How to care for the elderly during lockdown |
How to care for the elderly during lockdown

How to care for the elderly during lockdown

28 Apr, 2020

Senior citizens are more susceptible to getting infected with the covid-19 virus, and the lockdown makes it more difficult for them to cope with the isolation and anxiety. Amrita Kotak and Haritha Nayak, the experts at Thriive have shared ways senior citizens can cope with the isolation, yet stay connected with themselves and their loved ones. 

Plan your daily meals

Amrita Kotak, Nutritionist, Pranic Healer and a dance instructor lays down a schedule that can be followed. By 8:30 am, an elderly person can have tea followed by a 15 minutes break and then munch on nuts. Breakfast should be at around 10 am, consisting of eggs, poha or upma. Around 12:30 pm, lunch comprising of half chapati, lots of vegetables and dal, along with salads should be consumed. Senior citizens who are diabetic or have high blood pressure can have a very small portion of rice for lunch, unless medically advised otherwise. If not rice, any grains or millets should suffice, as well as balance the meal. After two hours, they can have a glass of buttermilk if not drinking it immediately after the meal. For those who do not want to have buttermilk or are lactose intolerant, they can have any fruit of their choice. At 5 pm, they can have a cup of tea along with a khakra, dhoklas or a piece of bread with hummus applied on it. Dinner should be at 8 pm, where they can eat rotis and vegetables. Rice should be avoided completely at night to avoid acidity. The portion of bread and pasta for dinner should be very less.

Learn basic tech

Video calling and messaging apps come in handy for staying in touch with friends and family. If need be, ask for assistance in setting up your accounts and learn how to use the messaging and video calling apps.

Stay busy

The best way to pass time and stay positive is to stay busy. Play online or indoor games, do as much housework as you can possibly do. Stay in touch with friends and family through phonecalls or messages.

Read books

Haritha Nayak, a healing expert, says, “Senior citizens can read spiritual books like Laws of the Spirit World, an Autobiography of a Yogi and other spiritual content. They should not indulge in watching soap operas, news or any negative content because negativity triggers people, especially the old who are not spiritually inclined and hardwired due to negative collective experiences over the years.”

Emotional connect 

Nayak narrated a recent experience of someone who approached her for help. A young daughter was staying along with her senior citizen father and mother ,and the father would watch  television excessively and abuse the daughter. Nayak noticed that the senior citizen was not grounded in his lower chakras well and he felt disconnected from the family. Nayak explained the lady to ask her mother to talk to her spouse and connect with him and the family has been gradually progressing towards improving their interpersonal relationships.

We hope the tips have helped the elderly and the care-givers to create a positive environment to get through the lockdown.

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