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You’ve ticked all the right boxes in all those “Is He/She the ONE?” quizzes but you still have a niggling doubt about whether he or she is “The One”? Is He/She really the love of your life? This is a question that might be plaguing you.

So, we asked Thriive-verified PLR expert Radhika Deshpande whether Past Life Regression Therapy could help to solve this dilemma.

And this is what she had to say:

Dealing with a question of this sort has an in-built danger. When you are going through the process of PLR, you might end up creating your own perception. Since you are so emotionally invested in this relationship, you might see the answer as something that you want rather than what should be.

So, the better way of tackling this question is to turn the lens inwards.

The reason you are wondering if he/she is the One is because you desire someone who is the perfect fit for you.

But if you are not yet emotionally & spiritually sorted, it will reflect in every area of your life including your relationships.

Your emotions create your reality. Imbalanced emotions create bad relationships.

Here are a few signs of an emotionally stable personality:

  • Not choosing to hurt somebody or yourself
  • Not being highly sacrificial or a victim
  • Always respecting yourself.

Every relationship reflects our relationship with ourselves. To have an amazing relationship with anyone else (especially with what we call The One) we first need to create an amazing relationship with ourselves. Are you:

  • Respecting yourself?
  • Loving yourself?
  • Admiring yourself?
  • Accepting yourself?
  • Being gentle with yourself?

If you haven’t replied ‘Yes’ to all the questions above, then you still need to work on yourself in order to bring your strong self to your relationships. When we cannot accept ourselves unconditionally how can we expect others to do that?

So coming back to the role PLR can play in helping us make this important decision:

 The first step in getting the right answer is to make sure the picture is as clear inside as it is outside. Knowing and loving yourself completely is the key.

Next, in trying to predict the future, we might overlook the immense potential possibilities. In trying to influence the situation, our vision might be limited and what we desire might not be the best possible outcome, for all concerned.

My own story of abuse and redemption

This is exactly what happened in my own case. I was in an abusive relationship for almost 9-10 years. It took me a lot of effort to find my own worth. Once I did, I could rise above the situation. As I realised my own value, a surprising thing happened. I broke out of the abusive relationship but in a very peaceful way, which I never expected.

So, don’t expect but instead set an intention to have a good, happy, positive life. Expectations come from a place of ego that says “I deserve this” and can be limiting. Intention, on the other hand, comes from a divine place within you.

Feel it rather than think it. And always remember, when you focus on your own self and self-improvement, the Right One will walk into your life, or, in answer to the dilemma, the Right One will stay.

About Radhika Deshpande


Radhika Deshpande is an award-winning artist, specializing in Ceramics. She has done solo and group shows at reputed art galleries and also conducts clay and pottery workshops for students and corporates. In 2009, Radhika studied spiritual healing and Past Life Regression at the Life Research Academy (Hyderabad), graduating as a gold medallist. Since the last 7 years, she has successfully provided healing solutions for both physical and mental issues. She is also a much sought-after PLR Presenter.

Since 2011, Radhika has developed special wellbeing programmes for parents whose children have certain difficulties which has given astounding results. Her meditation workshops for students of 1st – 10th grade have received a brilliant response. She also designs and sells fabric bags, silver jewelry and clothing under her own label called “Raaa”. Radhika chooses to pursue art and healing to empower people to realize their full potential.

We are fortunate to have Radhika Deshpande on board as a Thriive-verified PLR expert. You can connect with her HERE.

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A comprehensive introduction to Past Life Regression Therapy

A comprehensive introduction to Past Life Regression Therapy

“If you’ve ever wondered why you have a fear of heights or look into the eyes of a stranger and feel as if you know them, the answers may be found in your past lives” says Brian Weiss, MD, New Age Pioneer of Past Life Therapy.

One of the most common signs of a Past Life is ‘déjà vu’—the feeling that you have met a person before or have visited some place previously. How many times have we instantly liked or felt attracted to a complete stranger? Other times just the look of someone makes us angry, afraid and repulses us. We wonder why these feelings surface, when we do not know the person or place.

Often times we see the same vivid dream in minutest detail; night after night with deepening insight. It might be that someone from our family would also be dreaming the same dream! This is a collective memory fragment of past lives lived together and can be explored in Past Life Regression Therapy.

Illnesses, maladies or disfunctionality in the family or clan may have patterns rooted in past lives.

Let me attempt to discuss Healing, using Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) as a modality of Alternate Medicine.

As you read further your innate wisdom will either accept or discard this information & it is fine to do so.

The concept of ‘Karma’ is the theory of cause and effect. It is understood that whatever is committed or omitted in the present life, makes up the blue print for future life times. The Soul will create opportunities to rectify errors of omission & commission in future life times. Actions in one lifetime will create the reality in another.

The Soul journeys from one life time to another, learning from All experiences. It proceeds on its evolutionary path and finally merges with the Divine Consciousness. Energies carrying, trauma, wounds, sadness, violence & sickness are frozen in time. These may be connected to the individual’s own Karma or to the family, community or country Karma.  Healing occurs when the root cause is traced, understood, accepted and the energies released through PLRT.

