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Compassion in Business – A Myth or a Possibility?

30 Apr, 2019
Compassion in Business – A Myth or a Possibility?

Compassion may seem like too much of an expectation at the workplace. After all, we are repeatedly told to leave our emotions at home and just deal with the excessive workload, office politics. Those who can’t, can consider themselves to be very sensitive and fragile in the work environment. Yet, compassion does indeed play an important role in the workplace, especially for leaders.

Compassion – no place in business?

In the business world, success is solely measured by numbers or target metrics like profit margins, market share, and revenue generation. With a priority like that, it often seems like the hard-driving, competitive, results-oriented business environment has no room for concepts such as compassion.

While this seems like an easy conclusion to draw, many leaders believe that it narrows our understanding and leads to less effective business leadership.

Stress harms the organization as a whole

The top management in most organizations mistakenly thinks that putting pressure on their employees will increase performance. But unfortunately they are very far from the truth.

What this actually does is induces stress and eventually leads to burn out- mentally, emotionally and physically.  High levels of stress affect not only employees, but also the employers too. Studies confirm that workplace stress brings high health care and turnover costs, and of course absenteeism, which automatically hampers the performance of an organization as a whole.

Health hazards at the workplace

Workplace stress has particularly been linked to coronary heart disease, clinical depression, diabetes, weak immune system, substance abuse, anxiety and panic disorders, chronic aches and pains, PCOD/S, back issues, to name a few.

Factually, over 50% of employees confirm that the workplace environment led them to quit a job, deny a promotion, or just compromise in whatever way possible for the sake of a running source of income in their lives.  As it’s often said; people do not leave companies, they leave their bosses.

People decide to stay or go because of the teammates who surround them on a day-to-day basis. The quality of those teams and those teammates is determined by trust, connection and compassion that they extend towards each other.

Numerous studies in neuroscience have suggested that individuals and groups who have trust and self-respect issues with their respective companies or colleagues perform poorly in solving problems. This could be because the working memory and prefrontal cortex structures of the brain shut down to a remarkable degree when we feel stressed, at risk, or demoralized.

Going Hand-in-hand: Compassion and business

As human beings, we are creatures of not just logic but emotions as well, and we can only thrive together – not in isolation. When people feel a sense of purpose, they will work hard to achieve a goal that they are proud of, not just for themselves, but for others as well, including the organization.

It is often said that the relationship you have with your own self in your personal life is going to reflect in EVERYTHING you do, especially at work. The way you do one thing is truly the way you do everything. The quality and depth of our relationships and the trust that is cultivated between people is an adhesive that keeps us grounded in life – private or public; business or personal.

When we build trustful relationships at work out of compassion, we begin to listen and understand instead of listening to prove a point and argue, i.e, we respond rather than react, come to understand the power of having a dialogue.

Compassion simply refers to a sense of connection. It involves recognizing and honoring everyone’s shared humanity.

Instead of treating employees like they are a means to an end, compassion ensures that they not only care about one another, but are willing to show it.  We all want a sense of connection. We want to feel valued and appreciated – it is a part of being a human being, and when employees feel that connection and validation at work, they don’t “take advantage” of the system. Instead, they flourish, just like the profits.

Effects of Integrating Compassion in the workplace

  • Happy employees also make for a more congenial workplace and improved customer service
  • Employees in positive moods are more willing to help peers and to provide customer service on their own accord
  • Compassionate, friendly, and supportive co-workers tend to build higher-quality relationships with others at work & boost coworkers’ productivity levels
  • Their feeling of social connection increases
  • Commitment to the workplace and their levels of engagement with their job deepens

Compassionate and successful

CEO Tony Hsieh  of Zappos is widely known for leading his team with the goal of compassion or “connectedness.” His company culture is steeped in compassionate leadership. The aim is to keep the employees happy and build profits in the meantime.  Both goals can coexist, it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

History is filled with leaders who were highly compassionate and equally powerful—Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, to name a few.

Other successful leaders and billionaires such as Ratan Tata, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Azim Premji, Narayan Murthy, have built their businesses on a strong foundation of compassion, of not just their employees, but humanity as a whole. This has resulted in making them not just wealthier in terms of monetary value but in terms of respect as well. Their companies and brands are trusted because of their compassionate selves.

Jonathan Haidt of New York University shows that seeing someone help another person creates a heightened state of well-being known as “elevation.” Not only do we feel elevated and charged up in our minds and bodies when we watch a compassionate act, but we are then more likely to act with compassion- to both ourselves and others.

