skills. In addition, a healthy holiday like one at a yoga camp energizes the entire body and mind due to better flow of blood and oxygen.

2) Wellness retreats are stress-busters

Most of the wellness travels focus on calming the mind and bringing the best out of you. These are stress-busters because they let your worries be vented away through productive and indulgent activities all through the session.

3) Discover yourself

The hurly-burly of daily life never gives you the time or space to know yourself. At such retreats, meditation sessions, tarot card readings and other wellness activities encourage you to detach from the world, be still and be with yourself. This could throw up a few surprises.

4) Natural treatments

You surely would have heard of the mud baths and ‘hot stone massage’ therapies. So, if you’re looking to return home from a vacay with your health moved up a few notches higher, these retreats give you that opportunity.

5) Serene environment

Almost all of these retreats take place in locations that you would definitely fall in love with. The natural beauty of these places let you escape the cityscape for the entire time you are there.

Now that you know of the benefits that the increasingly famous wellness retreats have on your overall health, do find yourself a great retreat package to indulge in.


Tired of vacations that require a vacation to recover from? Interested to discover You? Travel with a difference this summer. The Land of Happy beckons you. Join Thriive Journeys for a long wellness weekend in Bhutan from 27th April – 1st May 2019, led by Tarot Reader, Healer & Adventurer Neeta Jhaveri. Enjoy meditations, serenity and treks with like-minded people. Limited seats. To know more and book your place call +91 7506424584 / +91 9820151343 / email: [email protected]

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The secret of happiness lies with you! And this is no lie!

20 Mar, 2019
The secret of happiness lies with you! And this is no lie!

Don’t worry! Be happy! Sang Bobby McFerrin and the world sang with him. But how happy are we? Is happiness a mirage that seems to exist just a wee bit beyond our fingertips? So, we asked Happiness Evangelist Rachana Gupta to share with us the secrets of happiness and she did. Happily. Over to Rachana Gupta, then…

“Are you happy?” If I asked this question right now, a few may say “Absolutely,” a lot would probably reply “Sometimes” and a large number would say “No, not really.” Some people enjoy their lives no matter what happens, while others can’t find happiness no matter how hard they try. Most of us fall somewhere in between. And the reason for this is, we are constantly in pursuit of happiness, whereas in reality happiness already exists within us. We simply need to know how to find it.


Interestingly, research indicates that approximately fifty percent of our happiness is genetic and the rest fifty percent is learned.

So, half the reason you walk around cheerful or gloomy is because you were born that way. The other half is due to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions formed in response to your life experiences.

Further, research done by positive psychology scientists informs us that of the learned 50%, only 10 percent of our happiness is determined by life circumstances while the other 40 percent is determined by our habitual thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

This means, the things that we thought would make us happy have only a 10 percent contribution  – the lowest one – to make us happier. The money we earn, the big promotion we got, the fancy house we live in, the wealth we have accumulated, the beauty treatments we go for etc. has only a limited impact on our happiness levels.

The secret sauce is the ‘Chaalis takka’ – the 40% – that decides how happy we are going to be!


Our sense of happiness comes mainly from these 3 actions of ours:

1) What we choose to pursue by way of intentional activity

It’s how we think and the work we do that really determines how happy we are going to be. If we observe genuinely happy people, we find they do not just sit around being content. They make things happen. They pursue new understanding, seek new achievements and control their thoughts and feelings. Each one of us holds the promise of intentional activity; we just need to be able to identify it and act upon it. The fountain of happiness can be found in how we behave, what we think and what goals we set every day of our life.

2) Being authentic

We are said to be authentic when we are able to fulfil these three conditions that make us the unique person we are:

First Condition: Listen to your inner voice

Can you hear that internal stream of communication that guides you in moments of confusion, challenges, exploration and enquiry? This is your inner voice. It can be a hunch, or a fleeting feeling, image or impression. Inner voice is not a voice; it is an energy phenomenon. This inner voice is very strong in children, but as we grow older it becomes weaker. The voices of parents, teachers, and society become louder. To hear your inner voice, you must pass through a crowd of noises before you attain a certain quality of serenity (as in meditation).

Second Condition: Never mask your feelings

If you want to laugh, laugh. If you are angry, be angry. But don’t smile, because that is not being true to you. If you keep smiling even when you don’t feel like it, soon you won’t be able to smile even when you want to. Your whole mechanism will become topsy-turvy because when you wanted to be angry you weren’t, and when you wanted to hate you didn’t. When you are true to your feelings, your whole system will function smoothly, like a car that hums because its mechanism is functioning well. Such people walk, but their step has a dance. They talk, but their words carry subtle poetry. Whatever you are feeling needs to be expressed the way it is.

Third Condition: Live in the present

Yes, the past is important to learn from our mistakes and move forward, but living in the past is dangerous for our happiness and personal growth. At the same time, we should avoid worrying about the future because it is a futile activity. All that matters is how mindfully we are living in the present and how much we are able to contribute to make it enjoyable and enriching. People who live in the present are realistic, resilient and have high levels of adaptability. They know the present moment is precious and they safeguard it and enjoy it.

3) Celebrate life right here, right now

The third way in which you can enjoy happiness is to be grateful about and acknowledge the good that exists in our life. We often tend to overlook it. This is a habit that needs to be changed. Just look at the way you shall feel when you ignite that streak of optimism within you. It instantly lights you up and also gives you the hope & strength to carry on and move ahead with zeal & enthusiasm. Grab every opportunity you have to celebrate life. The fun part is NOW, not later!