Life between Life (LBL) sessions can be taken after the initial PLR session is completed. The PLR sessions releases & heals almost all frozen energies that do not serve one any longer. Greater understanding of the Soul’s Journey takes place in the LBL state. Here more advanced lessons are learnt as well as gifts from earlier life times discovered and brought back to the present life.

Past Lives based on Reincarnation and Karma is widely accepted by different cultures and religions across the globe.

Prominent among these are Hinduism and Buddhism. Shamanism has its own unique understanding of Past Lives & healing. Over the past few decades Past Lives and Healing have been researched by doctors, scientists and psychiatrists viz. Dr.Ian Stevenson, Dr. Brian Weiss, Roger Woolger, Dr. Michael Newton, Carol Bowman, Bruce Goldberg, and Dr. Newton Kondavetti (India) to name a few. These persons have spent their entire lives working with PLR Therapy. Collecting and documenting proof of the existence of Past Lives and using PLRT for healing. Due to their tireless work, PLRT has become very popular. Today there has been a dramatic rise in persons wanting to undergo healing through PLR Therapy. Hard core scientists and lay persons alike are attracted to this form of healing.

The rise in popularity of PLRT

So what brought about this huge shift? One of the main reasons was the emergence and development of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine. Individuals the world over were getting disillusioned with invasive traditional medicine. Every minor or major issue required many tests and expensive treatments. Many a times this did not result in a satisfactory cure or a healing. The world wanted a more deeper & natural experience of healing as opposed to the curing of symptoms.

Today Past life Regression Therapy has come into its own. In many instances mental, emotional, spiritual & physical issues are resolved quickly, when other medical interventions have failed.

I have facilitated   hundreds of PLR sessions for more than a decade.  Many seemingly irreversible issues have been resolved in one or multiple sessions.

PLRT Success stories

Persons on the verge of divorce have understood their karmic connection & have given a new life to their relationship. Individuals with all kinds of medical ailments have experienced remission of their dis-ease.  Often, finance related issues have their roots in poverty consciousness, the energy of which is frozen in time. When the roots of the situation are discovered and the energy released, individuals feel hugely unburdened & are able to resolve their issues in the present life. Abortions, infertility & infant deaths may also have roots in past lives.

Having said this, PLRT may not heal all issues. Sometimes there is no immediate reversal of the presenting issue. However, after the session the client returns with a sense of peace & understanding, of why the issue manifested in the present life.  There may be one or multiple sessions depending on the willingness of the client to go deeper, as well as the client’s Soul Choice & Karmic Learning. If the process is stuck and not moving, it may be that the Client has some unfinished karmic learning or is not ready.  This has to be discussed with the client after closing the session. If the client still wants to try again, some inner work with meditation needs to be done by the client, before the next PLR session.

Choosing the right PLR Therapist

A PLR session not moving forward or getting stuck could also happen if the therapist’s own unhealed issues come up during the session, creating a dissonance. It could also be that the therapist is not experienced or lacks the skills to go through with a session. In this case the therapist may practice with supportive colleagues, friends & family to get greater experience & develop skills. Past Life regression is a wonderful tool in the therapist’s tool box. Used with discretion & skill it can be a powerful resource for therapy & healing.

Please choose your therapist with care. It is not the amount of courses a Therapist might have completed but the work experience & reputation of the therapist that is important. PLRT like any other treatment can heal as well as cause a great deal of damage to the psyche of the client, if performed by an unskilled or in experienced therapist, especially if a proper closure is not done. The therapist needs to ensure that the client leaves with a sense of hope, even if no immediate resolution has taken place.

About Sophia Roy Choudhury

Sophia Roy Choudhury MD (AM) is the Founder of Cosmic Wisdom Sharing Foundation based in Secunderabad . This trust was founded in memory of her son Capt. Sameer J Roy Choudhury of the Indian Army who was martyred in 2006, while on active army duty. Sophia is a Therapist /Trainer for Past Life Regression Therapy, Inner Child Work & Breath Work . She is also a certified Psychological Counselor and works in a multitude of alternative therapies such as Meditation, Energy Work, Shamanism and so on. She offers all these services free of charge to certain categories of Defense and Police personnel. 

We are proud to have Sophia Roy Choudhury on board as a Thriive-verified PLR Therapy. You can connect with her HERE.

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The C-word is feared by almost everyone and battling it is akin to battling a war. Victory over it is always hard-won and being glad about it. One such battle was won by Dr. Naresh Mintri, a holistic wellness practitioner himself. He narrates his story to us in his unique style and we believe we will not be the only ones who are so inspired by his journey into C-world and back.

Presenting to you, Dr. Naresh Mintri’s story, in his own words.

 A physically healthy lifestyle

“I was an active sportsman in my youth, taking part in football, hockey, athletics and long distance running, badminton, swimming and rowing. I was the Bronze medal winner in the 1974 West Bengal Rowing Championships and even took part in the National Rowing Championships. For me, health was very important and I took care to keep myself fit.

Even when I became an industrialist with 24×7 working hours I would find time for my daily workouts. Physical health was far more important for me than anything else. I lived in a village in rural Bengal, simple living in a clean and green environment.

So, when I shifted back to Kolkata, its polluted atmosphere started taking its toll. My physical activity got toned down but I still maintained a disciplined lifestyle with regular eating and sleeping times.