People don’t really “care how much you know” until they “know how much you care.”

Compassionate workplaces are a win-win for everyone involved. Employees who work in such spaces benefit by feeling more connected, less stressed, and have the freedom to be their authentic selves.

Companies, on the other hand, benefit through greater productivity, enhanced problem-solving, better collaboration, increased performance, better name and fame, and of course, better figures to show.

Nothing builds relationships more than compassion does, which is a key characteristic trait of a leader. At the end of the day, people don’t really “care how much you know” until they “know how much you care.”


About Ishita Iyer

Ishita Iyer is a trained Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has successfully aided countless individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, illness & post-surgery trauma, relationship & body image issues. She believes in holistic solutions, using a range of tools such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, Transactional Analysis, Reiki, and so on.

She has over 15 years of experience in working with the underprivileged in Zambia. Ishita is also closely involved with numerous projects and camps dedicated to teaching English, general etiquette & physical hygiene to underprivileged children and young women. She also assists the Child Cancer cause, at Tata Memorial Hospital.

Ishita’s desire, passion and persistence are dedicated to serving humanity as a whole, and empowering people to be the best versions of themselves. 

We are proud to have Ishita Iyer on board as a Thriive-verified wellness coach. You can connect with her here: https://www.thriive.in/therapist/ishita-iyer 

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I am not Supergirl or even David Copperfield the Master Illusionist. Neither do I have a magic wand like Harry Potter or his friends! But, surprise, surprise! I do have some phone tools that are creating magic in my life and giving me great inspo! They have not only made my life easier but also helped me level up my overall wellbeing!

Yes, I can see the disbelief on your face! But believe me, you too can benefit from these. I’ve listed them below for you. Get them now and set your wellness on the fast track:


This tool in-built into many smartphones can be a boon for your wellbeing. Want to manifest abundance or even become better at any skill. Affirmations can help a lot in making this happen. But instead of using index cards and sheets, go the hi-tech way! Read out these affirmations in your own voice and record them with this voice recorder. Next time you are commuting, instead of mindlessly scrolling through FB or Insta, plug in your headphones and listen to these affirmations. Get set for positive changes, ahead!


Save inspirational quotes or sayings that resonated with you when you first came across them. You can go back and read them, especially on a day where everything is going wrong and you need a little perk me up!


This app is one of the best cloud storage apps to back up and store all the lovely selfies or pics you have been clicking! Get a soothing click of the ocean or the sunset while you were on holiday and later make it your wallpaper! And, save those love-filled, soul-warming pics with your loved ones to gaze upon from time to time. They’ll fill you with gratitude. Who knew this app could actually make you mindful of the important moments of your life?


PAYTM, Googlepay, PhonePe – these are some of the popular payment apps. At the click of a finger you can pay your phone (both mobile & landline), electricity and gas bills. If you’re even more tech-savvy, connect your phone number to your bank account and pay on the go with a QR code or chip! And it’s very easy to operate. Imagine how much time and energy you will save by not standing in a queue! Make the time saved your me-time. Hit the gym or spa, get a massage or meditate! Other popular ones are Googlepay, Phonepe etc!


Because a fit body is the backbone of a fit mind, being mindful of our fitness activities has long-term benefits. Pedometer step counter does not just count the steps you’ve taken during the day. It is your fitness buddy too. It tells you how much you need to walk daily to reach your optimal weight goal. When you do it, it congratulates you!!! It’s got a lot of free features that are useful as well as fun.

Do you have a favorite tool you use? Let us know in comments below!

Geeta Hansaria is a homeopath with a passion for writing, especially food poems, binges on DIY kid crafts and cooks up yummy  ‘thalis’ for her vast Instagram fan following. 

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Be Fit

Working out in the garden can give you these amazing benefits

Working out in the garden can give you these amazing benefits

When we think of exercise we think of fixed slots of long duration spent in the gym. But studies have proved that spending less than an hour on a workout could be productive too. On an average, adults need 150 minutes of moderate activity and 75 minutes of high intensity work out in addition to strength exercises. But when there is zero motivation or the gym can’t be accessed or just for a break, there are still ways to get work out done and cheerfully so.

Home work outs can be as effective as those in the gym. In fact, even though the intensity drops, these workouts can be even more effective as these are prolonged and aimed at a slow and sustained calorie burn.

