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Preventive Care: Why alternative therapies for wellness are more important than ever today?

30 Jun, 2019
Preventive Care: Why alternative therapies for wellness are more important than ever today?

The use of alternative therapies has become quite famous and the reason is the ever-growing stress in today’s environment. A body needs to be in sync with its mind and soul to deal with the fast pace of the world. Sometimes when modern medicine isn’t providing the cure many turn to alternative therapies for betterment.

What are alternative therapies?

It is believed that a body has other dimensions than just the physical form of it. Hence, alternative therapies deal with a particular disease in the dimension above just physical levels and look after a person’s mental, spiritual and social status as well.  Alternative therapies are not an option for traditional medicine but an accompaniment to make it work better and resolve a health issue.

Alternative therapies include acupuncture, Ayurveda, homeopathy and many more other streams targetting different level of intricacies.

Why Alternative therapies are a good idea?

Believe it or not, the surroundings affect the way you work and it is valid for your health as well. No matter how calm you are the noise of traffic tends to get on nerves and plays a part in your mind and body’s state of balance. Everything is fast and it does affect your heart rate and the way it works. So, in this environment, it is best to keep yourself ready rather than blaming later for health issues.

Alternative therapies are used in many practices combined with traditional medicine to help a patient deal with problems that are beyond just physical pain. For example, aromatherapy is used to help a patient recover from a traumatic surgery. Hypnosis is used to help a patient get rid of chronical pains and acupuncture is used to cure stress and chronic back pain.

And there are many other alternative therapies that are used in combination with traditional medicine to cure a patient of various diseases. And sometimes it is just for the sake of feeling better about a condition. For example, dealing with the stress of fighting cancer and its treatment is a very critical situation. Alternative therapies help reduce stress and anxiety of a particular case like this. It still is a very hard journey but stress relieving therapies makes it easier.  

It is not hidden that medical treatments can cost you a fortune and can lead to so many other levels of worries and tensions. Hence, in today’s time, it is better to take care of your body and try to lean towards wellness. Though you don’t need a reason to be healthy and in control of your body but still if you need persuasion to follow a healthy routine, there are plenty.

      A healthy body resides a healthy mind

      Keep  you active and aware

      Blood pressure is controlled

      Keeps you away from cancer

These are just to name a few but there is no alternative to a healthy body and a positive mind. Wellness is a luxury in today’s time and achieving it doesn’t need a lot. Have a healthy routine, eat the right food and stay away from the negativity of any kind.

These will work like magic if you make them a mantra of your life. Take command of how your body behaves and reacts to any situation because, at the end of the day, it is you who makes a decision of what goes around in your life and how it turns out to be. If you keep your approach positive, everything will turn positive for you. Because happiness is not what you have and can achieve, it is a state of mind.

 Shivani Mehra is a budding author and a hopeless poet, a learning enthusiast and a dreamer who believes her dreams come true through writing.  

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Youthful Yoga: Wear a Healthy Skin

Youthful Yoga: Wear a Healthy Skin

It is not stated very often but the skin is the largest organ in our body, both in terms of weight and the surface area. It separates your body parts from the outside world. It is the protection you wear for your internal body organs. It also protects you from the different harmful organisms as it insulates your body.

Your skin is unique in so many different ways, but no other body organ demands so much attention and concern in both states of disease and health. The medical conditions around our skin are increased tremendously in the past few years. With the growing awareness around the issues concerned with skin-related diseases – you should totally opt for a natural solution for these problems. 

It is very interesting that there is a potential correlation between the two disciplines – Yoga and Dermatology. With the importance and awareness of practicing yoga has spread widely – it would have been inevitable that patients would likely inquire about the benefits of yoga in managing their skin problems, and even perhaps a chronic disease such as skin cancer.

Skin Cancer is Dangerous

The Australian actor Hugh Jackman who received a Guinness World Records certificate for having the longest career as a live-action superhero as Marvel X-Men’s Wolverine; had his sixth skin cancer removed back in 2016. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, this type of cancer is “usually caused because of a combination of cumulative and intense sun exposure.” The actor successfully used his reach to spread awareness of this disease. 

