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Ayurvedic Tips For Your Baby’s Health

Ayurvedic Tips For Your Baby’s Health

13 May, 2019

As a parent, if there’s anything that bothers you endlessly, it is your child’s health. Kids are prone to common cold, influenza, frequent cough, fever, nappy rash, pains of colic or many such ailments that could attack their immune system. Therefore, immunity building and overall healthcare are things that you may be concerned about. We get you! Ayurveda has mentioned tips for children’s healthcare and to keep various ailments affecting children at bay.

Ayurveda and children’s health

When it comes to Ayurveda, it is quite effective for children. It is, in fact widely believed to be the best kind of remedy for children. Its herbal preparations leave you with barely any side effects. Moreover, the herbal preparations like chawanprasham help in catering to other bodily needs too.

What you must know as a parent is that Ayurveda builds your child’s immune system in a gradual manner. This is important so that, in the long run, your children will fall sick a lot lesser than otherwise.  Here is your guide to help your child in building a strong immunity:

  1. Drinking water in the morning: Any parent who has taught their child to have water on an empty stomach right after getting up, has done a lot for his health already. According to Ayurveda, drinking water early in the morning on an empty stomach helps in inner cleansing and stimulates bowel movements. You can start feeding your baby with water early in the morning once he/she turns one.
    Pro tip: It is advisable to boil the water for 10 minutes and then cool it to room temperature before giving it to your child.
  2. Inner cleansing: Tel maalish or oil massage or abhyanga must be a daily routine for your child. It could either be with specific oils as recommended by your Ayurvedic doctor or even the sesame oil. But such a massage coupled with stretching exercises for the baby helps in tissue development and overall holistic growth of the child.
    After a thorough oil massage, bathe the child with warm water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold.
  3. Importance of Breast milk: According to Ayurvedic medicine, breast milk is an irreplaceable magic portion for your infants. Various researches have proven that a mother’s milk is the most healthy drink for your child. For those mothers who have difficulty in producing breast milk, must consult ayurvedic practitioners for help.
  4. Nutrition: Nutrition is a definite prerequisite for your child’s immunity. They must consume ghee, rice, Brahmi Gritham or chawanprasham for their immunity as well as brain development. A well-balanced meal for your kid can do them loads of good.
  5. Exercise: According to Ayurveda, balancing exercises like the tree pose must be taught to children as soon as they turn 3-4 years of age. Exercises or yoga for kids is one of the best ways to bond well with the child as well as to inculcate the healthy habit in them.

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