Get that Diwali glow on! #AttractAbundance from the inside |
Get that Diwali glow on! #AttractAbundance from the inside

Get that Diwali glow on! #AttractAbundance from the inside

24 Oct, 2019

We pick our favourite outfit and look forward to festive times but somehow there is the thought in the back of our head – ‘only if my skin had a glow’.

Who doesn’t want a natural glow? It changes tenfold how we feel in the same outfit so here are some tips as we start the countdown to the festival of lights! Natural glow is possible and the skin can look radiant – just by taking some holistic steps 😉

  1. Superfoods: I am a huge believer in natural superfoods that give us what our daily food might not. They are a part of my daily regime. It also encouraged me to launch my own range of homegrown superfoods. So what I am talking about is some natural vegan herbs that cleanse our inner and show in the outside. To name some are Amalaki, sunth, spirulina, turmeric, chlorella so on and so forth. I have almost 20 odd herbs in different blends that do magic for me. I would also recommend vitamin e, omega 3 fish oil, and vitamin c natural supplements – being in concentrated form, it can be highly beneficial.
  2. Hydration: I don’t even need to elaborate on the impact of great hydration on the skin! However, somehow I see people’s hydration is weak – either they forget or they don’t absorb well. If your urine color is constantly dark yellow, then you are low on hydration or not absorbing that well. So that needs to be looked into. Water-rich green vegetables and fruits are absorbed quite well by our bodies, so adding them consciously in the diet can make a huge difference to the skin. Hydration cannot be compromised. 
  3. Sunshine: Yes, lack of D3 can make us look dull and we need our D3 levels to be sufficient! And no other way than some sun twice a week for just 10 minutes! If you aren’t living in a tropical place, then maybe you might have to choose supplements but otherwise go for the sun 😉
  4. Sleep and naps: There is no replacement for sleep where the natural glow is a concern. No routine can make up for this. I say to my clients, this is my facial! Lol. In fact, almost 3-4 times a week I take a 20-minute nap in the afternoon – also because my office is from my home so I have that liberty. When we sleep several things happen – the release of melatonin that works with the free radicals and reduction of stress hormone and the lowest temperature of our skin that gives us deep rest. 
  5. Right moisturizing: From natural oils to using products with hyaluronic acid can help boost the skin’s hydration. Some of my favourites are argan oil, hemp seed oil, and shea butter! Use them in the night routine to let it work through the night for a morning fresh look! 

So keep your new outfit ready and get going with these tips for a natural glow that will go so well with the outfit. Festivities bring fun and joy – enjoy it with a happy glow!

Nipa Asharam is a Thriive-verified, certified health and life coach. Keen to follow a holistic lifestyle that gives your skin a natural glow without stress and tons of maintenance? You can now learn and apply the easy-to-follow secrets to getting a Natural Glow in the comfort of your home.

Check out this Masterclass by Nipa Asharam and say hello to happiness (yes, great skin does that for us!):

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  1. Hi Nipa,
    Your articles are superb and very impactful. Will be sticking on these tips for the better glow on this Diwali. Happy Diwali?


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