Beautiful Bali: 5 Best Yoga Retreats For A Fitter You |
Beautiful Bali: 5 Best Yoga Retreats For A Fitter You

Beautiful Bali: 5 Best Yoga Retreats For A Fitter You

1 Jul, 2019

Bali known as the island of gods is a popular tourist place. Bali’s weather, the culture, beautiful landscapes, stunning heritage buildings especially the temples are the main attractions here. Bali is an extremely spiritual, artistic, and cultural place, especially Ubud. 

The Balinese people are happy, friendly, and good-natured. It is a pleasure to be in Bali with like-minded souls and enjoy some time in a yoga retreat. Bali is one of the most popular destinations to practice yoga and learn yoga. But it’s an ordeal deciding between the number of yoga retreats that have come into existence in the last few years. Plus one has to be careful to be able to choose the right retreat or guru as there can be chances of being duped as well!! 

Here is a list of the 5 best Bali yoga retreats based on personal experiences and a lot of research: (Of course, in no order of preference)

  1. Desa Seni Yoga Retreat 
    This retreat in Bali is beyond just meditation. If you want to discover the traditions and local culture in Indonesia, this is the place to be. It is internationally accredited by the Yoga Alliance. It can help you to discover the local Indonesian culture and traditions.
    It has some of the best yoga teachers, and your yoga practice will be enhanced under their training. You can join some of their daily yoga classes. They have organic lunches and also holistic healing spa.
    Cost is to $50 for 6 yoga classes or $ 10 for a single session. Private one on one yoga class is also available.
  2. Azadi Retreat
    This retreat can help you to be at a yoga retreat as well as sightsee some of the most popular Bali destinations. They have good service in their guest rooms with WiFi, room service, air conditioning, etc. You can book horseback riding or even go snorkeling on a day trip to the ocean if you feel adventurous. You can indulge in massage and the wonderful spa services.
  3. Five elements Puri Ahimsa retreat
    This retreat offers a complete wellness package with its luxurious feel. This place is just 20 minutes away from Ubud. This award-winning retreat has lush greenery, beautiful villas, WiFi, spa, pool. You can enjoy massages or yoga classes in these peaceful surroundings. Food is Western as well as Indonesian and is palate friendly!

  4. Soulshine Bali
    This beautiful and luxurious retreat with its antiques and handcrafted furniture will have you craving to come back! Their popular infinity pool and vegetarian, as well as vegan menu options, will make you sample the best of the local flavours. Yoga sessions and bike tours, scooter rides, and cooking classes will keep you entertained and occupied! And all this is just 10 minutes away from the centre of Ubud.
  5. Como Shambala
    This yoga retreat is located in Ubud and is one-of-a-kind with its nutritionist, Ayurvedic physicians and of course yoga experts. There are also activities like biking, climbing, and hiking. It’s a good retreat for family, couples or even singles. They have packages [check out their 3-day package], cleanse, ayurvedic treatments and much more! You will definitely feel like a new you after such a yoga escape.

Some of the other yoga retreats which deserve a mention are  

  • Om Ham Retreat and Resort, Ubud
  • Power of New Oasis
  • Balitrees Retreats, Bali Firefly

Every Bali yoga retreat is unique in its own way. These kinds of retreats which show you the path of mindfulness, meditation and wellness can help make a difference in our crazy, busy lives. We can be at peace there and enjoy the moment.

You can rediscover yourself and connect with your amazing thoughts, creative ideas that can come to you while you relax at such a yoga retreat in Bali for at least a week. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your yoga retreat experience!! Experiences, thoughts, and suggestions are welcome in the comments section below!

Geeta Hansaria is a homeopath with a passion for writing, especially food poems, binges on DIY kid crafts and cooks up yummy  ‘thalis’ for her vast Instagram fan following. 

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