How To Achieve Your ‘Happily Ever After’: Your Guide To Manifest a Great Relationship |
How To Achieve Your ‘Happily Ever After’: Your Guide To Manifest a Great Relationship

How To Achieve Your ‘Happily Ever After’: Your Guide To Manifest a Great Relationship

24 Oct, 2019

Do you share the dream of absolute perfect harmony and union of a soulmate, the perfect partner for you?

Most of us here on Earth carries the dream of our soulmate in our hearts.

We want someone who can totally understand us, supports us, unconditionally loves us, gets us in every way and shares the same values, while exploring the adventures of life together.

Shared beauty is double the pleasure. We know that instinctively.

What we really want is a twin soul, the deepest complementary part to ourselves, whom we can totally absorb into. Someone to whom we can totally surrender to, without even shuttering the slightest bit.

We want to give all our heart, all our soul to such a being, hoping to be absorbed into a greater union that which reaches into the heights of the cosmos and brings us into our eternal home.

I have two practical questions:


We desire to be merged into a total union, we desire to love, we desire to be loved. This desire is at the core of our human needs.

Only the people who lack serotonin or oxytocin, often from birth, and who are deprived of such natural bonding hormones, will become monks at the core of the heart.

The Egyptians, and then the Greeks developed mythologies which reflected the belief of a splitting of the souls, often portrayed as a punishment for sin that had been committed. This punishment left humans wandering the Earth, searching for their soulmate. 

Over the last 35 years, I have conducted many seminars worldwide.

Even when guiding people in large groups of up to 1000 people, I have discovered that we all share a universal vision, wants and solutions when imagining merging with their soulmate and rising into the perfect UNION of SOULS.

70% of the people in the audience described the dance of Soul Union in a similar way.

I describe it in great detail in my book Dolphins, Love, Destiny with the subtitle of Yoga for the  Soul. 

First, about 90% or more perceived their souls rising together and starting to spiraling around each other, ascending to greater heights (or depths) in the cosmos.

Rising ever more and ascending ever closer to the center of creation, they felt that they lost the markings of individuality, of differentiation as we are accustomed to it and took on more and more pure forms of the pure essence of consciousness.

Reaching the absolute overlap of two souls and merging into a singularity, almost all participants experienced a great sense of increased ecstasy, a greater pure flow of love.

At the crescendo point of entering into the ZERO POINT, they became the WHOLE of ISNESS.

They felt like they had come HOME and reached the dimension far beyond what is commonly known as love or even encountering God. It was becoming all that there is.

The very good news is that the people who practice these kinds of meditations have sooner or later manifested a real live human being into their lives, one that matches their description of what they hope to find in a soulmate.

Together with such a person, they felt the completion in their heart and soul.

This is what my husband and I have done for the last almost 40 years daily, often multiple times a day.

When people ask how we are managing to be so in love for so many decades, I have one secret to share:

 The basis for our union ins in the ONENESS, in God. We offer ourselves in this union into the hands of God and rise consistently daily into the abode of absolute ONENESS.


Let me walk you through a few steps of how you can do this- first, discover your own self as pure consciousness as your own soul a diamond and then imagine meeting with an inner master or divine being with whom you can pre-experience such intense emerging in your inner meditation.

Eventually, you will create such encounters in your outer life.

Let me be sure to tell you:

YOU must be the FIRST to be able to create the ability to perceive complete UNION within yourself.

It is not something that will happen AFTER you meet this SPECIAL ONE.

Success will come to those that can experience success inwardly first. The universe creates itself according to the blueprint that you provide in your conscious as well as your subconscious mind.

It happens because you know HOW TO ENTER TOTAL UNION in your consciousness.

Knowing how to surrender your soul and ego state into a heightened state where ZERO is the only thing that is left behind you, that is when you will be able to enter the refined and defined dimension of the union of souls.

Being ONE is the inherent desire of the universe that has splintered itself into many parts to rediscover itself. You are a part of the journey of the return into the great ONENESS.