So, when your work-out routine slips, get out, at least as far as the garden. Indulge yourself in this organic workout and gift yourself some amazing benefits:

1) Gardening is the best aerobic exercise. An early morning spent in the garden, tending to plants, weeding, potting, mulching could be the best mood lifter you could get. Don’t forget to hug a tree or two, or walk barefoot on the grass.

Count the benefits of this organic workout:

  • It keeps you away from the monotony and arduousness of counting the number of reps when you do your push-ups or pull-ups.
  • You no longer need to be watching the timer on the treadmill.
  • Gardening will keep you engaged and connected with the sights and sounds of nature. This has been known to drastically reduce anxiety and stress levels in people.
  • Exercising with the view of the natural world with its flora and fauna is a visual motivation and exercise too.
  • Getting your hands dirty in the mud helps to unravel the knots in your mind. Who knew!!! The upshot is that it also frees you from the pressures and anxiety of everyday life.
  • The magnificent beauty of nature liberates you from the emotional ruts and recesses and claustrophobia you are stuck in.
  • Those who work in the garden are found to have improved sleep quality, appetite and other cognitive functions.

2) Gym junkies, rejoice. Those who need their gym-moves-fix can still get their organic workout. This is because the garden is the perfect spot for cardio, abs, yoga moves and stretches.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Take sprints around the periphery, stretch yourself on the cement sidewalk and do crunches, push-ups and ab cycles.
  • Spread your yoga mat right where the sunlight is gentle and do some power yoga and plank moves. The exercise and exposure would be good for the heart, circulation and the skin too.
  • If the ground is soft, you could do some back kicks and high knees and spot jogging without damaging your joints.
  • With an understanding and compatible partner by your side, you could do some effective stretching too.
  • Play a game of badminton or throw ball or tennis. These sports get your heart rate high and bring your team and competitive skills back to the fore.
  • Have your friends and cousins come over and organize a day of games like hide and seek, lemon on spoon, duck walk and animal crawls. This could get all those unused muscles to work.

Nothing can beat a well-structured exercise. But outside-the-gym workouts break the routine and challenge our learning and focus too. Plus, it is cheaper and flexible on timing. The best part of outdoor exercise is the unpredictability of the routine and the smartness involved in carrying out the unplanned module. At the end of it all, you feel accomplished and on top of the world. And the fun you have is an added bonus.


Vijayalakshmi Sridhar’s stories explore human relationships and their dynamics. She is enjoying her journey as a writer of fiction and features.               


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When you empower yourself with Rebirthing Breathwork, you also empower your kids

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When you empower yourself with Rebirthing Breathwork, you also empower your kids

Parenting is one of the most pleasurable and challenging tasks we humans face. All parents love their children and do their best for their children. But it is also a known and accepted fact that most parent-child relationships are damaged. Just as remarkable progress in different fields has happened due to conscious efforts to improve, so the same needs to happen with Parenting.

We need to bring in more ‘awareness’ as all the parent-child relationship damage is not because of a lack of love. It is because of lack of awareness.

Why parenting history repeats itself

Usually, adults adopt the same parenting style that they were brought up in. Or sometimes, they may adopt a parenting style which is completely opposite.

Most of the parenting, however, done today is fear-based and not love-based. We are scared of anything bad happening to them and want to protect them. When we are scared and operate from that, we pass on our fears to them. A lot of these fears are deep in our unconscious and are connected with our past experiences. The child is so deeply connected to us that even when we don’t show, they sense it and pick it up.

Let’s face it, the fears are going to be there, but we need to acknowledge them and act out of Love; And that is what will help the child. We need to heal ourselves by looking into our past, otherwise, it controls us. This is why it is said- HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.

Parenting – a healing and empowerment opportunity

This journey is also challenging because the child is full of energy and he will bring to you all the challenges you need to learn from. He will bring up all your unhealed stuff (that is if you see). This Alive Being will challenge your parenting style. All this unhealed stuff is in our Unconscious, which makes up 90-95% of us. When we are able to see this, we can take Parenting as an opportunity to heal ourselves. We need to empower ourselves, know, and heal ourselves so that we really pass our strengths and love to our children and not our fears.

Kahlil Gibran says – “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you yet they belong not to you.”

The parents are a huge influence on the child as the child starts perceiving itself through their eyes. So, if the parents reject the child in any way — for being a girl/being dark/by not having time for the child (which the child perceives as rejection) — the child will carry this deep wound of Rejection for life.

