Are you swiping right to Casual Dating? Is it really for you? |
Are you swiping right to Casual Dating? Is it really for you?

Are you swiping right to Casual Dating? Is it really for you?

8 Nov, 2019

  • A report by the global search engine, Google in May stated that the searches for dating are growing faster than matrimony queries in India.
  • Major dating companies believe that the growing demand for online dating in India is driven by its female population.
  • Women use dating apps to feel validated, confirm attractiveness, whereas men get into casual dating for casual sex observes study.

“That girl looks very pretty. Lemme try to look for her on Tinder”

Seems like any typical millennial language, doesn’t it? Well, it is. Millennials these days are looking for a lot of things in their partners- luxurious living, approachable personality and a lot more. But one of the odd-truths is the fact that a lot of people are looking at casual dating- a relationship without commitments and responsibility as a criterion for dating. Call it attitudinal shift or a change in the understanding of relationships, we have come a long way from the ideal relationship rules.

What is casual dating?

For a lot of people, casual dating could be the same as hooking up with someone- but honestly, these are two different things. Casual dating could be defined as a desire to maintain a relationship but doesn’t involve commitment whereas hooking up is necessarily about physical intimacy without any emotional involvement.

Is it for you?

For the 23-year-old marketing professional Mira K (name changed), dating was synonymous with having fun. It meant validation in terms of her looks and personality and for her, it meant there was so much that she could do in terms of her freedom. There was nobody to ask her why she thought in a certain way or so, at the same time there was plenty of thrill, pampering as well as intimacy. That’s exactly what she was looking for in her relationship. Commitment wasn’t a burden that she was willing to carry on her shoulder.

Does this story seem like just another youth story? Well, it could be the story of at least 3 people you know in your close circle. So why has casual dating become a regular feature in our daily lives? Is it too cool to be discarded? Honestly, NO.

Casual dating could be for you:

  • if you are looking to be in a relationship with ‘no strings attached’.
  • if you aren’t sure enough to commit in a relationship.
  • if you aren’t cheating on your partner (because that can be an emotional game).
  • if you aren’t doing it because you want to escape for an existing relationship or a bad break up.
  • if it feels right for you.

Nobody can ever be fully sure if it is right for you, EXCEPT YOU. The reasons for a person to get into a casual relationship could be anything from a fling to a sexual urge or desire, but make sure you don’t get into the rut of emotional exhaustion.

Can casual dating lead to a relationship?

Well, YES. A lot of casual relationships end up being really sad and gloomy when one person in the relationship starts becoming serious. If that one person is you, you must immediately get that to your partner’s notice and discuss things further. Moreover, remember that not everyone thinks alike and your partner might not be ready for such a relationship either.

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