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#ForeverYoung: Inspiring things people in their 50s are doing, and how!

#ForeverYoung: Inspiring things people in their 50s are doing, and how!

13 Jan, 2020

The conditioning of age is such that we almost think life is over when we hit half-century! This conditioning takes us into self-pity, dullness and whiling away the time till we reach the end of this lifetime’s road trip! 

This clearly needs a perspective change because there are some super cool things people are doing in their 50s. Their perspective is so powerful that covers all this:

  • free from our kids responsibilities to live for ourselves 
  • done with trying to look to younger and shin with our inner beauty 
  • wisdom to stop comparing lives with others and create our own journey
  • enough savings to experiment all that life has to offer

Now if you are hitting 50 or are in your 50s and thinking otherwise, then its time to change the narrative in your head and get ready to do super cool and inspiring things. Here is a list starter and what I realised as I was researching on this is that the list is endless! 

  1. Be a mentor: Life gave you awesome lessons and great wisdom – why not use it to shape someone else’s journey! Nothing can inspire more than our own story isn’t it? 
  2. Make a bucket list: Things you always want to do but kept it aside because of responsibilities – do it now! 
  3. Write a novel: No it isn’t a big deal and you don’t have to be someone famous to do this – you just need to own your story. So own it by writing it.
  4. Invent something: Did you know Steve Jobs invented the iPhone when he was 51? James Dyson set up his manufacturing unit in the late 40s and made some super cool products? Whether it’s a big thing or small, it doesn’t matter what – invent if you have an idea.
  5. Invest in something: If you are one of those who love new and cool ideas and see one out there – invest in it and mentor someone to success. This can be so much fun!
  6. Take up a sport: Age is just a number, so challenge yourself and others by doing something you never thought you could at this age. Feel youthful!
  7. Put your home on Airbnb and hit the road: How cool could that be if you could earn the money to spend it on your travel! 
  8. Become a guinea pig: Researchers are always trying to invent and discover new solutions for the 50s! You could be a guinea pig to try their idea on you (of course if it is non-invasive) and you would be instrumental in the next big discovery!
  9. Become a vlogger: Some of the best inputs come from years of trial and error and clarity – if you have that in any subject, making your own channel for it is a click away! Gone are the days when only the teens could do this!
  10. New purpose: This is an era where we believe that we are meant to do multiple things. You now have a chance to find a new purpose that brings value – it could be a new business idea, a new charity organisation, standing for an official post for the country, a social enterprise so on and so forth.

The list is endless. One can redesign their whole life with multiple new initiatives and activities in the 50s and that is what the ‘Cool 50s’ are up to. So if you are here, get excited and feel alive – your new life has just begun!

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