This child may grow up trying to please the parents (and later others) to receive their love; deep inside he or she will feel deep shame and rejection.

We can empower our children only when we become aware of our own pain and heal it. Some of the suppressed pain could be from our own birth trauma or our needs remaining unmet when we were children.

Given below are two case studies that show how by healing their own pain, the parents helped their children’s empowerment.

Healing our own birth trauma

In some cases, the birth of their child triggers the birth trauma of the parents’ themselves, particularly the mother. The post-partum depression is all this unhealed stuff coming up inside of ourselves. Healing our own birth trauma helps not just us but our own child too.

CASE STUDY – Mother was having difficult and prolonged labour due to which the child passed stools just before being born. The child was put in the NICU for observation. He had swallowed a bit of it and the doctors were scared that he would develop a chest infection. After a week spent in NICU, the child was back home. But bonding was a problem as he just wouldn’t latch on and take the feed from the mother. A session was done with the mother (REBIRTHING BREATHWORK). In this session, she connected to her own birth memory when she (as the child) was in 40-hour labour. The feeling she had carried at the time was – I WON’T BE ABLE TO DO IT and this got triggered with the birthing of her own child. With her releasing this trauma, the child started to bond very well with the mother and completely recovered.

Healing our Inner Child

Our own journey as children affects our parenting journey in a big way. The journey from the womb where we are one with the mother into adulthood, is one of growth, independence, and separation at various levels. At each of these stages, the child has various needs which need to be met by the parents and also a certain separation and independence which the parents need to allow and encourage.

When our needs are unmet as children, we will get triggered (irritated/ anxious) when our children have those needs.

CASE STUDY–  A six-year-old girl child was brought to me with separation anxiety. Till this age, she would be anxious from the previous night about going to school and would refuse to sit in the school if her mother didn’t stay out waiting for her. The mother was irritated with this child, not knowing what to do. In further case taking, the mother revealed that she couldn’t make any decisions for herself (CODEPENDENCE) – something as simple as buying something small for herself was difficult alone. With INNER CHILD HEALING and BREATHWORK, she could release her own traumas and heal this co-dependence issue, which helped her daughter in a big way. It changed her life and her mother’s in a big way. The child has grown up and is an Entrepreneur now.

We carry our past as memories in our cells. Breathwork is a very effective tool to heal ourselves as the breath has all these memories encoded in it. By healing ourselves we heal our children and empower them so they can fulfil their complete potential.

About Dr. Preeti Kohli

Dr. Preeti Kohli was introduced to meditation and mindfulness at a very young age. She
has been a consulting homeopathic physician for over 15 years. Her passion for healing
through an understanding of one’s mind-body-spirit has led her to bridge the gap
between medication and meditation. Through her knowledge and practices, she has
healed over a thousand patients. She is also a co-founder of The Aha Movement. We are proud to have her on board as a Thriive-verified Wellness Coach. You can connect with her here: https://www.thriive.in/therapist/dr-preeti-kohli


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If Marianne Williamson is elected as the President of USA, can she save the world?

If Marianne Williamson is elected as the President of USA, can she save the world?

“To save the world, we need a plan and no plan will work unless we meditate”. That’s a statement from another woman who recently joined in the 2020 presidential race of the United States of America. Her name is Marianne Williamson. She is a self-development and wellness expert, F.O.O. (Friend of Oprah), and social advocate with a pretty impressive resume. Her main interest is in peace and love.

As a matter of fact, Williamson’s declaration of political intention reflects one of the inspiring words she once used in her book -A return to love.

“We need to fall in love again with what America and the world can mean” according to a statement in her campaign message video.

Without fusing in about her political life, here’s why we think the 2020 presidential aspirant’s background will play a positive role in restructuring not just America but the world.

She’s a friend and spiritual counselor to Oprah Winfrey

Williamson and Oprah Winfrey are both “home girls”. The optimistic politician has been featured on Oprah’s show. The media tycoon calls her “a friend and spiritual counselor.”

According to LA weekly, Winfrey declaredly purchased 1,000 copies of her book, “A Return to Love” and claims to have witnessed “157 miracles” after reading it. Winfrey believes that if Marianne can become the president, more and more miracles await America and the world.  

She’s a productive self-help author

Altogether, Williamson has written over 12 books, 4 of which have successfully hit the first spot on the New York Times bestseller list. 1992’s “A Return to Love” is probably her best book. Authors are readers and readers can make a good leader- especially authors on the wellness side of life.