Skin cancer develops primarily on areas which are sun-exposed, including scalp, face, lips, ears, neck, chest, arms and hands, and on the legs in women. But it can also form on areas which rarely see the light of day – your palms, beneath your fingernails or toenails, and sometimes even your genital area. While it is important to understand that Yoga does not cure cancer, but it would at least stop the underlying symptoms of it. 

Yoga can Help

The sensitivity of the skin to the sun can be improved by improving blood circulation, balancing hormones, scavenging free radicals and delivering more oxygen to cells and making your immunity stronger to combat skin issues. Much of this can be achieved with following these simple 5 Yoga Asanas: 

  1. Standing Forward Bend: 

This yoga posture can help the blood circulation to your face, neck, and head, which are the common areas where skin cancer grows. It also helps to relax the facial muscles and balance out the hormones, thereby promoting healthy skin.

  1. Triangle Pose:

It helps you to remove toxins, kill free radicals and clear out blockages. As the facial muscles lose tension and relax, your skin may be left healthy and glowing. This posture is supposed to help open your hips, torso, and heart which increases the blood circulation. 

  1. Wind Relieving Pose:

This stimulates and regulates your digestive system. It not only helps you to flush out the toxin of the system but also improves your blood circulation, which helps you to clear the skin of acne and blemishes.  

  1. Cobra Pose:

As you stretch and open up your heart and lungs, your breathing improves. When you breathe in more oxygen, your circulation automatically improves. With better oxygen delivery it can help you to remove toxins and scavenge free radicals throughout your body. The pose is also known to regulate your hormones. This pose also improves skin conditions such as premature aging, acne, and psoriasis. 

  1. Legs Up The Wall: 

Practicing this on a regular basis may help you to achieve scavenge free radicals and also increase in the supply of oxygen to the face. Which can help you clear toxins out of your system? And your skin will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

While the above-given yoga practices may help your skin in improving its circulation, delivering oxygen to cells and relieving stress, it’s always best to get professional help if you suspect something is far more serious. Don’t forget to wear your best skin every day!

Omkar Kulkarni is a self-proclaimed art appreciator, a certified film reviewer and someone’s favorite human being.

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Pride Month 2019: Love is for all

29 Jun, 2019
Pride Month 2019: Love is for all

For most of us, love is an easy term. Movies, novels and most of the media around us gives us a stereotype of couples and love. Love, according to the 10-year-old me was this couple who looked absolutely perfect together. A young, vibrant, bubbly girl with a suited, neat young boy. Now shut your eyes and imagine if this was the same image that you had about an ‘ideal’ couple, a few years ago.

But as I grew, I found myself hearing a variety of terms like homosexuality, lesbians, gay, etc. But just as it should be, none of these ideas have changed my views on love. Does that sound strange to you? It MAY.

Love, in every and any sense, must be respected and welcomed. When you hear about a gay couple or a lesbian couple, there is no need to roll your eye in disbelief (totally referring to Kirron Kher’s expression in ‘Maa Da Ladla’ from Dostana). Here are 3 things you need to totally know about celebrating the RIGHT TO LOVE ANYONE WITHOUT JUDGING, on this Pride Month (June 2019):

  1. It’s not your business: Yes, just as blunt as it may sound, what your neighbour’s sexuality is- ISN’T for you to choose, shame or comment about. It’s not your business. What an individual does in one’s bedroom is not for you to decide.
  2. Judging someone isn’t really something you should be proud of: Judging yourself or others, is a literal crime- Read that again! Irrespective of my sexual orientation, there’s no reason why someone can justify something as baseless as judging can get. When Fawad Khan was shown to be in a relationship with a man, it was all things unconventional. Be it his macho-man image, his brief kiss with Alia Bhatt or simply the fact that he didn’t judge himself. That’s the thing we are talking about. STOP judging yourself and those around you. If you still feel you are entitled to have an opinion on other’s sexual preference and existence, please stay away!
  3. Love can’t be convenient: For those of you who feel that love is like being in a nice cafe and kissing your night away on all times- sorry, you got it wrong. Love is about standing beside a person through thick and thin. It is something that is unconditional and intense at all times, right? When you see the passionate love between Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in Ram-Leela or the crazy love between Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in Tamashaa, you may get the feeling that love is always in the same range. But in real life, love is about growing with a person, it is about falling with and rising with a person. In any case, any form of love- whether it is between the same sexes or different sexes, you must know that it must be welcomed wholeheartedly.

