Here's how the senior citizens can stay fit during the lockdown |
Here’s how the senior citizens can stay fit during the lockdown

Here’s how the senior citizens can stay fit during the lockdown

14 May, 2020

The older generation, especially those above the age of 70, are potentially at a higher risk of infection with the novel coronavirus. The ones who suffer from co-morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, asthma are particularly vulnerable. During this time it is extremely essential they don’t venture out of their house and stay safe. This leaves them with restricted mobility midst the four walls of the house, which in turn leaves them  forlorn and dull since their connection with the society is cut off.

During this time it important to keep them mentally and physically fit at home and keep their immunity high.

Here our certain tips on keeping them fresh and active-

Tips for promoting Physical Health

1.Walking in the house for 10 minutes 

2.Spot marching for 10 counts

3.Shoulder Rotations in standing for 10 counts

4.Wrist movements for 10 counts

5.Step up Step down with support if a stable foot board is available

 Important pointers to be remembered while exercising

1.Taking a rest pause of 1 minute after every exercises

2.Keeping them well hydrated

3.Respecting the limitations of the body and not overdoing the exercises.

Tips for promoting Mental Health

1.Breathing Exercises

2. Practising Pranayam

3. Listening to soothing music

4. Meditation

Stay Safe , Stay Healthy!

Tips shared by Dr Nidhi Tumdi. She is a consultant as well as a corporate physiotherapist. She is an expert in physiotherapeutic treatment in the following areas – musculoskeletal disorders (aches and pains related to joints and muscles), neurological conditions (eg: paralysis,cerebral palsy,facial palsy), pediatric and geriatric rehabilitation, corporate ergonomics and home health care.

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