This went on like this till one night both my wife and I had woken up to go to the washroom. She went in first and while I was waiting for her to come out, I presumably collapsed. When I came to, I was lying on the cold floor, my entire family crowded around me.

For a few days before that I was having a cold and a light fever and had been using my Reiki energies to heal myself.

Next morning, my family Doctor was called in to give me check-up. He suggested a few tests, including MRI, EEG, ECG and blood tests to diagnose and determine if any damage had been done.

Caught unawares

The blood report showed  abnormal blood counts, and a remark that there are signs of Leukemic cells.  My doctor got worried and asked me to visit a haematologist who requested a re-test from another laboratory, just to be sure.

The counts in this report were worse than the first report, and he too advised me to get admitted and proper checking done. And, for the first time in 58 years of my existence, I found myself lying on a hospital bed. (BTW the last time I lay on a hospital bed was while in boarding school when I bunked an exam, and molly-coddled my way through the heart of the sister-in-charge to get myself admitted with a fake illness.)

What can you expect the reaction of the patient and family members to be when you find yourself bundled up in the Onco-Hematology section of a hospital? All hell broke loose and everyone were shattered. The question running through everyone’s mind was how can a person who was so regular and disciplined in life land up with this illness!

Anyway, there I was, with the relief that I was not instantly tied down with tubes and pipes puncturing my body all over. The medical team wanted to do some more tests to determine the exact nature and degree of my Leukemia.

Taking up the challenge

My son was tracking all these tests and reports and informed me about the confirmation immediately, and with it threw me a challenge.

All he said was, “Papa, here is a chance to prove to the world that what you do, and for which people say you are wasting time (Reiki and Hypnosis), is actually worth it. I want you to heal yourself and do it fast. This is my challenge for you!”

Just imagine what could be going through a person’s mind who was at that moment staring down the barrel of a gun at his death warrant! I didn’t know how to respond, or react.

In those few hours between my son’s challenge and the Doctor’s visit, I mulled over the situation. It was worth accepting, for I had everything to win – get well, I win, Reiki and Hypnosis win, my family wins, we all win!

So, when the doctors came wondering how to break the news to me, I informed them calmly that I knew it was leukaemia. Surprised to see me so calm, they asked me the reason.

I replied, “I have two options available before me, if there is a third, you let me know. The first option I have is I let you and your drugs kill me sooner or later. The next option I have is that I kill this disease and throw it out of my body by myself. Is there a third?” That’s when they asked me how could I be so confident about my option.

I informed them I was an energy-healer and a mind-control healer and explained how my healing modality would work for me, with me. They agreed to let me try out my process, with certain restrictions: Blood test every week, and a couple of simple medicines to be taken to prevent any side-effects.

Here started my personal battle with Cancer! With alternative therapies

 I had to win this battle, come what may. The best part was I had my whole family backing me to the hilt. I got help from my Reiki friends, who kept sending me healing energies on a daily basis, apart from the specialised healing which I was doing for myself. I had set the limits to what others could for me, so as to not interfere with what I was doing.

 I wanted to win over, not survive, this ordeal. 

You may be wondering what gave me this confidence. It so happened that I got into the study of Mind Control (Self Hypnosis) and Reiki around 1992-93 to be able to help myself and my immediate family.

In 2006, my daughter fell ill and finally succumbed to her illness. It made me think whether I could have helped her with what I knew. Was there something more which I should have learned and known?

So, when I got my first access to computers and the internet in 2008 the floodgates of knowledge and connections opened for me. I got to meet some amazing Reiki masters from across the globe, with some of whom I have developed a personal friendship, in the Yahoo! groups and later in Facebook.

They taught me everything I know, in a short time. To add to this, my Hypnosis Guru stood by me, got me to attend all his workshops here in Kolkata, for free, to learn new techniques and NLP, till finally one day he told me to go out to help people and start earning from all that I know. All this before I fell ill myself!

With support from so many well-wishers and friends, could I let them down? No way!

I had to win, and win I did!

Two and a half months after I was detected with Leukemia, my report was that of  a normal human adult. The doctor could not believe it and she did the tests herself to double check the results which were the same as that which I had come to her with.

My medicine dosage were reduced, and now the tests were to be done every three months. Some restrictions as to what and where I could eat or drink were imposed and I was asked to continue doing whatever ‘mumbo-jumbo’ I was doing and take care of myself, with a visit every three months.

It’s been seven years since then. Annual checks are now done, and all my reports are within the normal limits. Save for those viral fever, cough and cold, I have been living a healthy life!

My experience with self-healing increased my determination to help people heal themselves and also teach others whatever I know about these subjects, which I have been doing regularly.

Alternative therapies and practices for the ‘miracle’

In our family, it has been a tradition that we all bow down before the Divine first thing in the morning. Prayers were, and still are, an integral part of my daily routine. This along with the alternate healing therapies which I knew then, and which I learnt subsequently, have helped me in journey.

I am now a Level 18 Grand-Master in Usui Reiki and many other systems. Hypnosis, EFT, Mudras, Pranayam are all a part of my repository today.

I keep reading our Hindu scriptures and I find all “ New Age” learning already exists in them. I write about them in my blogs, which also has a leaning towards health and causes of illness. These are what keeps me fit mentally and physically.

