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Did astrology predict the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic?

Did astrology predict the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic?

For anyone who pays close attention to astrology, they will observe that the onset of epidemic happened at the same time as when Saturn entered Capricorn. The effects of this crisis is not just the outbreak of the pandemic, but has affected us financially, physically, and mentally. This is because not just Saturn and Capricorn, Rahu, Ketu, Mercury, Saturn and Mars all came together triggering a world crisis of this caliber.

There has been other major astronomical events as well, magnifying the effects. We witnessed major solar eclipses, that added to the effects.

What can we do to be safe?

What can we do in such a situation? Is there a solution to this? The answer is – yes, we can work towards keeping ourselves safe and healthy.

Medical care: First and foremost comes adequate medical care. We cannot undermine the importance of correct and timely medical care.

Keep your karma clean: Our karma attracts a lot of what happens to us, good and bad. Keep your karma clean by being helpful, kind, and mindful. A clean karma will attract good things for you.

Use common sense: Make sure you practice all safety measures. Wear a mask when stepping out. Maintain social distancing. Keep your hands clean, and avoid touching your face and eyes.

Work towards better immunity: Boost your immune system by eating healthy and exercising. Practice pranayama and aerobic exercises. Maintain a good diet and keep your brain working by learning something new every day.

Sitting at home for months on end can get frustrating. We need to understand that we are made up of two things – one is our thoughts which comes from the brain, and the other is mind that rules our heart and emotions. Thoughts are about learning new things and remembering old things. Mind is about doing something new, meeting new people. Take this lockdown as a temporary pause in your life. Understand and actively tell yourself that the lockdown will end sooner or later, and this is just a passing phase. Actively choose to be positive and happy, even given how frustrating it is to be locked indoors.

Keep your mind and brain, both, occupied and in a healthy, happy state. It will start reflecting in all the other areas of your life.

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