For those reading this post with a grim face, relax. You’re a flyspeck in this huge universe and you not agreeing to someone’s love choice- is not really something that you should be gloating about! Let your thoughts evolve to create a better and informed you (Also, spare the world of your narrow thoughts pls).

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Bounce Back: Rekindle with Yourself after a Breakup

Bounce Back: Rekindle with Yourself after a Breakup

No matter how much anyone tries to convince you that, “Life is short, make the most out of it.”; Life is actually quite big for you to experience plenty of things, and which for once will teach you plenty more things. In your lifetime, you certainly would go through plenty of things, which, to generalize are sometimes of Joy or Sorrow. Breakups are bad. But they can also be seen as an opportunity. 

Though it becomes hard to navigate your life after a breakup, it certainly helps you to understand your own pain points and area that you probably need to work hard towards. It can be an eye-opener for some of us – you might just end up realizing that you were dampening your own growth all this time. 

What are Heart Breaks like?

When all the Arjit Singh songs make sense to you, it is disappointing and exhausting. The entire process of splitting up with someone you once shared your life to be with is heart-wrenching. To be better you need to buckle up and pull your socks up with the little energy you have left in you to change your course from a heartbreak. But it is important to move on and respect your life enough to focus on a straight and a rational thought process. 

Focus and clarity are essential to lead a purpose-filled life, but it is next to impossible if asked you to do it right after a breakup. I’d like to motivate you to use this time to put your attention on the person who needs it the most now  and spoiler warning, it’s not your ex – it’s you. Given below are four practices that you should follow to get yourself back on track: 

  1. Give Time- TIME: 

People often say, “Time heals all wounds.” Allowing yourself some time to return to wholeness and rediscover yourself anew is absolutely necessary. Make it a divine time to tune in to your natural rhythms. Start maintaining a journal, reflect and reunite with your dreams and learn to prioritize yourself first. Give yourself enough time to think things over and rekindle with yourself. It’s the best form of self-respect that shows you and the world how valuable you are. You can even try meditation in your time to reach out to your potential energy.

  1. Understand Emotions

You would hear this all the time from the people around you, after a terrible breakup – “I am so sorry it happened”, “don’t be sad, it’ll be okay.” You need to understand that it is okay to feel sad. It is okay to acknowledge whatever happened to you then run away from these emotions. The more you run away, the more lasting will be its impact. The worse than this, it can turn into is – if these ignored emotions take the best of you, it can even manifest into a chronic disease. 

  1. Be Vulnerable: 

Now at first, it doesn’t seem like a piece of good advice to be vulnerable in front of someone, but it is the ultimate cure to loneliness. When it comes to vulnerability – post break up is one of the most genuine opportunities for you to showcase your identity, because you’re no longer bound with your partner. It may seem like an easy thing, to go to a bar and tell the bartender about your horrible break up – but it requires you to be authentic and it can only be attained after self-acceptance. It’s in the moment when you are so comfortable with your own “flaws” you can come across as a relatable person, that even you’d like to hang out with and it is the best cure for a breakup.

  1. Love Yourself: 

Ideally, this should have been the first thing that one should do after a breakup, but it is not very easy. There’s a process by which you can start loving yourself again. Focus on your health, focus on your career, focus on your long term goals – they all say that. But there is never a link to all of them. In my opinion, if you get in touch with your bruised identity after the breakup – it will help you to dominate in all your fields of life. Better health and better environment you surround yourself with will always lead to enhanced well-being and therefore better future relationships. But it must begin with you.

Being in a relationship is supposed to help you be a better person. But that doesn’t mean you need to find yourself another companion right after a heartbreak. Try to help yourself in being better, fall in love with taking care of yourself – mind, body, and spirit; and it will all fall into place. 

Omkar Kulkarni is a self-proclaimed art appreciator, a certified film reviewer and someone’s favorite human being.

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Be Fit

Walk Your Way To Wellness: Mindful Walking 

28 Jun, 2019
Walk Your Way To Wellness: Mindful Walking 

When was the last time you walked alone – through the city, your neighborhood, or a small hiking trail? What was on your mind? Were you listening to your favorite playlist? Or were you too engrossed in counting your miles? Or were you lost in thought about someone or something? It is very common for our legs to move when our mind is wandering. 