The desire for oneness is the honing device that God implanted into all creatures all creation. The birds and the bees, the microbes, and humans as well always to merge to create a greater whole.

Your desire to love and your yearning for this oneness is inherently embedded into the very core structure of your consciousness. 

You deserve it, and it is meant to be. And it is totally natural.


Here are some of the steps you can take:


Sit down in meditation and discover the very pinnacle of your essence. 

This might take some time for you to discover. 

It really helped me to imagine that I was rising from the earth level through all the various spheres and then through the stratosphere’s surrounding the Earth.

Each level brought me to increasingly finer levels of vibrations.

Imagine rising upward, beyond any confines of time and space, into the cosmic center of creation. 

Eventually, you will get the sensation of bursting through what appears to be the crust, a boundary that somehow separates pure consciousness from the world of duality. 

When you enter beyond the point of dual dimensions you will no longer perceive color or form. What remains is a pure presence, and you find yourself beyond time and space.


Learning to identify the SOUL AWARENESS STATE within yourself you can then add encountering another master being.

Let that other master being be equal to your luminosity, evolution, and lets him or her be your masterful counterpart.

To begin with, he or she will be inwardly the OTHER ONE, yet eventually, he or she will show up in your outer life.

How deeply are you willing to surrender into oneness?

We may say we that we are desiring total surrender into soul Union, but are we really?

How can you tell how far in ready you are?

You can tell the degree to which you are willing to surrender by the degree to which you are willing to merge with your inner master being into perfect union.

You can imagine walking straight into each other and bursting into flames metaphorically speaking, transcending any limitations of who you were individually before, then you are ready to encounter a soulmate in this dimension.


Next, you can choose to go on this very same journey with a dear beloved friend, or you already are blessed with such a partner together with your partner.

You sit across from each other, with eyes closed first you envision rising into finer and finer levels of on existence.

We do exist numerous levels not just the physical.

We body or have a vibrational body which is associated with energy or emotions. We call it the astral body.

Beyond that we have thoughts, and some of these thoughts are so pure and intense that one single diamond energy of the thought comprises the understanding of the thousand words.

That too is another body of yours. You can engage with your partner even level.

Next, you rise beyond the thoughts, ever closer to the center of creation, into the EYE of the needle, into the ZERO point.

By imagining coming closer and closer to the center of creation, as well as coming closer and closer to each other, you will eventually spiral to such degree of closeness, that the only other place to go is through into one another and out through the ZERO point.

This is the point where time and space as we know it even in our dreams is transcendent and where the purity of your soul awareness resides.

You can put on some beautiful music and I also provide a wonderful guided meditation that can guide you on such a journey together with another person or you along with an imaginary deity being your perfect soulmate.

The laws of manifestation declare that once you can occupy such an inner state, the outward manifestation of such a being will and needs to happen.

But however, I want to point out, you do need to do your homework, you need to become the soulmate that you wish to encounter.

Ever you will encounter will reflect your shortcomings and your greatness, they will perfectly complement you unless you carry a belief that you’re not worthy of meeting someone of equal energy is yours.

Practice this visualization every day even once you have met your perfect soulmate.

The union of souls happens not here at the physical, not through our bodies merging into one is, not even at our heart level, but the very core essence of our being in our SOUL.

At that level, you are then given free reign to create a new kingdom of creation. You will be the stewards of a new world. You will birth worlds into creation, that you individually probably would not have created.

Such a soulmate is a grace and blessing from the divine source.

We are graced and blessed with such an encounter once we are willing to go through the purification process of letting go of our ego always seeking the higher ground of sole awareness.

I wish you all the best in your journey to discover yourself as a soul, purify your awareness ongoing journey in this lifetime to encounter your soulmate.

Ilona Selke is an international, multiple times bestselling author, and has been teaching Living from Vision techniques to create successful lives since 1989. Her latest book is called DREAM BIG – THE UNIVERSE IS LISTENING
You can test-drive the powerful Living from Vision on-line course at this website –

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