She has been in the self-help game early on

At the present time, we’ve all known about things like mindfulness and support groups. But during the time Williamson published her books, these ideas were new. She has universalized many self-development tactics that we now apply. We could say she is a pioneer, of sorts.

Marianne has been an AIDS activist even before the government and elites addressed the global epidemic. Possibly because she was an active spiritual leader at those periods when HIV/AID patients suffered societal stigmatization, Williamson congregated a huge gay following around the 1980s.

“Western medicine has not a single thing to offer” according to her. “Coordinated religion has been unheard for a while. God loves you, whatever the circumstances…”

She started the center for living, an establishment where people struggling with AIDS could visit for therapy, massages, and other relaxation activities.

On top of this, in 1989, she founded a charity, Project Angel Food, that caters to the needs of those with HIV and AIDS.

It’s since branched out to support people with all types of ailments and has dished out over 11 million meals.

Her desire is to spread kindness and sensitivity

Williamson first signed into politics with her writing at the 1997 tome Healing the Soul of America.

According to Marianne, “we must look beyond the economic statistics and stop distracting ourselves from what matters.” The poor are getting poorer while the rich keep wallowing in more riches. She believes that it’s high time Americans and the world got real about problems and worked to solve them. And there’s no problem without its solution.

She believes that the expertise to the solutions of the world lives all around us. She affirms that it’s our responsibility to put in the efforts, but it all starts from our heart.

She’s coming to bring light into the world
Her opinion on personal transformation is that most people bring light into darkness, instead, they should bring darkness into light. In other words, we shouldn’t ignore the wrongs happening around us. Instead, we should face them because this is the only way to wade through.

As we can see, there are problems in the world. But Marianne believes that activating the force of the universe can make everything right. This is the eternal power of love: to restore the nations, and eventually renew the world. The question is, can a presidential proposal be fueled by the principles of love and soulfulness? Maybe we’re going to find out soon!

Sheryl Kraft is a freelance health writer and breast cancer survivor, born in Long Beach, New York.

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Be Fit

Tai Chi – A soft Martial Art that is also a Meditation

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Tai Chi – A soft Martial Art that is also a Meditation

It would not be wrong to say that be it our personal or professional life, we are faced with innumerable situations of fight or flight syndrome. In fact, we often come face to face with war, even if it is just waged in boardrooms and conference rooms. In such cases, the best weapon to face it would be Tai Chi, which is not only a soft form of Martial Art but also a form of meditation.

Tai Chi – A Martial Art?

If you’ve been feeding on Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies, then you would be wondering about Tai Chi being at the workplace rather than in a monastery. And you would be right.

Tai Chi is a soft form of martial art that began in the monasteries. It is a practice based on the principles of Tao, the way of Nature. It aims to harmonize the body, mind and spirit through the smooth and powerful flow of the Qi or Life force throughout the body.

Though we talk of martial art as being an external art form, Tai Chi is actually an internal art form. But like all martial arts it has an offense and defence movement. It requires you to focus, discipline and know yourself. You begin to know compassion and joy. As a result, you begin to radiate equal compassion and love in the outer world too.

Tai Chi empowers you to gain mastery over yourself, enhance your focus and expertise and perform well under pressure – something that all martial arts seek to teach!

Tai Chi – A Meditation?

Cicily Thomas of Vital Force Tai Chi Academy, who has been practising and teaching Tai Chi for more than two decades, tells us how as a child she was very fidgety. Even the yoga practice she took up later left her confused and unfulfilled. “It was inconceivable for me to sit down quietly and meditate. That’s the reason I was drawn to Tai Chi. I could move and meditate and that was a huge plus for me,” she says.

The most primary reason for it was that Tai Chi was a blend of everything, for Cicily, the gentle flow of movements and as you move, your breath and your body becoming in tune with Nature (or the Universe).

As she demonstrates the various steps of Tai Chi, we are mesmerized. She describes her visit to Chicago where she had to get a few seniors in wheelchairs to perform Tai Chi. Though they ignored her in the beginning, they came around slowly, when she too sat down in a chair to understand their position better. Her takeaway was that the elders felt relieved they could practise this art slowly and gently.