Mantras for life

From all that which I went through, I am convinced about what some New Age Gurus and Mind Control experts say: “Everything starts from the mind and ends up at the physical level. What the mind can create, it can also destroy. Take care of your mind, it will take good care of you in all ways.” 

All that you need is someone to guide you through the process when you are looking for help. Never hesitate to reach out for help. It could save your life as it did mine. And, most important, be grateful for all that you get – good or bad – for there is a lesson in it too.” 


We are very proud to have Dr. Naresh Mintri on board as a Thriive-verified Holistic Wellness Practitioner. You can connect with him HERE.

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Suffering from acidity? Try these 10 home remedies

Suffering from acidity? Try these 10 home remedies

Oh no! Not again!! Did you go overboard with your consumption of the panipuri and chat with your friends? This could be the thought going on your head when you feel that burning pain in your chest after a night of indulgence of your favourite foods!!

Who hasn’t experienced the occasional heartburn or acidity that is caused by some indulgence either at a party or some spicy food or maybe gaps in your meals or skipping meals or whatever reason and it’s so uncomfortable especially when this burning is coupled with pain. Most often than not, it is caused by acidity. 

What is acidity?

Acidity is the pain is caused by the backflow of the acid from the stomach into the food pipe, also called the oesophagus and also is called Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease or GERD.

Some people will straightaway start taking conventional medicine and get themselves thoroughly checked.  But many of us resort to natural remedies or alternative therapies to get relief from the symptoms of acidity or heartburn.

How do you treat acidity besides using conventional medicine?

Basically, the way to do it is to have a lifestyle modification and take some natural remedies to avoid getting regular heartburn or acidity. Also, you can avoid the foods that cause all these issues as if you have too much coffee or tea or spicy food or alcohol or fried foods and some kind of sweets.

There are several ways you can improve your acidity symptoms mainly by making certain changes to your lifestyle.

  • You can have fixed timings for your meals because if you don’t have meals at regular times your stomach will produce more acid.
  • Mindful eating habits: It is better to eat meals at the right place sitting down without distractions– without looking at your mobile or the television.
  • Avoid eating quickly or overeating so that you chew your food properly.
  • Better to eat smaller frequent meals than larger meals
  • Eat 3 or 4 hours before bedtime because if you lie down soon after eating, it can cause heartburn.
  • Elevate your bed: So that the reflux does not happen and it’s better to sleep on the left side.
  • Don’t wear tight clothes especially at the waist as it will restrict the stomach’s functioning.
  • Decrease stress:  Practice meditation to ease your stress. Even yogic practices like Ujjayi breathing which helps to increase saliva which is alkaline secretion and helps to curb acidity.
  • Quit smoking: If you smoke, have spicy foods or consume alcohol- stop completely.

Here are some useful natural remedies to treat acidity:


  • Holy Basil Leaves or Basil Tea: The holy basil or tulsi leaves help increase the mucus in the stomach and reduce the burning symptoms caused by acidity.
  • Cold milk or even ice-cream: Milk has calcium which is the main ingredient of over-the-counter antacid medicines. The calcium helps in absorbing the acid and prevents its build up.
  • Buttermilk or even curd: These help to cool the stomach and have probiotics / good bacteria to ensure good digestion and reduce acid secretion.
  • ACV or Apple Cider Vinegar: This helps when acidity is caused by too little acid in the stomach and having a teaspoon or two in half a cup of water helps in relief of the symptoms.
  • Banana or Apple: These can reduce bloating and the fibre in them can help good movement in the intestines.
  • Gur/ Jaggery: The magnesium in gur or jaggery helps to make our digestive system strong and alkaline.
  • Cinnamon: This wonder spice is full of nutrients and is a natural antacid. Make and consume cinnamon tea to combat acidity.
  • Aloe Vera juice: This can help soothe the stomach lining.
  • Coconut water: This can help by making the acid-alkaline and has fibre to help in good digestion.
  • Fennel: Remember how most Indians end their meals by chewing on sauf or fennel seeds? This is because it prevents bloating.


Other popular choices are consuming licorice, cloves, cumin, chamomile, and ginger.

Acupuncture and some homeopathic remedies have been proven to help in the treatment of acidity as well.

The key is to prevent the ailment even before it starts. The best solution is to have a balanced life, avoid spicy foods or foods that trigger the issue. It is best to increase water or fluid intake, have meals on time and mindfully; and even exercise regularly to improve digestion. Also, one must be aware that self-medication, may not be always right, as the symptoms may be of those of some underlying life-threatening disease and it’s better to always consult your primary care physician.

What are the natural methods you choose to have an acidity free life? Would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Geeta Hansaria is a homeopath with a passion for writing, especially food poems, binges on DIY kid crafts and cooks up yummy  ‘thalis’ for her vast Instagram fan following. 

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Looking for a big spurt in your career success? Feng Shui says look no further than your office desk. Your office cabin or personal work space & especially the office desk plays an important role in your career. It portrays your self-image in the world and in your career. So, the energy of your work desk can point the way to success or stagnation in your career/business. Good Feng Shui means better prospects.

