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Did This Week Stress You Out? Indulge in a Sound Bath for Relief!

Did This Week Stress You Out? Indulge in a Sound Bath for Relief!

20 Dec, 2019

The notion of sound bath healing as a substitute medicine might raise many eyebrows. After all, it is beyond one’s understanding how sounds and vibrations can help your body cleanse and heal. Since time immemorial, sound has been used as a source for healing in various cultures. Be it through the use of the Icaros (medicine songs) of indigenous people from South America, Mantras (sacred chant) as with Hindus, or Pythagorean interval, these various practices have the same end goal: to shift us from a place of imbalance, stress, pain, and negativity to a place of stability, harmony, vibrancy, and positivity. 

What is it like?

Sound bath healing, as the name suggests, is a journey of self-discovery through deep immersion, relaxation, and meditation with the help of sound and vibration. Essentially, it is a meditation session that aims to direct you into a deep meditative state while you’re encircled in ambient sound played by sound therapists, or instructors. Commonly, participants are asked to lay on yoga mats or stay in a seated position on cushions during sessions. In general, both sound and meditation are excellent for escaping from the stress of modern life and improving overall wellbeing. 

Different Types of Sound Bath Healing 

When we hear sounds, we can feel different vibrations – like a bang of a drum, stringing of an electric guitar, and feeling the bass pulse through your ears. The result is that these vibrations blend with the vibrations of our bodies and help in bringing us back to the center. In precis, sound bath healing therapy brings all the energy fields of our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies back into alignment. 

The question arises – what are the different types of sound healing techniques? Below is a list of the most popular ones being used today:

  1. Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowls are commonly referred to as standing bells. This technique has its derivation in the ancient Tibetan Buddhism. Instructors strike the bowl with a hammer to produce a vibration that helps in balancing your energy. It is believed that the sounds generated from Tibetan Bowls help in healing various ailments like stress disorders, anxiety, improving blood flow and circulation, and aiding the immune system. 

  1. Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks have been used for hundreds of thousands of years to ascertain if a musical instrument is in tune. They are typically made of steel and generate a single precise tone. Practitioners strike the fork by holding it close to the body, and that’s when the metal starts to vibrate. This method helps in releasing tension, and in-turn promotes positive energy and emotional balance. 

  1. Crystal Pyramid

The purest, optically-clear form of Quartz is moulded into a pyramid, which then combines the strength of sacred geometry with the power of deep sound. Practitioners make use of a mallet to strike different corners of the pyramid to produce a ringing sound, which is known to be helpful for activating chakras, stimulating mental and physical blockages, and balancing overall energy. 

  1. Gong Bath

A Gong Bath, also popularly known as sound bath, is a very traditional Asian sound healing method. This technique makes use of soft sacred music which is played in a geometric pattern to release trapped energy from the body. Gong Baths are similar to massages. It is a great alternative for those who like the idea of massages, but do not want to be touched. Some tones played during Gong Baths help in boosting vitality, positive emotions, and natural healing. 

  1. Om Chanting

Om is considered as the most important and impactful sound in the whole world and has been chanted for more than just a few centuries. While chanting Om, you will observe that you will be hauled into a different universe. Research has proved that Om Chanting sound healing therapy lowers blood pressure, stabilizes heart rate, alleviates stress levels and improves blood circulation. 

Benefits of Sound Bath Healing

The main purpose of a sound bath healing therapy is to help you return to a tranquil state with peace of mind and inner balance. But the recipients of sound bath therapies report all kinds of other benefits as well – some of them are listed down below:

  1. Heightened awareness
  2. Lessened stress and anxiety
  3. Reduced blood pressure
  4. Better focus and a clear mind
  5. Increased energy
  6. Slower heart rate

Best YouTube Videos Featuring Sound Bath Healing

Experiencing an organized sound bath therapy or energy healing session always leaves a great impact. But, when that looks difficult to happen, there are YouTube videos through which you can harness this practice in the comfort of your home. Follow the listed channels that feature sound bath healing therapies:

  1. Stardust Vibes – Relaxing Sounds – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mw5tPWNaOc
  2. Heart Alchemy Yoga with Michelle Goldstein – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw1a-pZ7Ua4
  3. Ravenfella – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDo6h_tvkO8

The Bottom Line

Sound bathing therapies are an excellent way to meditate, especially if you want to bring a change in your usual self-care routine. This concept is just another instance where mindfulness practices like vocal training and chanting can help us feel grounded, find a center, and get to the source of inner peace we all want!  


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