There are often many nay-sayers who have criticized walking meditation, claiming that it cannot derive benefits or good results from it. But, walking meditation is designed to bring body and mind in sync while we’re out and strolling. It’s a great alternative for those who don’t like to sit and close the eyes to meditate, as this trains the mind in awareness. The art of walking meditation is to learn and to be aware as you walk. It uses the natural movement of walking to cultivate mindfulness. 

Setting up a Biological Clock

Although mindful walking is less of a leap from modern life than a sitting mindfulness practice, the habit can still be a tough challenge to develop. I would like to list a few research-backed strategies that can make your practice easier to sustain. 

To make something look like an effortless habit, it’s necessary to have a trigger that will remind you to do the activity regularly. One of the most available strategies is to use an app like Google Calendar on your smartphone to set a daily reminder which will help to be free to go on a mindful walk.

Another strategy is to practice your mindful walk immediately before or after your work every day, and similarly on days when you don’t have work. Consistency is the key here, and it will make the habit substantially easier to maintain because your mind will begin to associate mindful walking with the specific time of day you set aside for your practice, developing a biological clock and effective muscle memory. 


Mindful walking can lead to some healthy set of benefits compared to its seated counterpart. The practice brings you closer to nature and your body, as well. I’d like to share my top 6 reasons to give mindful walking a shot.

  1. Stress Reliever:

If you’re sitting at your desk at work struggling to come up with a solution to a problem to have more focus and energy – the answer just won’t come or feeling so uptight that you’re no longer productive. A small ten-minute mindful walk may be all you need to get back on track. It is a much welcome break from the grunting and pulling weights at the gym. It is also very much accessible to everyone. 

  1. Embrace Nature:

There’s a shift in atmosphere when you walk on a treadmill and when you walk outdoors. Taking a walk outdoors can break you out of your countless chains of thoughts. The blissful obstruction of scenery may help you to shift your awareness to prioritizing your essential needs. As the noise of our crazy loud criticizing world fades off within the greens of nature. It calms your mind and you get to experience the silence and stillness.

  1. Builds Strength: 

It is one of the most underrated exercises – it gets your body and muscles moving. That’s an added perk of moving meditations. When practiced for longer periods of time, walking meditation can actually build up your strength and stamina. It can also prove to quite helpful after a meal or upon waking up from sleep to maintain healthy body metabolism.

  1. Makes you Happy:

Different people have a different attitude towards meditation. Learn to do the things that you enjoy the most. Walking can prove to be invigorating and energizing for both the body and the mind, resulting in making you happier.

  1. Strengthening Bones: 

An exercise, that does not make you sweat can help your body – you may find it hard to believe. This low-impact exercise prevents the loss of bone density, resulting in reducing the risk of osteoporosis, fracture, and injuries. As bones determine our framework, the stronger and healthier bones are it helps to improve you with your posture, stamina, and balance.

  1. Improves Concentration: 

It is very difficult to forget, something that we have been taught in our early childhood i.e. how to walk. It becomes a natural process over a course of time. But once you start to analyze your walks and concentrate on it process you would realize the underrated nature of it. Walking helps to supply the brain with the required amounts of oxygen and glucose, which helps the same to perform better. Bottom line, it improves your blood circulation, which also helps the brain and cellular functions to perform to its fullest potential.

Omkar Kulkarni is a self-proclaimed art appreciator, a certified film reviewer and someone’s favorite human being.

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World Of Wellness: What Narendra Modi Means For The World Of Meditation And Yoga

World Of Wellness: What Narendra Modi Means For The World Of Meditation And Yoga

Whether it’s meditating in caves in the Himalayas or performing Asanas on stones, our beloved Narendra Modi is known for two things – for being the prime minister of India and for his ardent love for yoga. Most of the Indians who had no idea about the health benefits of yoga were introduced to this ancient fitness regime when PM Modi declared his love for yoga unabashedly. Let’s take a look at factors that led to a sudden wave of yoga lovers and how crucial a part the prime minister of India plays in this influence. 