So, step up a level in your progress with these easy-to-follow tips to make sure your office  has good Feng Shui:

1. Always position your desk to face the main door of the office. If that’s not possible then sit facing the door diagonally. But never ever sit in a way that the door of your office is behind you or on the side of you.


2. It is always good to have natural sunlight & fresh air in your office so do choose a cabin with windows.

3. Having a wall behind the chair you sit in is the most favourable placement. In case you have windows behind you then, keep them open everyday for a little while to get fresh air & sunlight. But make sure to keep them closed when you’re doing some important work.

4. Always chose a sturdy, solid wooden desk, teak wood being the best. You must have a horizontal runner along the length of your desk so that your client cannot see your feet when seated.

5. Get a good office chair with a comfortable backrest. Avoid reclining chairs.

6. For best results, keep the colours of the office walls, ceiling & upholstery neutral, like white or beige. Do not play with bright or bold colours or designs without seeking the advise of a consultant. This is because colours can activate good and bad stars and so they could bring good fortune or create havoc in your work.

7. Keep your office cabin space or desk absolutely clean and clutter-free. Retain only the minimum and most important stuff and paperwork.

8. Make sure the office is very well lit with sufficient artificial lights too.

Here are some specific tips to Feng Shui your work desk. Work them and see the magic unfold:

(Please refer to the drawing above to follow the placement of things on your office table)

You must be very careful whilst placing things on your office table / desk. The office table is roughly divided into 9 parts / rectangles as per the Bagua.

  1. In the Sector 1 of your office desk, place books or reference manuals relating to your business or profession as this signifies the knowledge area as per the Bagua.
  2. Sector 2 is the career corner & hence the most import area of your office desk. Place your laptop / I-pad here. For added positivity, place a dark blue mat below these gadgets.
  3. Sector 3 signifies the help & support area. Place the idol of Ganesha or any other deity of your choice here.
  4. Sector 4 is the family corner, so keep photographs of the the family members here.
  5. Sector 5 or the centre of the desk signifies the health area so keep it absolutely clean & empty to ensure good health.
  6. Sector 6,  the corner of creativity, can be energized by keeping your office diary or note pad here along with your pen / pencil holder.
  7. Sector 7 is the wealth & prosperity area. Enhance it with a nice small bamboo plant that has a cluster of different coloured crystal stones in it.
  8. Sector 8 is the fame & recognition area. Keep your visiting cards here. Give an added boost to this sector by placing a red coloured mat here.
  9. Sector 9 is the relationship area. Keep a picture of yourself with your partner or spouse here. But if you’re single and looking for love, keep a bunch of fresh colourful flowers or a bowl of colourful crystals in this corner.

(All sketches courtesy Priia)

About Priia

Priia is a Thriive-verified Feng Shui Therapist with more than 19 years of experience in Feng Shui and Psychic Readings. Having spent many years in deep study and practice of Feng Shui, she is much sought-after for her result-oriented advice especially for residential and commercial properties. As a natural psychic, her readings are intuitive and on point. You can connect with her HERE.

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How much distance in a marriage is too much?

How much distance in a marriage is too much?

Should a husband feel guilty that he travels 5 days a week for work? Should a wife beat herself up for being exhausted after a long day at work when she wants to sleep instead of spending time with her husband? Will this destroy their connection? There are many relationships that cannot weather the trials of distance, but there are those that flourish despite it. What is their secret?

Gottman’s research shows that couples who are able to keep their negative thoughts and feelings about each other from overwhelming their positive ones are able to overcome the hardships of distance. The real danger of distance in a marriage is not the physical distance but the emotional distance between two people. Bridging this emotional gap is the secret to an enduring and fulfilling relationship.

Emotionally intelligent couples have a strong friendship that underlies their relationship. Each partner spends time getting to know the other intimately. They share their fears, hopes, and dreams with each other.  These couples stay connected to each other in their mundane everyday lives.

This connection helps them withstand the distance created by work pressure, time constraints and parenthood. For example, if the husband knows that his wife would love him to make her a cup of tea on a Saturday and the wife knows that the husband loves to play cricket on a Sunday and is mindful of the partner’s desire, then it creates a connection. It is not the quantity of time spent but the quality of time spent and mindfulness that deepens the connection.

Over time individuals in a marriage may grow separate interests and lifestyles. This divergence may create distance in the marriage as most disagreements stem from differences in values and lifestyle. Individuals who can find a way of accepting these fundamental differences will feel closer. Many of us interpret similarity as a connection, but the key to connection is the understanding that it can exist even with the acceptance of difference.

Space in a marriage: How much is too much?

A little bit of distance can do great things for a sense of desire in marriage. Go back to a time when your partner traveled for work and you just couldn’t wait to see them. Or that time when your partner was telling a story, and you were drawn to them? That moment when you were captivated by the person’s aura.  

What fuels this sense of desire?  A bit of Distance.

According to Esther Perel, the contradiction of modern marriage is that we want predictability but also adventure, security but also a mystery.  And all from the same person. However, while love flourishes with being engaged and knowing every detail about your partner, desire flourishes with some space and distance.

Research shows that some space in relationships fuel the desire for each other as fantasy and imagination begin to operate in the space to create a longing and wanting for the partner.

While physical distance is trying on the relationship, couples must be mindful that they put in effort into maintaining an emotional connection and friendship. This makes it easier to overcome difference and conflict, which can so easily overwhelm a relationship.

