Fitness tips for when working from home |
Fitness tips for when working from home

Fitness tips for when working from home

8 Jun, 2020

With ‘work from home’ and ‘work at home’ most of us find it difficult to ‘work out at home’! Everyday life has drastically transformed overnight. During these times of  viruses, staying safe and staying home, self-care has become a necessity.

While exercise is something one should not skip, following these simple tips  in the routine will make a lot of difference.

1. Sit on the floor: Get off that chair and get comfortable on the floor. Its healthier and it will  fix your body posture. Pull out a mat or a rug, sit down and attend those  post lunch meetings. You can improve your digestion and blood circulation  by sitting through that meeting.

2. Get up for a glass of water: Staying hydrated boosts energy levels and helps prevent headaches.  Workaholic that you are, getting up for a glass of water will give you a  break as well. Stretch, drink water and get back to work after every one hour.

3. Shake a leg with house chores: Play those party songs at home and show your moves while sweeping,  vacuuming or washing dishes! With hundreds of activities to be done in a  day, fitting in those chores polishes your planning and time management  skills as well.

4. Make healthy food choices: Healthy diet is surely essential but eating together with the family is equally  healthy. Try some healthy food projects at home. Limit treats and include  a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Making healthy choices to support  your mental and physical health and immune systems is important now  more than ever.

5. Avoid eating at your desk: No matter how good you are at multitasking, don’t eat at your work desk.  Staying at your desk all day can lead you to higher levels of burnout and  fatigue. Take a break, eat with your family and resume work.

6. Sleep right: While sleeping has its own benefits, focus on the right amount of sleep,  right time to sleep and right posture to sleep. With being locked down at  home, waking up fresh is the key to get through the day without stressing  out.

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