About Rachana Gupta

Rachana Gupta is Founder & CEO of, the first digital platform that brings Ayurveda & Technology together to solve period problems. Rachana is a health & happiness evangelist and also a published author of Happiness Ki Khoj. She has worked with marquee clients in India’s leading BPOs for over 17 years, managing diverse roles in Customer Service & Operations. Today, she is pursuing her dream of enabling women to take charge of their health and is committed towards building a non-judgmental, non-intrusive space for women to discuss periods & their reproductive health.

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Springclean with Feng Shui NOW: Don’t wait till Diwali to declutter

19 Mar, 2019
Springclean with Feng Shui NOW: Don’t wait till Diwali to declutter

Diwali Cleaning! We’ve all grown up following this intensive family ritual as we  clean and declutter every nook and corner of our residence before Diwali. But why restrict cleaning to only Diwali time? ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ they say and true that! Clean spaces help one to grow mentally and also spruce up one’s spirits!

Many studies have revealed that walking into a cluttered environment can cause stress and anxiety. It raises one’s cortisol (stress hormone) levels too.

Beat the stress and anxiety hands down by opting for springcleaning the Feng Shui way. Declutter not just your home but your negative thoughts too and reap the benefits instantly.

What is Feng Shui cleaning?

 Feng Shui cleaning, in its true sense means bringing in the ‘chi’ or life energy. It is a way of life that emphasizes on positivity. According to the Feng Shui principles, where we reside is a mirror of what is happening inside us, which basically implies that what goes on the inside of us, is what our home represents. And so, decluttering your inner self as well as your home can do a lot of good to you.

Here are 3 simple ways in which you can walk the path of Feng Shui cleaning:

  • Clean your home: Essentially we must, as a norm, keep our kitchen, bedroom and living room, clean and tidy. Do away with any article that can block positive energy from entering your home. Pay special emphasis to decluttering your refrigerator and attic or shelves in the kitchen, if any. As Marie Kondo says, keep only those things that ‘spark joy’ in you.
  • Let the fresh air in: Open the windows and let in the refreshing breeze, not just into your home, but also into all your relationships. Keep the bloom on.
  • Declutter from within: Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling gloomy, bleak or rather sad? This inner clutter is all the ‘ugghh’ thoughts, unfulfilled desires or somber unexplained feelings in your head. What we must do, in order to feel better and live healthily, is throw away all that is bothering our inner self.

Pro tip: Keep a bamboo plant by the windows. Bamboos don’t die, they don’t create any mess and most of all attract positive energy.


Aishwarya Iyer is a chai-vanist, Murakami fan, considerate companion and a bubbly speaker with a fanaticism for fitness.

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These 5 effects of Mercury Retrograde can make your life difficult in March

9 Mar, 2019
These 5 effects of Mercury Retrograde can make your life difficult in March

Mercury Retrograde began yesterday (5th March) and will go on till the 28th of this month. A funny meme on Insta said “Mercury is in Gatorade or some shit.” Laugh it off, if you will. But when astrology buffs hear these two words together, they shudder in their pyjamas and hurry to back up their docs and recheck their travel plans.

So, what exactly is Mercury Retrograde?
It’s basically science. And a bit of geography. You know Mercury as the second planet from the sun and, like Earth, revolves around it. Now imagine Earth and Mercury as two planes passing each other in the sky. Sometimes (3 times a year), Mercury speeds up. At that time, viewed from Earth, it appears to be travelling backwards even though it is not. This is the retrograde motion of Mercury.

Mercury wears many hats. It governs our modes of communication, intelligence, wit and humour. Vedic Astrology calls it the messenger of the gods. It’s also known as Budh – wisdom.

It is but natural that when Retrograde strikes, Mercury-ruled activities will go awry.
So, late for work again? Blame it on Mercury Retrograde! Can’t find that document that will save you some taxes? No, no! Don’t blame it on your carelessness. It’s Mercury Retrograde up to its usual mischief.

But the effects of Mercury Retrograde are long lasting so be aware of everything you say and do in this period.

Here are the 5 ways Mercury Retrograde could trip you up and make the Ides of March feel like a walk in the park:

  1. Techno crashes: Back up your computers and other devices and make sure your glitches are all solved before this transit begins. Laptops are known to crash and important data irretrievably lost during this period. Don’t say you were not warned.
  2. Relationship breakdowns: Something said in jest could turn your status from “Blissfully Duo” to “Sadly Single.” Think before you speak. Yes, it can happen so suddenly. But the flip side is if the bond was so tenuous it’s better off broken, right?
  3. Travel muddles: You could check and double-check your flight dates, room bookings and travel arrangements and still get whacked down because the airlines left behind your luggage. Mercury retrograde strikes again.
  4. Bad bargains: Avoid shopping for expensive items at this time. What looks like a bargain now could become a hair-tearing cry-fest when Mercury goes direct. Who wants to pursue uncaring customer care tele-executives day after day?
  5. Crazy-making contracts: Signing on the dotted line? Pause. Avoid it if you can. If not, double-check. Perhaps that perfect job is actually a stint in hell with a devilish boss. That awesome apartment you’re taking on lease, which seems too good to be true is actually that, with leaking walls you discover only when you shift in.
Does this mean that you cocoon yourself in your fave blanket and come out only when Mercury goes direct? That might be the best thing to do in this season, figuratively, if not literally.

Mercury ­REtrograde invites us to REflect on the past – to REtreat from the hustle bustle of daily life and REassess all areas of our lives. Meditation is a big help in navigating this transit without tears and snafus.

But there are no absolutes. If something needs to be signed and you just cannot delay it any longer, go ahead and do it. Even if it turns out to be something you didn’t expect, put it down to the Mercury Retrograde experience and a lesson in self-evolution.

Track your feelings, emotions and activities in your journal every time there’s Mercury Retrograde and soon you’ll be able to ace it.

Sonia Rao is Editor in Chief at Thriive Art & Soul

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