About Ashika Mehta

Ashika Mehta practices psychotherapy in Mumbai. She has completed her Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University along with a BA in Psychology from Vassar College. Ashika also facilitates training programs for corporates and has conducted training for YPO and ASCENT.

Ashika has done intensive post-trauma work with those affected by the 26/11 terror attacks at the Breach Candy Hospital and facilitates therapy groups for those with chronic illness.

Ashika is passionate about working towards the prevention of the sex trafficking of at-risk women and children. As a Board Member of Apne Aap Women’s Collective, Ashika helps rehabilitate women in prostitution and creates educational and job opportunities for the children of sex workers.

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  1. Ashika I am soo sooo proud of you. Your work , thoughts and actions are so meaningful and Your article is so well written. …I’m sure it will help sooo many marriages. Well done !!

  2. Really well
    Written Ashika. Acknowledgement of an issue and then finding active ways of engagement like you be mentioned.

Your Karma Number and what it means for you!

Your Karma Number and what it means for you!

Our birth month is our Karma Number. It tells us what our soul has come to learn in this lifetime. Our Karma Number is where lies our true growth. It is an indicator of all that we will encounter, all our obstacles, struggles and challenges, in this lifetime. This lesson can be a recurring theme (often drastically) in our life, if we fail to understand and imbibe it.

What we resist, persists. The lessons of our karma number tend to get more pronounced in our lives till we learn to accept, learn and make the required changes.

But once we do that, life begins to move forward in full throttle towards our ultimate goal of fulfilment, happiness and achievement on Earth.

Given below is a detailed chart of the lessons to be imbibed by the different Karma Numbers:

Karma No.1 (January / October born)

Those born in January are known to find themselves in situations where they need to be independent, take decisions and provide for themselves and their loved ones, either financially or emotionally. They have to overcome an inherent lack of trust, initiative, self-promotion, willingness to meet issues head-on, over caution and dread making new beginnings.

The lessons of humility are very important for them. They should not be repressed but be trained to rely upon their own selves.

Those born in October should be pushed to take charge, be bold and take risks. They will be pushed into situations of power and will have to learn to be good leaders. If they don’t imbibe this they will appear weak and helpless. They also have a driving need to seek perfection in whatever they do. An inherent need to find balance and slow down whenever possible is important or they will run themselves out of steam.

Karma No. 2 (February born)

People born in February find themselves in situations which demand tact, diplomacy, obedience, great patience and attention to detail. They will be a little shy and quiet of nature. Although they would prefer to keep things private, circumstances will force them to mix and work in associations and partnerships. They also need to be aware of not being over-critical, self-pitying, depressive and complaining. They have a tendency of being very hard on themselves and putting themselves down.

Karma No. 3 (March / December born)

No. 3 suggests an avoidance of self-expression. Those born in March and/or December tend to shy away from self-promotion and being heard. They have a deep-seated fear of being exposed due to their lack of self-esteem and confidence. As a result, even though they may be very good at what they do, their inability to market and sell themselves will wear them down. They will be asked upon to learn to let loose and enjoy life. The lessons they need to learn are to play, not take themselves so seriously and also to let go and move on, when necessary.

Karma No. 4 (April born)

No. 4 indicates an avoidance of hard work. Those born in April want everything easy in life. They run away from structure and discipline. Their learning comes from the understanding that without hard work, commitment and creating a structure, they won’t be able to lay any foundation in their lives. Balance is the key. They will also need to learn to draw boundaries between their needs and what they do for others.

Karma No. 5 (May born)

May-borns will need to learn to be adaptable, fluid, versatile, open-minded especially about new experiences and cultures. Change will be their only constant. They will have to find learning through every experience that may be thrown their way. The constructive used of freedom is something they will have to imbibe. They can be stubborn and extreme and need to respect and take care of their physical body.

Karma No. 6 (June born) 

Those born in June are known to be averse to being tied down in relationships, and avoid making commitments. They fear obligations and have a tendency to leave tasks unfinished. Marriage, children, home, family, stable jobs, etc. become a challenge. They often find themselves in situations requiring all the above. This is the reason their learning includes being able to relate to as well as be accountable and dependable to others.

Karma No. 7 (July born) 

Those born in July have a tendency to avoid emotions and need to train themselves to see things logically. They fear everything. As a result, they don’t like to take chances and expose themselves. They prefer to hide behind their own aloof selves. Often, they appear cold, harsh, critical and distant. They need to seek wisdom, knowledge and an immense belief in their spiritual guides. Move from Fear to Faith should be their motto.

Karma No. 8 (August born)

Number 8 people avoid material and physical things. They must guard against financial cowardice, lack of business acumen and judgement and not behave carelessly with money and resources. A strong desire to be seen and heard is inherent in those born in August. They will be forced into situations that demand that they take care of all their resources: both financial and emotional.

Karma No. 9 (September born) 

Those born in September will be forced to understand the human angle in life: Compassion, suffering, emotions, acceptance and understanding of the human race. They need to move beyond self and look upon the Universe as one. On the other hand, being over-critical, over-emotional, over-sensitive, over-angry, over-hurt and over-depressed will not serve them well. And so, following their intuition and balancing their emotions is the key to serving their karma.