Perhaps our hurried, always on-the-go lifestyle is to blame for much of the physical and mental ills that abound in society today. But thankfully, we can counter this with a daily Tai Chi practice.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Watching Cicily performs the Wuji – the stepping into Nothingness using fluid movements, the ying and yang of solid and empty forces, it teaches us to be in silence and go inward and activate the core of our power.

Put a finger on your pulse after the 21-minute sequence and you will notice that it has not altered.

This is the secret that makes Tai Chi a very effective remedy for a host of ailments including:

  • Chronic back and knee issues
  • Spondylosis
  • Parkinson’s
  • Arthritis
  • Immunity-related ailments
  • Emotional issues
  • Stress-related ailments
  • Insomnia

Current lifestyle choices have brought many debilitating illnesses to the doorstep of even young persons, as young as mid-20s. This is worrying. But as Cicily says, “The practice of Tai Chi is not just a physical one. It is a way of life. And the message is: Be gentle with your body; Be fluid with your movements.”

Sonia Rao is Editor in Chief at Thriive Art & Soul

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5 not-so-usual ways you can meditate on your daily commute to work

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5 not-so-usual ways you can meditate on your daily commute to work

What do you do once you enter your mode of commute to work? If you’re like 80% of the population, you too whip out your cellphone (if you aren’t already holding it) and remain immersed till you reach your destination. This, according to scores of studies, is one of the major causes of anxiety and stress. It is inevitable you might want to beat it and you can do it through meditating on your daily commute.

No, we don’t expect you to do the lotus pose on the floor of the already crowded subway. (And, please ignore all this if you are driving).

But it is possible for you to gain the full benefits of meditating seated on a meditation chair in dimly-lit room with soft music playing and incense igniting your senses, even while commuting.

You can meditate even while you are standing in a crowded local train. Really.

These 5 not-so-usual ways of meditation will energize you and also put you in the right frame of mind to slay it at work:

1) Meditation Apps

 Be it Headspace, Calm and even Simple Habit App, pop in your earphones and access their vast range of both paid and free guided meditations. These apps offer meditations to suit different requirements too such as enhanced focus, destress, increase productivity and so on. Do check out Thriive’s Youtube channel for a select range of guided meditations by Masters.

2) Keep your observation powers on HIGH

Meditation need not be done only with the eyes closed. Meditation enhances our awareness and sharpens our observations. As your train/Uber speeds through, look at your surroundings with full attention. Observe the passengers in the train running alongside yours. Or feast your eyes on the mango-laden tree you spy in between the towering concrete giant-building.  Or, pay attention to your own physical and emotional condition. Are you feeling extra-low or high today? Is your body at the top of its game? Listening to your own self will reveal very important answers.

3) Breathe deep and right

 Meditation, in its very basic definition, is observing your breath. Do the same while you are commuting. Do not accelerate or slow down your breath. Just observe it as you inhale and exhale. You might be surprised by the sense of calm this simple exercise can bring.

4) Visualise your perfect day

 Perhaps you were lucky enough to get a seat in the metro today. A great opportunity to try a different form of meditation today. Creative visualisation, anyone? Here’s how you do it: Take a couple of deep breaths and then shutting your eyes imagine you are having the perfect day at work. See the image in all its finer details. Bring all your senses into play: sight, smell, sound, taste (those vegan, low-cal cupcakes), feel. And an amped up intuition. See yourself at the top of your game. Avoid seeing any negative or self-limiting ideas or images. Guided meditations also work amazingly well. Check out this fabulous one by Dr. Newton Kondaveti, MD, on mastering your emotions. P.S.Time your phone to buzz before your station arrives.

5) Affirmations

 ‘Fake it till you make it’ used to be a popular success mantra in the late nineties. This was very effective and is now back in a new avatar called affirmations. Through the commute, repeat affirmations for that trait or situation you want to change. Affirmations are positive, written-in-the-present-tense, empowering statements. Say them aloud, carry them around on index cards and even blu-tack them on your laptop. Feel them with all your senses. Believe in them before you see them, as Dr. Wayne Dyer said. You will actually see a positive difference. Louise Hay and Shakti Gawain too offer a nice collection of affirmations that you can use for every area of your life. And so, being a successful, allrounder now takes on a whole new meaning.

Sonia Rao is Editor in Chief at Thriive Art & Soul.

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Are you really into you? 6 signs you’re not loving yourself enough!

Are you really into you? 6 signs you’re not loving yourself enough!

