At home exercises and stretches to keep fit during the Covid-19 lockdown |
At home exercises and stretches to keep fit during the Covid-19 lockdown

At home exercises and stretches to keep fit during the Covid-19 lockdown

2 Apr, 2020

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while the country is in isolation certainly has its challenges. Working from home results in a loss of routine and a further loss of snacks in the closet. With most outdoor activities now dangerous due to the coronavirus pandemic, it could be tempting to curl up in a ball and frenzy Netflix.

Home isolation can be a grim reality for many of us at some point in 2020, but according to Farhan Sayed, Personal Fitness and Wellness Coach, this is no excuse to start relaxing. Your body is all you need; anything outside of that is an added bonus. He adds that you can turn any environment into a training space, and there is no excuse for not having very good training when you are at home.

Basic home training could be supplemented with yoga mats, resistance bands, jump rope, kettle bells and dumbbells – and that other non-essential but nice thing to have is an exercise partner.

Having someone else to exercise with always adds a little extra competition and keeps things fun and with so many people procrastinating to stay fit, we are sure you will find not one, but many partners. 

No work-from-home or work at-home excuses please

You might be working from home for the same number of hours but don’t forget, you have freedom from commute and fatigue. This adds up to your available time and energy for exercise. Begin with stretching for 10-15 minutes at least 3 times a day. This will provide your neck and back the much-needed relief.  

Also, when you begin with your home workout, it is necessary that you stretch before and after workout to avoid any muscle pain or cramps. 

Here are some regular exercises that you can practice at home during this lockdown:

Skipping rope: This is an excellent cardio exercise. Begin with 50 or 100 skips per session and then increase the count daily. 

Dance: Among the most cardio activities, we remember the most fun is dancing! It is an opportunity to discover hip hop, zumba or even some Bollywood moves. Also, dancing does not feel like a forced workout. What’s more, you can even do it with your kids to keep them busy while you stay fit. 

Strength training: Squats, lunges, leg raises, push-ups and planks are your ideal exercises to train your muscles and strengthen your core. Begin with 20 repetitions in 2-3 sets as per your endurance. The idea is to add 5 repetitions each day to your count. This will help you build more stamina gradually. 

Yoga: Yoga is a great way to stay in shape during the lockdown. It increases your strength, flexibility and balance, while providing a well-deserved feeling of calm. Above all, it’s easy for people of all ages, from schoolchildren to retirees. There are many online tutorials to help you get started.

Fitness Coach Farhan Sayed also shares an exclusive stretching exercises plan for everyone who is used to a sedentary lifestyle. These stretches will flex your muscles and help you perform other exercises easily. 

Warm up Stretching Exercises


  • Neck rotations clock to anti clockwise (10 times)
  • Neck flexion and extension (10 times)

Shoulder joint

  • Shoulder girdle rotations clock to anti clockwise (10 times)
  • Arm rotation forward and backwards (10 times) 
  • Chest opener right to left (10 times)
  • Lats opener right to left (10 times)

Thoracic joint 

  • Cat and camel (10 times)

Lumbar joints

  • Prone leg cross over

Hip joint

  • Hip rotation clock to anti clockwise (10 times)
  • Forward and backwards bending (10 times)
  • Hip twist with open shoulder (10 times)
  • Alternating full windmill right to left
  • Leg swings (10 times)
  • Side leg swings (10 times)

Ankle joint 

  • Half kneeling knee press (10 times)


It is extremely important to stay active, now more than ever. Staying in shape has its obvious physical benefits, but it’s also the key to improving your mental health and boosting your mood. Taking control of your physical and mental well-being is a good place to start if you are feeling a bit lost right now. Exercise decreases stress and anxiety, while fuelling a good night’s sleep. Moreover, you won’t have any time to get bored and even form healthy habit. 

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