The Wellness Wave

Our hectic lifestyle and overexposure to technology has not only led to an increase in the number of healthcare cases but has also given rise to new health ailments. Stress-related conditions and psychosomatic ailments have made health problems more complicated. This complication sometimes requires more than allopathic treatments. As a result, there’s a surge in alternative therapies and treatments for several such ailments, yoga, and meditation being in the forefront.

Unlike baby boomers, millennials do not have age barriers for any disease. Age is just a number even in the healthcare industry now. The rise in a number of such health ailments among people of all ages has made us more aware of holistic treatments and therapies. Yoga and meditation are known to be long term solutions for our health problems. As people are looking for alternatives that go beyond just taming the disease and actually eliminating it from its root, more of them are opting for yoga and meditation. 

The Leader drives the change

A leader’s beliefs and values often impact his/her followers. They mirror their leader’s actions and conduct themselves in the same manner. Not many know that he was the one to lobby United Nations to name June 21 as a Yoga day. Yes, you heard that right! His love for Yoga has literally given rise to International Yoga day.

From actively promoting yoga for wellness to naming yoga as embodiments of peace and happiness, Modi has translated his love for yoga into his mission statement for prosperity. When the leader speaks of how can the followers not take notice!

Many Indians have taken notice of yoga and meditation and have actively started incorporating these practices in their daily routine. Hence, yoga is no longer limited to urban elite practicing it in plush studios, it is now the regime of the masses.

If you are still wondering what has led Modi and several other Indians to become ardent followers of Yoga then read on to know the benefits of this ancient practice:

  1. Increased muscle strength
    If you are not a yoga practitioner then it is very likely that you might be surprised by this fact. A lot of Asanas in Yoga focus on strengthening the core and some require you to hold a particular posture. This increases your muscle strength and also your concentration.
  2. Cardio and circulatory health
    Cardiac problems are increasing at an alarming rate, especially among millennials. During such times, yoga is the need of the hour. Yoga and meditation are known for adjusting or rectifying the rhythm of the cardiac cycle and also improve circulatory health. As meditation helps in calming our thoughts, it automatically reflects on the cardiac cycle.
  3. Mindfulness
    We all have heard this buzz word and about its several benefits. However, we seldom understand what it actually means. Mindfulness is nothing but the ability to be present completely in the moment. As yoga requires you to concentrate on every posture. you automatically learn mindfulness.

Strong values and beliefs have power beyond imagination. According to the Economic Times, yoga is no longer just a national interest it has, in fact, being used to exert India’s power on a global scale. Now that many of you are engulfed by this yoga wave don’t hesitate to dive into it for a peaceful body and mind.

 Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems. 

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Press it to Perfection: Press to Sleep – Not Snooze

Press it to Perfection: Press to Sleep – Not Snooze

One of the most trending disorders amongst adults – is sleeping disorders. In most cases they are temporary – usually caused by stress or tension. If you work on it, it gets better with time, but a chronic sleep disorder can interfere with your daily life and health.

As it affects your quality of sleep and lack of restful sleep – it impacts your energy levels, emotional balance, and general health. Regardless of how often you have been suffering from these sleeping disorders, acupressure may provide some relief. Acupressure involves using physical touch to stimulate the pressure points of your body, which corresponds to different aspects of physical and mental health.

The effect of acupressure can be seen maximum when performed by a professional, you can also try using these pressure points to relax and get maximum rest and curb your sleeping disorders. Given below are a few of the easy examples that you can try at your home and fall asleep easily.

Press to Sleep: 

  1. Outer Wrist: It is located below your little finger at the crease on your outer wrist.

Steps to follow:  

  • Try to feel for a hollow space in the area and try to apply gentle pressure in a round movement. 
  • Continue this for a time period of two to three minutes 
  • Hold and press the left side of the point with slight pressure for a few seconds and change the side. 
  • Repeat the same on your other wrist. 
  • This pressure point is associated with quieting your mind, which can help you fall asleep. 
  1. Ankle: Try locating a point just above your ankle on your inner leg, this is a professional term is known as the three yin intersection point. 

Steps to follow:  

  • Try locating the highest point on your ankle. 
  • Get your fingers about four inches above your ankle
  • Apply deep pressure slightly behind your lower leg bone, and continue applying gentle pressure for three to four seconds.