Karma No. 11 (November born) 

November-borns dream big and are challenged to find a way to be heard and understood. They live in chaos and often procrastinate about the long list of things they want to achieve. This can often be a source of frustration for them. They over-analyse and internalize everything. They tend to become emotionally distant so as not to get hurt. Their challenge is to learn to manifest their dreams into reality. They are also visionaries, inventors, spiritual gurus, etc. but need to learn to relate and achieve on the physical plane.


About Gita Hariani


Gita Hariani is a corporate banker by profession with 20 plus years of client servicing experience across the Indian private sector and foreign banks. A qualified numerologist, tarot reader and healer by passion with a decade of deep studies under her belt. Numbers speak to her and she loves doing detailed numerology reports. To her this comes as easy as reading a life story. Mother of two beautiful children, an avid traveller, loves to experience different cultures through her travels. Lives life in Gratitude.
We are proud to have Gita Hariani on board as a Thriive-verified numerologist. You can connect with her HERE.







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I am obsessed with checklists. My work desk is filled with schedulers, planners and time blockers.

And yet, I often find myself so exhausted that even sitting upright on my chair is a task for which I need to bribe myself.

When I tried to figure out why I was such a lazy pigeon, it came as no surprise that it was the bag of chips that I reached out for every time writer’s, or any other kind of, block hit.

We’ve grown up hearing the adage breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. However, how often have we consciously considered what we are eating and its effects on our body—except for the consequent weight loss/gain?

What we eat has a very strong and direct impact on how we work. It has a huge effect on our productivity levels.

Right foods = high productivity

Take carbohydrates. When consumed, carbs produce insulin (a lot of it) that floods the brain with the serotonin and tryptophan sleep hormones. (We’ve all had those lunches after which we fell asleep on our laptops).

Right here, then, is a food to avoid: refined carbs, to avoid the post-lunch slump.

And to make sure you slay your to-do list, we’ve got a list of high-energy foods that you should add to your diet routine pronto.

A bonus: this list is a pretty useful one even if you have specific dietary preferences; veganism, for example.

Leafy vegetables

Popeye had his life sorted with all that spinach. Greens like spinach and kale are rich in vitamin B that helps improve focus and strengthen the brain. Kale is also rich in calcium, manganese and vitamin K that improve concentration and prevent mental decline.

Say cheers to a happy and productive day with a green smoothie at breakfast.


I love berries and look forward to the time when they are around in abundance. Berries, all kinds, are excellent productivity enhancers. Blueberries stimulate the flow of oxygen to the brain; strawberries help better long-term memory. They are also rich in antioxidants, which helps to curb cravings. Strawberries are red and juicy (they contain up to 91% water) and keep you well hydrated, therefore productive, through the day.

The next time you find yourself feeling sluggish, make yourself a glass of berry smoothie or just take a handful in a bowl and hit it out of the park.


Nuts, especially almonds and walnuts, are antioxidants and rich in amino acids and Vitamin E. This makes them the best natural source to improve your focus and problem-solving skills. The protein in nuts slows the glucose absorption in the body, ensuring that you don’t feel fatigued due to low sugar levels.

Just an ounce a day eaten directly or in your salad is enough to give your productivity a kick.

Keep them in place of the bag of chips or the pack of biscuits on your work desk.

Dark chocolate

This is another antioxidants-rich superfood. Dark chocolate contains caffeine that improves mental alertness, high flavanol cocoa that improves blood flow to the brain, and magnesium that helps you relax. The high cocoa content means a low sugar content, so that’s one more win. Eat a small piece especially on high-stress day to calm you down and enhance your work output.

Herbal teas

Here’s one more reason to fall in love with herbal teas. Green tea, passion tea, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) tea, ginger turmeric tea, honey lavender tea, jasmine tea, and so on— these herbal teas are natural energy enhancers and stress relievers. They reduce mental tiredness, improve your concentration and keep you hydrated.

Wake your brain up with a cup of productivity the next time you fall asleep on your desk.


Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. They are natural stimulants for improving the blood flow. This means more blood to the brain and, therefore, better concentration. It also means a lower risk of depression, productivity’s biggest nemesis. What helps is that it tastes good and is increasingly becoming easily available. Grab an avocado toast or make guacamole spread for your multi-grain bread. Chunks of avocado in your salad are food for both your body and soul.


This list isn’t complete without this life-giver, life-saver featuring in it. It’s very simple to explain too: if you are not hydrated enough, your mental and physical performance suffers. I’m sure a lot of us have experienced this quite a few times, so we know that this one is a real game changer.

Keep a bottle of water on your desk and sip some water every half an hour. If, like me, you forget to drink water, you could download a water reminder app on your phone.

So, the next time you need to sit down and focus on something, you know what should be on your desk.

Nikita Jhanglani is a technical and creative content writer, editor and book blogger. Currently, she is into world domination, one checklist at a time.



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The most common reason for going on a vacation is to rest and relax. But do you know you can enjoy a stress-free vacation where you will acquire more energy than ever? Yes, you can achieve that with the power of meditation. Including daily meditation in your vacation plans can help you fully utilize your retreat.

Why meditation?

