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Absolute Ayurveda: 3 Ways To Achieve Weight-Loss Without Dieting

Absolute Ayurveda: 3 Ways To Achieve Weight-Loss Without Dieting

12 Jun, 2019

Nobody enjoys dieting. Believe it or not, nobody wants to say no to those tempting foods and opt for super- small portions of bland food. Perhaps yes, completely avoiding a particular food from your list can really screw up your mood and those constant calorie counts and weight measure also do their bit of annoying you. Trust us, these dieting tips aren’t sustainable. Simply put, nobody likes to be put under restrictions. That’s why we need to find a super sustainable, highly-charged yet simple fool-proof way to lose weight!

Ayurveda is your solution. This ancient medicine has a very harmonious yet guaranteed way to lose weight. No eliminating diets, no restrictions as such but just mindful eating. Here’s how you lose weight according to Ayurveda.

Ayuredic Tips For Weight- Loss

Ayurvedic principles are simple. It emphasizes that it’s important to know how to eat rather than what to eat. So to say, there is no principle of counting calories in Ayurveda. Rather, it says that one should focus on improving their digestion than to cut down on what they eat. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Morning regime: Always start your day with a large glass of warm water with lemon, first thing in the morning. This helps in improving your digestive system and is an excellent kick-start to your day.
  2. Never skip lunch- EVER: If you ever want to know how and when to eat, you must observe nature. We humans must always work in tandem with nature.  So, observe the sun and the intensity of its rays. The time in which you have your lunch must be the one where the rays are the maximum. Your digestive capacity is at its peak when the Sun is fiery. During midday, digestion is strong, food is absorbed properly and transformed into healthy body tissues. Therefore, eating a hearty lunch that is aligned with your body’s natural rhythm is integral.
  3. Eat according to the season: When we feast on organic and local food, our bodies can naturally digest and assimilate all its nutrients. This goes to say that it is nature’s way of telling you what is easy for you to digest and keep you healthy. SO gorge on those mangoes during summers, colourful fruits, and vegetables in winter as well as those bhuttas (corn) in monsoon. There is absolutely no harm in having what nature provides you naturally- in its time. Make sure, you don’t go overboard with it.

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