Here are top 5 Ways to celebrate your own well-being! |
Here are top 5 Ways to celebrate your own well-being!

Here are top 5 Ways to celebrate your own well-being!

20 Dec, 2019

December, the month when Jesus Christ was born, is all about love and good cheer. It’s about showing gratitude to those you care for while thanking them for their role in your life. In this beautiful season of love and sharing, it’s important to invest some good time in self-care as well. After all, your wellness is of paramount importance for yourself and all those who love you. Taking care of yourself is a fabulous way of taking responsibility of your wellness and health – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

In case you’re already practicing wellness then you need not look for specific seasons or reminders. Simply refocus yourself and keep moving onwards. If you’re waiting to trigger off your wellness routine, then there’s no better time to start than now. Here’s how you can discover your wellness path and practice self-care.

Support Your Wellness this December

These expert recommendations on how to incorporate wellness into the daily routine will make you feel and look good in no time.

  1. Stay hydrated

Water is essential for transporting vital nutrients in your body for good health and energy. Along with keeping your system hydrated, water helps in the smooth functioning of all metabolic activities. If sparkling, cold, or warm becomes boring for you, consider adding white tea, sprigs of mint, cucumber slices, blueberries, or other flavors to make detox drinks. Drink eight glasses of water daily to experience the magic of hydration.

  1. Regular skin nourishment is important

Come winters and your skin starts wilting in the cold. Proper skin nourishment becomes a must to add to your wellness program. Along with helpful products for your facial skin, zero in on deep pore moisturizers, lotions, body oils and other skincare items to make your skin hydrated and luxurious.

  1. Walk and exercise

December brings along with it its share of laziness because of intense cold and dryness; however, it’s necessary to beat the weather elements and exercise. Regular visits to the gym, brisk walks in the open, yoga regimes, aerobics, and other types of exercise routines are essential for your wellness. They allow for better blood circulation, up your glam quotient, pump in new energy, and make you feel more confident than ever before. Exercising outdoors provides a psychological boost and takes you beyond the realms of closed spaces and your indoor environment. Therefore, plan your wellness routine to enjoy the therapeutic goodness of green spaces.

  1. Cut down on snacks in-between meals

What you eat, when you eat, and how you eat drives wellness. It’s important to streamline your calorie intake and urge for snacking between meals. Cut back on snacks to alleviate the concerns of adding extra pounds. You may try swapping microwaved popcorn and ready-to-eat noodles for fresh fruits, granola bars, smoothies with vegetables, yogurt or milk, and so forth. In a nutshell, eat healthy and nutritious food at all times to enjoy miraculous results.

  1. Practice breathing

Daily stress has all the wrong ways of unsettling your wellness routine. It can interfere with your regular breathing patterns to affect your health adversely. It is important to understand the effects of deep breathing on your mind, body and soul.  Practicing the right breathing exercises will curb the tension in your muscles and remove pain. The right methods of deep breathing can be learned from wellness gurus -either offline or online.

  1. Reduce your sugar intake

Be it sugar in your coffee, tea, snacks, savories, food, alcohol, salad dressing, pasta sauces, other beverages, or in a different form, start cutting down its intake right away. Consumption of excessive sugar leads to cardiac ailments, diabetes, and other lifestyle issues. It reduces your energy levels to make you feel listless and grumpy. To curtail your sugar fix cravings, consider adding blueberries or raisins to your salad or yogurt, switch sweetened tea or soda with flavored water, and so forth.

Way Forward

One of the best ways of incorporating wellness in your daily routine can be found in slowing down. Meditate, stretch, do what you love doing, play your favorite sports, or simply take off for a travel destination of your choice. Ring into the New Year on a more positive and active note. Start the process of celebrating wellness right away and observe the difference!

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