Focus on Flexibility: Weird Flex but Okay |
Focus on Flexibility: Weird Flex but Okay

Focus on Flexibility: Weird Flex but Okay

14 Aug, 2019

For everyone out there who regularly works out and have promised themselves to attain a maximum level of fitness, know that the complete body fitness cannot be achieved without these six essential elements: Strength, Flexibility, Cardio, Nutrition, Meditation and Rest. Here, we’d like to tell you why flexibility is very integral to your regime too!

Regularly bench pressing or running marathons will not help your body to increase flexibility at a faster pace. Many people struggle to increase flexibility in their bodies due to pain and extreme stiffness in their muscles and ligaments. Staying inflexible just isn’t a good option around. It can make you more prone to injuries and will severely impact your mobility. 

To summarize, inflexibility is detrimental to your overall health, and you should commit to a session that would increase flexibility with just ten minutes per day, every day. Given below is a list of exercising techniques that will help you to reach the tightest of areas and help you to get flexible without pain: 

  1. Dynamic Stretching: It seems like something that you would usually do before lifting weights. But, even if you are not lifting weights, adding these dynamic stretches during your warmup will help your muscles relax and provide you with a boost for your day. Dynamic stretching involves stretching through movements such as – Lunges, Squats, Jumping Jacks, etc. Add these exercises to your 10-minute daily stretching routines without having any pauses in between them. 
  2. Upper Body: We never tend to realize or appreciate how our bodies are connected. People often just tend to focus and stretch their lower bodies – Hips, Calves, and Hamstrings. Several studies have shown that people who have tight hips are also likely to have tight shoulders. You must find and follow several variations of these stretching exercises. To increase your upper body flexibility, you should follow these simple sets of exercises – Neck stretching, by leaning your head on either side of your shoulders, chest stretching with the help of light pair of dumbbells and shoulder stretch by extending your right arm across your body while stretching your shoulder. 
  3. Back Stretch: Stretching your back can help you to increase the flexibility of your entire body. Following the textbook, simple yoga movements can help you to increase your flexibility in no time. The following list of exercises are not simple and you would only be able to extend your movements with daily practice, it is important that you not push further than your body can go. Known as Marjariasana, this Cat-cow yoga pose assists your upper back and neck to stretch. A two-minute session of supine spinal twist will help you to stretch your back muscles and realign and lengthen the spine, hydrating your spinal disks. 
  4. Lower Body: This is can turn out to be the longest part of your daily stretch. You are likely to increase your flexibility in the hips, quads, hamstrings, and calves using common stretching drills. They are well-known for improving mobility as well as developing a good posture. The simplest way is to kneel on one knee, helping you to stretch your hip flexor. You can repeat this with the other leg to have consistency in your workout. Just as the hip flexor, you can stretch your glutes, hamstrings, and calves in many ways. The easiest and safest thing to do is perform squats, which will help you with the glutes and calves. 

To increase flexibility for the long term, you will have to dedicate yourself to stretch every day. It can lead to chronic disorders if you don’t stretch at all. Remember to have this as a part of your daily routine to improve your mobility and agility, because the key with stretching is to keep going and going.

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