Who can forget that iconic scene from Jab We Met where Kareena Kapoor as Geet announces: “Main apni favourite hoon!” (I am my most favorite person). If this is not a proclamation of self-love, then what is! But have you stopped to think whether you are your own favourite? Are you really into you? Are you loving yourself enough? No doubt, we may have questioned what self-love really means.

But here are some sure signs that you are not loving yourself enough:

1. You are in a co-dependent relationship

When your partner becomes your whole and sole reason for existence, this is a sure sign of low self-esteem and lack of self-love. You give and give without any reciprocation. This is a toxic situation and can never bring happiness, or even peace to either stakeholder in the relationship. Break away and begin nurturing yourself today.

2. You are facing addiction issues

Too much consumption of food, tv, drinks, drugs or even digital media points to a situation which clearly says you come last for yourself. Would you treat your favemost person this way? You have to keep in mind that you are the most important person in your life and that you are enough. Use affirmations if you must to get this message across to yourself.

3. You continue to remain in an abusive situation

A sense of low self-worth keeps you chained to an environment and people who do not respect you. You might be afraid that breaking away would take you to a situation that is worse that the current one.  This belief does not take into consideration your skills, talents and the will to survive. When you love yourself unconditionally, the gruesome truth of the situation will be revealed to you.

4. You make no Me-time

How would you pamper your favourite person? Would you not take them to the movies and buy them nice things? Are you doing the same for yourself? Perhaps you would like to take a walk on the beach at sunset or take a day off from work and just read a book? Do these soul-satisfying things for the special YOU.

5. You indulge in negative self-talk

Stop and listen to how you talk to yourself. Are you being kind or cruel to yourself? Louise Hay said,“You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” Stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes. Smile and say “I love you” and mean it. See the magic flow into your life when you begin loving yourself.

6. You care too much what others think of you

When we feel we are not good enough, we seek attention and approval from others. But this is soul-sapping in the long run. Remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said:“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  Try journaling or writing the morning pages to help you resolve your self-confidence issues.

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This is what Ayurveda says about Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD) and its cure

This is what Ayurveda says about Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD) and its cure

Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD) is the most common gynecological disorder seen today in women across the globe. Statistics indicate 1 in every 5 women has PCOD. Some of the key factors for the rise of PCOD in women worldwide are changing trends in lifestyle, food habits and increasing levels of daily stressors. The symptoms include period irregularities, weight gain, male pattern hair growth or hirsutism, mood swings, digestive disturbances & is also known to cause infertility.

Modern treatments of PCOD

Modern medicine holds faulty diet & lifestyle habits to be the primary cause of PCOD and the treatment offered is predominantly symptomatic. It mainly includes hormonal treatment such as contraceptives or progesterone pills to regularize period cycle & Metformin to combat insulin resistance. Young girls who have reached early puberty are also recommended contraceptives for PCOD recovery which is merely a stop-gap solution and does not help in the long run.

Yes, it’s a known fact that these medicines have quick results & the period gets regularized but the results are short-lived and the issues crop up once the medication is discontinued.

There are also cases where ovarian drilling and cyst removal surgeries are done, but these only provide temporary solution and do not prevent recurrence of this disorder.

PCOD and Ayurveda

Ayurveda, from ancient India, is the only medicine system in the world that is focused on preventive and curative measures. It understands a woman’s anatomy better than any other medicine system.

The Ayurveda system of treatment is based on the basic principle of Tridosha (Vata -Pitta-Kapha). Vata is responsible for movement, Pitta is responsible for transformation and Kapha is responsible for nourishment and structure.

PCOD – Malfunctioning Kapha

Ayurveda considers PCOD a Kapha disorder. Ayurveda believes that the root cause is low metabolism. Due to erratic lifestyle habits such as irregular meal timings, high intake of processed food, lack of physical exercise, irregular sleep timings, all these factors have a strong adverse effect on the digestive system. As a result of this poor digestion, there is excessive ama formed in the body.

Ama is a toxic substance formed during faulty digestion. This gets absorbed in blood & the is circulated all throughout the body.

Ama in the reproductive system

When this ama reaches the reproductive system, it blocks all channels inside the ovary & resists the growth of ovum (egg). Ovum does not develop further & halts the maturation process. Immature ova (eggs) start getting trapped inside and grow into multiple cysts. This disorder is known as Poly(multiple) Cystic Ovarian Disorder. This also results in imbalanced secretion of reproductive hormones such as estrogen & progesterone. All this leads to irregularities in menstrual cycle and causes abnormalities during period.