Important Note: It is also associated with inducing labor, so it is not recommended for pregnant women.

  1. Sole: On your sole, it is below your thumb to – the middle of your foot lies the bubbling spring joint.

Steps to follow: 

  • Lie down on your back, bend your knees just enough to reach your feet with your hands.
  • Take one foot in your hand and try curling your toes 
  • Try to find the hollow space on the sole of your foot 
  • Apply firm pressure and massage this point for a few minutes. 

This pressure point is believed to ground your energy and puts you to sleep promptly. 

  1. Wind Pool: You can find this point located at the back of your neck. It is the point where your neck muscles attach to your skull. 

Steps to follow: 

  • Clasp your hands together and gently open your palms with your fingers.
  • Try to create an interlock to create a cup shape with your hands. 
  • Use your thumbs to apply a deep and firm pressure towards your skull, and continue the movements and massage this area for four to five seconds. 

This pressure point can help you to reduce respiratory symptoms – such as coughing. It is known to reduce stress and calming the mind. You might have suffered from a sleeping disorder at least once in your lives. This natural remedy can improve your sleep if you follow this for 15 minutes before going to bed. 

Omkar Kulkarni is a self-proclaimed art appreciator, a certified film reviewer and someone’s favorite human being.

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Can spiritual people be in a happy relationship?

Can spiritual people be in a happy relationship?

Spirituality is a guiding philosophy for life. It holds a mirror to us and others around us. With its way of delving into the ideologies and its accompanying reasons and clarifications, spirituality wipes the doubts and complexities in our lives and helps us understand the core principle and the meaning behind lifestyle and practices. Wherever religion leaves us in an enigma that is cloaked in the dogmatic following, spirituality offers reason and also a deeper insight into the actual meaning of it. Spirituality gives a strong handle on how-tos in life. 

Spirituality in relationships

According to an article in The Guardian, UK, one in five Americans is spiritual and not religious. Their relationships also have a realistic take leaving no room for pretense and artifice. They live in so-called ‘rational amazement’- mindful of each minute and being aware of what they do. 

In fact, spirituality establishes the strongest bond with life. It tells us about the universe, of the threads of engagement that connects us. In intimate relationships such as that between a husband and wife, mother and daughter, siblings and others, spiritual people engage in making the everyday experiences richer and significant than the rest. 

When is it win-win?

When do spiritual ideologies win? Only if both parties involved belong to the same school of following and are on the same page. If one’s principle overrides the other, there is a possibility for conflicts and clashes. 

There are schools that impart legacies of resistance; that enjoyment should be offset by punishment. Haven’t we heard of spiritual schools that preach that too much of happiness always leads to equally tormenting sorrow? There are teachings that instigate hatred and animosity towards other people. Particularly women are always described as sensuous and those with lesser emotional wisdom. These kinds of tunneled visions and legacies do nothing other than confusing and misleading people. This is where spirituality plays a vilified role in relationships. 

Spirituality and romance

Falling in love is a surreal experience. In the initial time of knowing each other and courtship, everything about each other is covered in starry, golden love dust. The mutual love for each other is the nourishment your soul receives and thrives on. This is when you understand and process each other’s thoughts without effort and an unspoken understanding. 

In the Indian context, love culminates in marriage. Indian marriages are not just about the husband and the wife. It connects families and is regarded as a bond that connects generations.     

But as time wears on the magic of marriage and romance wears off. The couple finds themselves in the middle of nowhere with no leads to go forward or backward. This is the moment of reckoning. This is when they should start working harder to develop the relationship, honor it. Spirituality comes of great help in marriages and relationships. 

Relationship rules

Relationships follow a bigger, mightier scheme of the union. Anybody who enters your life has a purpose to meet and learning to leave you with. With this facet in mind, always treat all relationships as significant and valuable. Partners in romance take a special place. Reflection doesn’t need to happen only when there is a problem. Always look inwards. Accept your nature just like you internalize your partner’s true nature. Keep your expectations low. Find joy in giving. Keep your aura clean and pure, without resentment and remorse. Share and respect each other’s interests. Find your common ground, honor it. Commit to talking, communicating, discussing and troubleshooting. 

