Ganesh Chaturthi and sweets: How to balance the connection? |
Ganesh Chaturthi and sweets: How to balance the connection?

Ganesh Chaturthi and sweets: How to balance the connection?

31 Aug, 2019

People often crash diet before festivities already preparing for an over-indulgence! This has become the norm – festivities mean sweets. Now we go back to childhood and try and remember any situation that required celebration – great test score, being a diligent kid, birthdays, weekends so on and so forth – sweets and chocolates was and is how we celebrate. Without indulgence, it doesn’t feel like a celebration and that is what festivities are all about: celebrating with sweets! 

Yes, it is tough to change this age-old habit and now sweets are so addictive by nature that if someone offers, willpower usually fails. The unfortunate part is that ‘mindfulness’ goes out of the window and momentarily we forget how this can impact our sugar levels. So, it isn’t about the little weight gain that we have to get rid of but it is how we impact our blood sugar that creates long term health issues. 

So this piece doesn’t say that give up sweets! I can’t do it myself but can we balance this connection? Can we find a way to be mindful? Here are some thoughts to start reflecting on it as Ganesh Chaturthi festivities approach:

  1. Replacement: This is my number 1 step! It makes it easier by 25% right there. Replace refined sugar with natural sweeteners such as dates and jaggery. Choose sweets accordingly and today more than enough people make options with natural sweeteners so the choices are abundant.
  2. Skill power: Willpower fails and that is what we think we will create all of a sudden in the festive times when each and every corner is magically erupting fabulous sweet preparations. So skill power is better – this is strategic padding to avoid indulgence especially when we know that sometimes we have it only because it is in front of us. Strategic padding is avoiding certain things such as opening the fridge door too many times as it is packed with sweets or keeping other healthy snacks around so that way our hand goes first there. I also read more motivational messages in such periods to keep the mindset strong! 
  3. Hydration and detoxification: This is so important during the festive times. It will keep us fuller and the toxins out so when the system feels cleaner, we automatically want to take more care of ourselves and be more mindful.
  4. Self-care meditation: Meditating to know what self-care means and our commitment to it can help us know at what point to stop, post which it could harm our body. So savour your favorite sweets but know the self-care boundary. 
  5. Mobility: We already know we are indulging more right? So why plunge yourself on the couch that can do no good to the high blood sugar levels? Move that body! Stand and work; walk and talk; do a step goal – balance out the damage 😉

Festivities are a lot of fun and its such an amazing bonding time with family – yes over sweets. We don’t want to miss it out or go to another extreme but we definitely can’t forget the connection with our mind and body even if it is temporary!

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