Food Tips For Pregnant Women This Monsoon |
Food Tips For Pregnant Women This Monsoon

Food Tips For Pregnant Women This Monsoon

1 Jul, 2019

Monsoons showers can be quite difficult for us (totally talking to you about those endless train journeys where you get stuck) and all you want to do really is to tuck in your bed. For a pregnant woman, this season can be quite enjoyable, if it involves the person staying home, eating good food and having warm and cozy hugs from their loved ones. But that’s not going to be practical for everyone.

That’s why we believe its best to welcome the season with open arms and trace the entire journey in a fun way. We give you a few tips about what you could eat and avoid during these torrential rains:

  1. Hydrate well: Always, as a principle- keep yourself hydrated. Have boiled water in gaps but keep having water throughout the day. Due to the weather, you may not feel thirsty but make sure you keep sipping water. For a change, you could sip on coconut water or natural fruit juices too. These will help in supplying your body with essential nutrients and adequate salts as well as minerals.
  2. No street food: It is obvious that you might want to snuggle in your blanket with a cup of chai and samosa as it pours outside but clearly, that’s not good for you or your baby. Street food is highly unadvisable to pregnant women. Street foods cause infections easily as the weather plays foul in terms of your immunity. Instead, go for makai chiwda made at home or a bowl of boiled corn with salt.
  3. Say NO to raw vegetables: Vegetables must always be had in a boiled form, especially if it is going to be fed to a pregnant woman. Simply boil the vegetables substantially and have them. This is because vegetables, in their raw form, contain enzymes that can react in your body in an unintended manner.
  4. Binge on seasonal fruits: You must go for seasonal fruits like plums, pears, peaches, and pomegranates. These will help you in a great way.
  5. Bitter herbs and vegetables: These are extremely good for you while you are expecting. Hog on bitter gourd (karela), fenugreek seeds (methi seeds), Holy basil (tulsi) and, turmeric to shoo away infections of the season.

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