Our thoughts carry certain energies and vibrations. Touch is the best way to communicate your unspoken thoughts and wishes. Cultivate an intimacy that takes your relationship beyond skirmishes and conflicts. This is the way to build and groom your spiritual love and union.             

The golden rules of spirituality

One of the most important tenets of spirituality is fulfillment and ever-lasting happiness. Fulfillment comes only when we connect with others. Learn to let go of things and learn to move on. Don’t stick to your views. Listen to and value others’ too. Practice forgiveness. Cherish the learning and apply it to life situations. Always identify the best out of your experiences and show gratitude to the deserving people and situations that have taught you the enduring learning. Meditate to recognize and connect with your true self. Live everyday; live mindfully and remember that, after all, we are a flyspeck in this universe.  

Vijayalakshmi Sridhar’s stories explore human relationships and their dynamics. She is enjoying her journey as a writer of fiction and features.     

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Dirty Money: The Battle Between Necessary and Compulsory

Dirty Money: The Battle Between Necessary and Compulsory

There’s a common saying which goes “the rich get richer,” and while that may hold true – it’s not always done through legal or moral methods. ‘Dirty Money’, Netflix’s documentary series takes a look at the stories of scandal and corruption in business, exposing acts of corporate greed and corruption – without taking in the humane aspect of it.

The stories range from Nazi Germany’s car manufacturing company to the 45th president of the United States of America. It has been told in such a riveting manner that you would be hooked to it within minutes. This is not just your ordinary Netflix and Chill segment show – this will provoke you to unravel the dark places that you would go to earn the extra buck. 

The impact of these documentary series is often underrated as they mostly get lost in the limelight of the commercial streaming shows. The show not only left me daunting but also made me question myself – would I go to these extremes to get that extra million?

Earning money: How much is too much?

Money is one of the most emotional subjects on the planet. It is often said that you should never ask one of how much they earn. Most of the people are more comfortable with sharing the intimate details of their sex lives with friends than sharing the intimate details of their bank passbooks. What does money stand for though, other than a smooth exchange of goods and services? So, why is it that you have an emotional relationship with money? And what is it that gives money its emotional power? One answer is that you, yourself. 

Many people have an unhealthy relationship with money.  And most of the times, it’s not their fault. Some of you have been taught to think about money in a certain way since you were a child. Which as a result, instead of inheriting money, you inherited your unhealthy relationship with it.  Some people have had some bad experiences around money or lack thereof at some point, and they carry around this sad feeling their whole lives. 

There are even whole industries that perpetuate an unhealthy relationship with money – Take the pilot documentary as an example, a renowned car manufacturing company in order to spend less money in developing an environmentally friendly engine, was willing to jeopardize the environment. Earning money at the cost of a poor air quality index was something that the greed of money did to them. 

Financial Wellness

We all demonstrate a strong need for financial independence, but it’s not just about being able to pay your bills or partying whenever you like to. It is about developing a healthy relationship with money – being able to control and pay your short term financial obligations, while also working towards the medium and long term goals will help you to attain the financial wellness. This documentary awestruck me with the kind of level the showcased businessmen were willing to stoop down on the moral scale in order to increase their businesses.

Need or Want?

You and I are human beings, we have very few basic needs. Safety and independence are namely two of them. It is when the line of distinction starts to become blurry for you and you start acting so irrational towards a luxury lifestyle that you are willing to sabotage anything or anyone just to have your bank account credited with more money. For most individuals, money was always linked with living their life to the best but for most of them, money was just a means of survival.

This 6-episode docuseries is an eye opener towards the corporations and celebrities who have been enjoying their limelight at the cost of others – but this documentary series doesn’t hold the classic prejudice against the capitalists like usual, as it lays down every story piece by piece for you to understand and realize the lengths humans go to for something which is merely something that is used to conduct smooth transfer of goods and services.

Omkar Kulkarni is a self-proclaimed art appreciator, a certified film reviewer and someone’s favorite human being.

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Does thought have power?

