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Facebook can help you boost up your wellness quotient in surprising ways

Facebook can help you boost up your wellness quotient in surprising ways

24 Mar, 2019

We all know how social media isn’t all that rosy: it can make anybody’s life look perfect while online bullying is an ugly reality. But that is the thing about social media – it’s instant, has a wide reach and is extremely encouraging for the moments.

Here’s a pro tip to ramp up your wellness quotient- get into Facebook. Yes, you read that right!

Why Facebook?

We all know how annoying that incessant Facebook feed can get! Unsolicited political commentary, pictures of your neighbour’s perfect holiday, after-work parties and what not. But the best part about Facebook is that you can tweak it to show you what you like.

So, whatever your area of interest, you will find like-minded people on Facebook. There are multiple groups on this platform on every topic you can think of.

Facebook and wellness?

There are fitness groups that encourage you to share before & after pictures. They have coaches and experts chipping in with suggestions and advice on overcoming health hurdles.

But we aren’t just talking about this. We are talking about wellness groups that encourage you to share your wellness experiences. Members of these groups also share tips on how you could amp up your healthy living.

Surprisingly, they also give you those much-needed psychological boosts to combat peer pressure. A lot of research has proven that when you look at your peers or friends or acquaintances performing well in the same platform, you tend to out-do yourself.

Here are 4 groups that we give two thumbs up to (in no order of preference):

1) Health and Beauty Tips: This group poses discussions based on what you should eat for healthy and beautiful living, natural foods to consume and so on. All of this is great because most of the things they talk about can easily be found at home.

2) Healthy Food: As the name suggests, this closed group provides an “entertaining, comical, educational and stress-free atmosphere” for all things related to healthy food.

3) Addicted to Rock Climbing: A fun group that’s about “helping people in their search for enlightenment and happiness.” If you’re also into adventure sports such as rock & ice climbing and so on, you’ll find a lot of interesting people and things to connect to. But more than anything, you’ll love it if you’re into improving the quality of your life.

4) Intermittent Fasting for Women: This group is about “Sharing, Encouraging, Accountability and most of all… Supporting each other and Celebrating when you reach your Goals!” Check it out if you are interested in being part of a ‘group of inspiring and positive women.’

So now you can be guilt-free about being on Facebook but use your time there judiciously because, after all, you’re doing this for your overall wellbeing.


Aishwarya Iyer is a chai-vanist, Murakami fan, considerate companion and a bubbly speaker with a fanaticism for fitness.

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