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Easy Yoga Poses For Improving Memory And Concentration

Easy Yoga Poses For Improving Memory And Concentration

12 May, 2019

Whether one is a helicopter mom or an elephant mom, each one of us want our kids to excel in all the spheres of life. We become the role model for our kids and we want the best for them- right? We get you. Yoga should be your go-to aid to amp up your child’s concentration and boosting his/her memory power. We get you the ultimate parent guide to let your child excel in everything they do!

Parenting guide: Yoga asanas for improving memory and concentration

  1. Padmasana: Padmasana or the lotus pose is one of the most revered ones. Remember the time when your parents told you that it is best to sit cross-legged while studying? You must thanks them now! A lot of studies have proven that this easy-to-do pose has a tremendous ability to enhance brain functions. Apart from helping you to focus, this asana is also great to relieve you from stress and tension- both of which can make you highly disturbed.
  2. Vrikshasana: Vrikshasana or the tree pose helps in improving overall balance and boosts concentration. To get into this perennial favourite, you must stand straight and raise your hands towards the sky. Clasp your palms together, as if doing a namaskar. Slowly raise your left leg and rest your feet on the knees of your right foot. Inhale. Balance yourself as you exhale slowly. Get back to the original position before doing the same with your right leg.
  3. Tadasana: Tadasana or the Mountain Pose is one of the best poses to try. It is easy-to-do and highly effective. This posture helps to focus your mind on breathing. This pose is best to relieve you from headaches and insomnia. If you want to boost your memory and concentration, this pose is a must-try.

PS: Remember that not only kids but every one of us would want to get better at our work or any activity that we do. Perhaps managing home and family or simply maintaining a relationship also requires focus.

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