How to Remain Healthy During a Lockdown? |
How to Remain Healthy During a Lockdown?

How to Remain Healthy During a Lockdown?

16 Dec, 2020

Maadhuri Sharma, a certified nutritionist shares health tips for staying fit during the lockdown along with managing work from home and daily chores.

One should definitely make sure that you are having enough water, since one tends to forget consuming it. A 750 ml or a one litre copper bottle should be refilled three times a day. One tends to drink more water when one is sitting idle. Since the thirst centres are very close to the brain, very often we assume that we are hungry, but actually we are thirsty. To resolve this confusion, one should drink water and wait for 15 minutes to determine if one is actually hungry. If a person does workout at home, it will keep the endorphins going and would not want to eat all the time since one tends to be in a better state of mind. Workouts like Tabata and Suryanamaskars can be  done for around 30 minutes everyday. Jumping jacks and squats are recommended for kids for a few minutes which gets the heart pumping. Regular push ups, sit-ups, planks, squats and plunges are recommended for adults. In case, there is a work call or any daily chores need to be done, one should not restrict to a workout in the morning. The lockdown is already harsh, one should not limit oneself by making rules and instead make it fun and interesting. Flexibility and space should be given.

Snacks should be planned in advance. One should not starve and reach out for junk food. One can prepare hummus and refrigerate it. Baida roti, a veg frankie and sweet potato chips are good for snacking. Sweet potato chips are a complex carb. Any protein intake or a complex carb are a great idea along with  fruits like oranges and mangoes. Citrus fruits must be consumed to develop the immune system.

If you have activated charcoal at home, prepare lime water and add activated charcoal to it. One can also put tukmaria seeds in water or have jaljeera water. Take a one litre bottle of water and infuse it overnight with tulsi, pudina and cucumber pieces and have it the next day. Milk with turmeric is a good immunity boost instead of indulging in cups of tea and coffee. One can prepare lukewarm water mixed with cinnamon or mix ginger and honey with warm water. It is good for the throat and for killing germs.

For fussy kids, they can be informed that it is a cappuccino just like a baby cappuccino. The foam on the top always excites the kids. Pumpkin seeds and Indian gooseberry should also be consumed. Daily intake of 1000 my of vitamin C is necessary. Vitamin C supplements are also recommended for all age groups. One should consume vitamin C foods along with iron foods because iron is not absorbed completely without vitamin C intake. Besan chilla and chickpeas mixed with jaggery are good for the body. Lentil soup, chicken clear soup or vegetable soups should be consumed. For a healthy dessert, one can freeze grapes and have it along with jelly. Yoghurt latte can be prepared with yoghurt, honey and dry fruits.

For relaxing the neck during work from home, cross your arms and place both the palms on the nape of the neck. Place your hands upwards and move it downwards to release the tension from the back. While working at the computer, look away at a distant object and then look at it again which helps your eyes to focus and defocus. The Yoga asana of staring at the thumb can also be practised.

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