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Healthy ways for healthy immunity

Healthy ways for healthy immunity

1 Jul, 2020

“Let thy food be the medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates 

Correctly quoted by the father of the medicine, this quote is thousands of years old and it still remains as important as it was then or maybe more important now. A healthy lifestyle and eating habits are what keeps one healthy and strong, develops the ability of the body to fight diseases, and maintain a sense of balance in the mind. In times like this when there is a worldwide crisis and the whole of mankind is facing the nasty Coronavirus, maintaining physical and mental wellbeing is of utmost importance. Everyone is only speaking about immunity-boosting foods, superfoods, homeopathy medicines to boost immunity, and much more. The fact remains that one cant work on immunity overnight or even in a matter of a few days. One needs to work continuously to build up a decent immunity to fight through any kind of adversity that the body faces. Be it a regular flu, a gut malfunction, or something as deadly as Coronavirus. 

A few ways you can maintain a healthy immunity

  1. Personal hygiene – To begin with, good personal hygiene is the first line of defense. One must make sure of keeping oneself clean by bathing daily and washing hands frequently.
  2. Healthy plate – Eating healthy is very essential to have a strong immune system. A diet that is rich in fiber, good quality protein like beans and lentils, pulses, dairy, lean meat, eggs, healthy fats like the nuts and seeds, complex carbs like whole grains, antioxidants in form of fruits and colourful vegetables will help the body not only nourish itself but also
  3. Healthy body weight – A healthy body weight too is important to keep the immunity high. Obese people or people with high BMI are prone to contract infections.
  4. Exercise – Regular exercise improves blood circulation, keeps the heart healthy, improves bone strength, reduces the stress in the body, improves the functioning of the W.B.Cs which are the disease-fighting antibodies in our system. So a moderate physical activity of 150 – 200 minutes per week is the best thing to do.
  5. Sleep – A very important factor that maintains the immune system. The body generates infection-fighting antibodies when we are sleeping. There is repair taking place while we are sleeping, which is very essential for the immune system to be in proper action. So a person who has slept well and is rested has a better immune system than the ones who sleep less.
  6. Hydration – Staying well hydrated is very very important. Enough water in the system will help in flushing out the toxins from the body. Will also improve the circulation of the nutrients that we get through the food we eat. To put it simply, working on improving one’s immunity is not very difficult. It just needs little diligence and proper planning and a commitment towards self to be healthy throughout life.

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