Does thought have power?
You probably have heard it before:
  • You can create your own success, your own reality and remember that the power of your mind is stronger than the power of circumstances. But why is it then that some people seem to be plagued by negative events, or do not get ahead, feel captured by their circumstances, while other people fly high like eagles in the sky, creating their success left and right?
  • Do we actually live in a consciousness interactive universe?
  • Does our consciousness affect physical reality?
Let me ask you:
  • Have you ever manifested a parking spot for yourself?
  • Have you known someone who created miracles through consciousness?
Whether it was through prayer, or having gone through some kind of training, or based on healing through the power of thoughts from a healer, have you known someone who has created what appeared like a miracle?
My grandfather told me such a story when I grew up as a child. My grandmother had the shingles, a type of very painful inflammation of the skin. My grandfather did not know what to do. He did not believe in any kind of long-distance healing or healing of mental kind at all. But he didn’t know what else to do after all doctors failed, so he took my grandmother to such a healer.
But because he did not have the belief that such things could exist, the healer sent him out of the room. The healer used the power of his focused mind, and pre envision to the healed condition of my grandmother, said a few magical words and VOILA! my grandmother healed overnight.
My grandfather had no logical answers and had to succumb to accepting the power of something that was far beyond the logical mind.
Later on, a Chinese acupuncturist who became our friend healed people when everybody else had given up on them. He told us that he used to see his grandfather float when he himself was still a young boy.
His grandfather was part of the spiritual boxing revolution, and they had practiced being invincible to swords.
And he was able to float mid-air. Our acupuncturist doctor and friend had seen his grandfather float mid-air with his own eyes as a child, so he never questioned such miracles.
To him, miracles were normal. Supernatural Powers were normal.
But are those miraculous powers reserved to the few special supernatural people? What if I told you that we all have the birthright to communicate with the universe and to be powerful agents of positive change.
But it takes practice.
The good news is that with enough training and knowing how our consciousness works, you can learn to access the power of the super dimensional universe. The universe is designed for us to talk to it. The universe created us and our brain so that when we align our mind like a laser beam which we can reach to the end of time and space with our mind and create miracles if need be.
Just like a pianist has to learn to play the piano, and practice his fingers, and like a bodybuilder has to build his muscles through diligent practice, so to do we need to practice the power of our focused mind.
Step by step we will get results: And I want to share with you five of steps that you can take right now to create results in your life-
  1. Firstly, you need to be clear about what you want. It is best if you write your goals and dreams down.
  2. Secondly, you need to spend some time every single day experiencing the absolute fulfillment in your inner mind and soul, seeing and feeling as if your goal or dream is already manifested and happening. It doesn’t need to be long!
    Just 5 to 10 minutes every morning and in 5 to 10 minutes in the evening work just fine.
  3. Focus your mind every evening before going to sleep and request the universe to help you reach your desired goals. You will draw towards you all the resources you need in order to make your dream come true and to find your answers.
  4. Be honest with yourself. Tune into your heart and soul; find out where you have doubts, where you have negative feelings. We may want to have a million dollars, but at the same time, we may feel like we don’t deserve it. We may want to lose weight, but at the same time think that we are eating too much and secretively envision gaining weight.
    These contradictory thoughts happen all the time, however, they are the reason that we undermine the power of our subconscious mind. But we do need to deal with our negative thoughts and feelings. We need to align all our thoughts and feelings, just like a laser light is aligning all the photons, in the same direction.
    When you practice aligning the energy of your thoughts and feelings, they will have the power to create the kind of results you intend to have.
    Deal with the negative emotions, negative self-talk or doubts by utilizing a type of self-hypnosis or similar Quantum transformative method which helps you to redirect and transform your negative energy into its positive wish fulfilled. There are many different techniques in order to address negative emotions. But one thing is sure:
    You will need to address and transform your negative and contradictory thoughts and emotions, in order to achieve your positive goals. The wonderful thing is that negative emotions will show you the way into your fulfilled future and become your allies.
  5. And last but not least, practice your connection to your own innermost soul and your connection to the Divine. The universe is listening, in whatever way you can imagine that there is a greater force, you can communicate with it.
The universe is waiting for you.
Ilona Selke is an international, multiple times bestselling author, and has been teaching Living from Vision techniques to create successful lives since 1989. Her latest book is called DREAM BIG – THE UNIVERSE IS LISTENING
You can test-drive the powerful Living from Vision on-line course at this website – https://www.thriiveonline.com/

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