Follow these summer self-love tips! And oh! you can thank us later! |
Follow these summer self-love tips! And oh! you can thank us later!

Follow these summer self-love tips! And oh! you can thank us later!

15 May, 2019

I realized that as I moved from the cooler to the hotter months, I would feel a shift of emotions that sometimes made me ‘not such a nice person!’  I would probably have an invisible Dracula mask on because I could see my family members keep an arm’s-distance from me!

Now I didn’t like this person very much too. That’s why I pondered on what changed in these months? What made me so irritable and snappy in the summer? Do you find it relatable too?

A sudden surge of anger and irritation out of nowhere can make us different emotionally and physically in the summer months. I wonder if that means summer needs different coping mechanisms, especially when global warming is making things worse?

For all the questions here, the answer is yes. Summer brings with it the ‘pitta’ emotions in all of us. These emotions are anger, frustration, irritability, and exhaustion – due to the spike in heat, that, in turn, causes your body to overheat. Some summer self-love is much needed but we aren’t even aware and continue to operate in summer just like we would in the cooler months.

No wonder we suffer from indigestion, hot flashes, acne, rashes, to name a few. My yoga teacher said something that stuck with me – ‘nature won’t adapt to us, we need to adapt to nature.’

So now when summer comes, I bring some changes that help me adapt to the scorching heat and not crib and complain all the time, snap at every cab driver crossing my path and not let anger take over my gut health!

Here are some of my summer self-love tips:

  1. Pace it downEach of us wants to be energetic throughout the year, and why not? But the heat doesn’t permit this to turn true. Hence, we need to balance it so it doesn’t get to us. Wherever possible find a break to just sit and sip some water with salt to make up for what we lose through sweat. Conserve energy by cutting down conversations wherever necessary. I ask myself – where can I conserve my energy to use it where it is needed? Summer needs that plan!
  2. Balanced weekend – Late night hits hard in summer! Recovery is slow and alcohol heats up the system way too much. It leads to migraines and indigestion that takes more than two days to recover. No, I am not saying do not have alcohol. But chill out a bit on the weekend: if you have one late night, take another one real easy. Use the easy one to hydrate, breathe and have fun conversations with loved ones. Cool off the pitta emotions.
  3. Have kind conversations with yourself and others – This applies to the winter and monsoon months too, but in the summer, we tend to get aggravated at double the rate. When we are more conscious of this, we make better choices. If you are goal oriented, know it’s okay if something doesn’t go as planned. If you are being hard on yourself, just look into the mirror and have some loving self-conversation. If you are low on patience, avoid those areas that trigger it. In simpler terms, avoid self-sabotage.
  4. Make a fun bucket list for summer – This doesn’t have to be just a travel bucket list. Include fun and light-hearted things like a list of books you want to read, weekly self-care activities, friends you want to catch up with and have a little laugh with, a wellness retreat you want to attend, the summer playlist you want to put together for a leisurely nature walk – just easy and fun stuff that makes you feel light and joyful.
  5. Anger journaling – We are not a switch! So yes, if there are things that irritate us or we aren’t having it really easy at work or in our personal lives, there is a possibility our pent-up anger can make things worse. This is the reason I find anger journaling – I also call it anger vomiting – so relaxing. I do it first thing in the morning with my cup of tea so it is out of my system for the day. Make sure not to judge yourself when you do it. This is purely self-care and we are all allowed to be human.

Summer is a lot of fun and we can actually embrace the heat beautifully if we are just mindful of what emotions it brings with it – so we can consciously adapt to it and enjoy this season to its fullest ☺

Nipa Asharam is a certified health and life coach. 

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