Bio-hack your way to fitness |
Bio-hack your way to fitness

Bio-hack your way to fitness

4 Nov, 2019

Though this buzzword has been around for quite a while. Many believe that bio-hack is yet another sci-fi concept for fitness. However, it is not as complex as it sounds and simply means taking complete control of your biology. Most of us believe that our internal biological system functions on its own and all we can do well is eat well and exercise. Hence, taking complete control sounds very superhuman. In fact, bio-hacking is incredibly simple and you probably have done this at some point in your life. If you haven’t then here’s a bio-hack guide that will lead you onto the path of fitness. 

  1. Take charge of the lights
    Light and darkness are said to drive our body clock. From inducing sleep during the wee hours and setting our alert modes on when the sun goes up, light plays an integral part in the automatic switch-off, switch-on mode of our body. Even metabolism is said to get influenced by the game of lights. Hence, by taking charge of the way your body reacts to light you will be able to notice your body’s sensitivity to light, your body clock and whether all this is working well for your fitness. If not then play around with your exposure to lights and fine-tune your fitness by resetting your body clock.
  2. Take Ice showers
    You must have heard that taking cold showers in the morning wakes you up and is good for your body’s overall functioning. However, to bio-hack your fitness you will have to take this practice a notch higher by opting for not just a cold shower but a freezing ice-cold shower! If this sounds like a crazy idea to you then it might not when you notice your metabolism improving by a whopping 350%. Trading the comfort of warm showers for ice-cold showers has more benefits than you realize. This crazy bio-hack technique boosts dopamine and norepinephrine secretion which is directly linked to your motivation. So, it not only takes care of your physical fitness but also of your mental well-being.
  3. Control your gut bacteria
    Did you know there’s almost a full-fledged living world in your gut with various bacteria functioning in its own way? However, these bacteria are the most important part of our digestive system. Eastern theories claim that most of the diseases stem from the gut and hence, fixing the core (not just for muscles but internally as well) will help in curing and preventing a lot of chronic health problems. Hence, taking control of your gut bacteria is a non-negotiable bio-hack for your overall fitness. Get your gut bacteria checked and eat foods and probiotic items that will help in restructuring your gut biome.
  4. Try out the elimination diet
    Depending on our biology everything that we eat can either becomes boon or bane for us. Are you wondering how could our food become bane? There are some foods that are unhealthy for us and then there are other edibles that may be nutritious to some but detrimental to others. Elimination diet determines which foods are bad for us. You start with eliminating some foods and then observe the difference in your health. After some days, you slowly reintroduce these foods again in your diet and then take note of all the ways in which it causes harm. Once you are aware of the scale of damage some foods can cause you can confidently replace them from your palate.
  5. Breathe
    This is by far the simplest bio-hack. However, breathing does not just mean yogic asanas or just breathing unconsciously. However, consistently paying attention to your breathing and then modifying it according to your body’s needs will help you to bio-hack your body’s way of consuming oxygen. Your brain is the single most vital organ in your body that consumes the most oxygen. Apart from providing oxygen, breathing also aids in regulating the functioning of the nervous system.  Hence, if you want to take control of your brain and the nervous system then bio-hacking your breath is the way to go!

Tell us what other bio-hacks you would like to follow in the comments below to take charge of your fitness. 

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.


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