It’s easy to get stressed out when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings. In the midst of foreign cities, new culture, and in some cases an unfamiliar language, going on a vacation can be a stressful experience. Fortunately, you can slow down when everything seems to be moving too fast. And that’s with the help of meditation.

According to a recent research from the University of California and Harvard Medical School, “vacationers who also meditate while on vacation are less likely to experience stress and depression.”

Here are a few ways meditation can help you achieve a stress-free vacation:

  1. You’ll experience much better sleep

One of the most crucial benefits of meditating before going to bed during vacations is that you can be sure of a deeper and highly energetic sleep. In fact, meditation can prevent conditions of insomnia.

  1. Meditation boosts energy

The hustling and buzzing that accompanies vacations, for example, going out to the beach, hiking, and other fun activities can suck up your energies. While some vacationers prefer to recharge their energy from caffeinated drinks (laden with sugar), meditation is a good way to combat the stress.

In the midst of daily busy schedules, set aside 10-20 minutes a day to meditate. It can help strengthen you to face the stress and challenges of the day. Once you start meditating, your body will powerfully replenish the energy lost from the daily activities.

  1. You’ll balance up perfectly

Another important reason you need to meditate on your vacation is to attain a level of balance. By balance, we mean an emotional and mental balance. A regular meditation stabilizes your mind, helps it becomes disciplined while you take charge of your emotions.

You’ll be totally free from getting controlled by your thoughts and emotions. You’ll rule over your vacation events and activities.

  1. You’ll be able to retain more vacation memory

Meditation allows you to focus and become more aware of what’s happening around you because your mind no longer wanders around. It calms the brain and greatly improves your memory. You’ll be able to recall important events or experiences even long after your vacay is over.

  1. Improved experiences

Many people ignore the power of meditation because they feel they don’t have time, most especially during vacation. But, here is a secret; meditation is not an independent activity. In fact, you can combine meditation with activities like sitting on the beach. This is a good time to plug in the headphone and practice a good meditation exercise.

Alternatively, you can mindfully connect with your environment by watching the waves crashes into the water.

  1. Enhances Mindful Eating

We have been there; you’re enjoying your vacation, eating the pizza while sipping the cold Red Bull with the tandoori paneer rolls and a Dr. Bubbles tea on the table. It’s great fun eating different kinds of foods on vacation. But eating too much of them on your vacation can be unhealthy. That’s where you need meditation. According to research, meditation can rewire the section of the brain associated with self-control. Mindful eating meditation can help you control your food choices and amount.

Conclusively, vacations can be sometimes hectic, but meditation can help fight stress. Remaining mindful can help you relax, calm down, and enjoy your vacation.

Sheryl Kraft is a freelance health writer and breast cancer survivor, born in Long Beach, New York.



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One of the many great things about Netflix (other than Sacred Games) is that just with a little digging around, you can find extraordinary documentaries that you would never know about without us. Following is the list of health documentaries from all over the world that may change the way you think about food, medicine, and disease from the last decade. The ranking is in NO order of preference:  

Period. End of Sentence (2018): The Academy Award winner for Best Documentary Short in February, 2019 – this documentary is about how women in a small town in India were stigmatized for the normal, healthy act of getting their period, while how a group of American high school students raised money to send them a sanitary-pad-making machine that changed their lives. Film Companion describes it as the same story as Akshay Kumar’s Padman, but from the lens of those, it should have been told: the women.

The Magic Pill (2017): This 89 min documentary directed by Robert Tate talks about the doctors, farmers, chefs and others who weigh in on the controversial ketogenic diet and its huge potential to eradicate common illness. It shows the importance of fat and how it should be embraced as a source of fuel. It raises a question for the people who followed the dietary guidelines as they were told – what to reduce and what to increase in their diet, but it did not change the statistics of heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

The C Word (2016): With the narration from the legendary Morgan Freeman comes a documentary about cancer. It has two narratives: one from Dr. David Servan-Schreiber who is a celebrated French neuroscientist and cancer revolutionary, and the other from film’s director, Meghan L. O’Hara. After successfully recovering from cancer their journey from diagnosis to wellness. Meghan and David join forces to expose systemic failings in our society, which reinforce the bad habits that predispose us to disease and also to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Forks Over Knives (2011): According to the research of two food scientists, the popularity of processed foods has led to epidemic rates of obesity, diabetes and other diseases. There is no doubt that the documentary has a bias towards a vegan diet, and they do seem to leave out facts for that very same reason. But, it follows experts as well as regular people who have transformed their health by eliminating animal products and byproducts.

Heal (2017): It has stories from spiritual leaders, physicians and those with chronic illness. They reveal the powerful connection between the human psyche and physical health. It has big names such as Dr Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. This documentary would remind you of how amazing impact our inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions truly have over our health.

Embrace (2016): It is a social impact documentary, which explores the issue of body image. It follows body image activist Taryn Brumfitt’s journey as she explores the global issue of body shaming, inspiring us to change the way we feel about ourselves and think about our bodies. The inspiration for ‘Embrace’ came about after the actor and director herself had posted an unconventional before-and-after image on the internet in 2013 which sparked the media frenzy. The image, which embraces body diversity, was seen by over 100 million people worldwide and led to hundreds of interviews and articles including this passion project.


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