Ama also blocks cell receptors & make them resistant to insulin. Insulin allows entry of glucose inside blood cells & enables blood glucose level to be normal. Glucose gives energy to cells. Ama reduces sensitivity of cells to insulin, hence more insulin is required to keep blood sugar normal. Increased level of insulin affects ovarian functions adversely & causes disorders such as PCOD.

Ayurvedic treatment of PCOD

Ovulation support, metabolic support, cyst dissolution & sensitizing body cells to insulin are some of the Ayurvedic treatments of PCOD. All these actions are well achieved with the right herbal formulations, packed with the goodness of authentic herbs such as Gandari, Varuna, Patol & Guduchi.

Ayurveda also understands the person’s unique constitution and provides a very individualized approach towards PCOD recovery. There is a permanent cure for PCOD in Ayurveda which is based on these 3 pillars- Aahar (right diet), Vihar (recreation) and Vichar (good thoughts).

About Dr. Aarati Patil

Dr. Aarati Patil, M.D Obstetrics & Gynecology(Ayu), Chief Doctor at Gynoveda.com has extensively worked with over 10000 women in the age group of 20-55 years across a wide spectrum of menstrual disorders, gynecological issues, pregnancy and reproductive health. Her immense knowledge, expertise and experience has been instrumental to build the first Period-Test that enables women self-diagnose their period health. She has excellent results in the treatment of PCOD and menstrual disorders.


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An inspiring success story of PLR – how one man’s asthma was cured!

An inspiring success story of PLR – how one man’s asthma was cured!

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) has helped cure many fears and phobias. We requested Thriive-verified PLR expert Radhika Deshpande to share with us a successful case study of a healing that took place through PLR. Over to Ms. Radhika Deshpande…

I have a 50-year-old male patient, a businessman, who was cured of his asthma issues through PLR.

This patient had already got a PLR done 6-7 years ago. In that past life, he could see only the initial part but could not reach the part where the problem had arrived or initiated. Through PLR, I took him back to the same lifetime.

In this previous incarnation, he was a very important scientist of one kingdom. Due to political reasons he had been kidnapped by the neighbouring kingdom.

He was arrested and kept in a dungeon as a political prisoner for more than 20-30 years. It was an absolutely dark room.

When the war ended, they decided to hang him. They brought him up from the dungeon with a black cloth bag covering his face. Even now he could not see anything. When he was in the dungeon, he had trouble breathing. Now, with his face covered, his breath came out in bursts. He was panting.

It is very important to see everything and fully experience the past.

As we say, reliving is relieving.

The patient was experiencing everything completely. His body was shrinking into itself. I could see that he was labouring to breathe properly. His whole body language reflected what was happening to him.

When he was hanged, my patient went through the physical and emotional catharsis. I could see his entire body reacting to the hanging. The patient went through the entire death process, beginning from the feet and going up the thighs to the torso.

It was important for the patient to experience death and come out of it because it signified that the previous lifetime was over. My patient could let go of the past. He did not need to live in the dark; he could now breathe easily.

Our subconscious experiences everything as if it happening in the present. By going through it and releasing it, we are informing the subconscious of the same. This is how healing takes place.

How did one know that the healing had taken place?

The asthma attacks that used to happen 7-8 times a month reduced to one episode a month.

Why did it not go away completely? The reason is that the patient had over the period of 50 years developed certain patterns on account of being attached to his past experience.

These patterns needed to be worked upon too. The larger chunk was dealt with, though. Over a period of time, as the treatment continued, the healing was completed.


About Radhika Deshpande


Radhika Deshpande is an award-winning artist, specializing in Ceramics. She has done solo and group shows at reputed art galleries and also conducts clay and pottery workshops for students and corporates. In 2009, Radhika studied spiritual healing and Past Life Regression at the Life Research Academy (Hyderabad), graduating as a gold medallist. Since the last 7 years, she has successfully provided healing solutions for both physical and mental issues. She is also a much sought-after PLR Presenter.

Since 2011, Radhika has developed special wellbeing programmes for parents whose children have certain difficulties which has given astounding results. Her meditation workshops for students of 1st – 10th grade have received a brilliant response. She also designs and sells fabric bags, silver jewelry and clothing under her own label called “Raaa”. Radhika chooses to pursue art and healing to empower people to realize their full potential.

We are fortunate to have Radhika Deshpande on board as a Thriive-verified PLR expert. You can connect with her HERE.







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