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3 thoughtful last-minute Christmas gift ideas for serial procrastinators

3 thoughtful last-minute Christmas gift ideas for serial procrastinators

24 Dec, 2019

Time’s running out! It’s Christmas eve. It’s time to celebrate, but not for you if you are running helter-skelter, trying to get last-minute gifts.
While there are some classic last-minute gift ideas like a wine bottle, chocolate hamper, gift cards or perfumes, but don’t they scream that you were lazy enough to not put any thought and effort in selecting a gift? Well, fret not, we are here to rescue. Here are a few gift ideas that will make you into a Holiday Hero! Here goes:

Christmas Cactus – A Low-Maintenance Gift
As we slide into winters, supermarkets and garden centres cram their shelves with various Christmas houseplants. From orchids to Christmas ferns, many of these seasonal favourites can be extremely attractive, but often hard to keep alive in the atmosphere of an average living room. There is, though, a traditional, and mostly overlooked, a houseplant that is much sustainable and easy to care: the exotic Christmas cactus. That’s why this little beauty makes the perfect Christmas gift. Christmas cactuses are popular for their vibrant red blooms that pop during this time of the year and, as a part of the succulent family, they do not need much water to survive. The best part – even if the blooms fade, their striking architectural form makes them look great year-round.

Fitness Club Coupons – Healthy Post-Holiday Recovery
For most of us, Christmas is a time for mulled wine, cheesecakes, and mince pies, but we also have fitness fans who prefer ticking their wellness goals as soon as the holiday season ends. For such close friends, colleagues, or family members, joining a fitness club may or may not always be possible – either because they’re a student, or have exorbitant home expenses, or possibly due to a job loss. You can help them attain their health targets by gifting fitness club coupons along with other fitness items like a navigation device, gym vests, or Pilates and yoga mats. We are all aware that during the holidays, be it Diwali or Christmas, fitness clubs give away discount coupons to lure health-conscious as well as not-so health-conscious people. Find one of such clubs in the vicinity of your loved one and surprise him or her with the coupons.

Give the gift of a vacation
If you want to save some money, cut down on clutter, and accommodate an unforgettable family bonding time, consider surprising your loved ones with a vacation or a mini-weekend getaway as a Christmas gift. Since giving tangible gifts is common for Christmas, your friends or family won’t expect the gift of a trip! While a vacation might seem expensive as compared to other options, you’ll be surprised to know that the reality is otherwise, if you take a minute to calculate the crazy cost of gifts that easily surpass your average budget. The gift of a vacation means you’ll learn new things about your loved ones, you’re going to have plenty of time together, and it’s going to be a chance to explore different places, cultures, and traditions. This is a gift everybody will remember for years to come, in contrast to new toys, clothes, or electronics.

Celebrate the Season of Giving: Seal, Sign and Send!
All this while, you didn’t realise how close Christmas was – and now, its practically here. But we’ve presented a list of last-minute Christmas gift ideas to you, so this needn’t be a stressful time. The only stress you need to take is of watching and seizing the look on your loved one’s face as they unwrap your presents. Leave them startled with one of these unique, thoughtful gifts!

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