Dance Yoga: Shake yourself to the tunes of wellness |
Dance Yoga: Shake yourself to the tunes of wellness

Dance Yoga: Shake yourself to the tunes of wellness

28 Aug, 2019

What if we told you that you could do away with the passivity that has been clinging onto you for years by just one exercise? What if we tell you that you could cut down those excess inches by just doing one thing? What if we say that you could get to your fittest best by this exercise? You’d probably think we are joking. But guess what? WE ARE NOT! Read on to know what we are talking about! 

Shake off the unnecessary baggage with Dance Yoga 

On any given day, if you look at actors like Malaika Arora Or Shilpa Shetty Kundra, you will wonder what could be their secret to stay in shape. To say the least, they spread the oomph factor that we, so crave to achieve. That’s where we put our heads together and found THE exercise to burn that belly fat! Unconventionally with a mix of two therapies like yoga and dance! 

In recent times, a form of yoga that has gained prominence is dance yoga. It is a form of specialized yoga that combines fluid movement with music into a yoga practice. It is a yogic practice that one performs in rhythm with the music. “Dance yoga can simply be understood as using music while performing asanas,” says Captain Sumisha Shankar, International Dance Meditation Healer, and a Thriive-verified Holistic Wellness Coach

When you use dance as a means of creating a vibrancy to lead you to the path of wellness, it can have magical results. “Dance comes easy and movements don’t lie. Moreover, rhythm is the language of the universe,” added Capt Sumisha.

“Whether it is dance meditation or dance yoga- both of them can have therapeutic values that help you in connecting with mind and soul,” she added.

Fad For Fitness?

Dance yoga is one of the newest terms in the world of yoga. It’s exact effectiveness for fat and weight loss has yet to be scientifically proven, but for now, it’s a rapidly growing fad that a lot of people follow. For one, dance is a form of exercise that brings in the fluidity of emotions. When you combine it with yoga, the release through movement can be tremendous! 

Any form of yoga is your gateway to tap into consciousness. In the case of Dance Yoga, you reach the corners of mental realms through performing yoga asanas in specific rhythms. “Dance yoga is a comparatively new term. This form, when applied with a proper study of human behaviour, can bring changes into your consciousness. Nevertheless, dance yoga runs in a rhythmic format and helps in a joyful manner to act on your physical self without feeling the burden of doing something,” added Capt Sumisha. 

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