How to train your #MonkeyMind? |
How to train your #MonkeyMind?

How to train your #MonkeyMind?

27 Nov, 2019

Imagine going to the zoo and we reach a cage full of drunken monkeys – what do you think that cage would be? Chaotic right? Monkeys going nuts and there is absolute mayhem. 

Monks describe our minds pretty much in the same way – ‘the monkey mind’. It drives us nuts and takes away something very precious – ‘our present moment’. This moment isn’t coming back and we need to befriend these monkeys and work with them so that we can enjoy the present moment. 

When we get some of the most obvious chatterings of the monkey mind and learn how to cope with it, we can usually cope with the monkey mind. First, we need to believe this because most often we are convinced that the monkey mind is who we are. That is incorrect. We are not the monkey mind – we just allowed it to rule us. Now let us take the power back! 

  1. When monkey mind is in full swing: Like a tape recorder, it is non-stop playing the same cassette over and over again. So basically it has gone all out chattering and what we tend to do is try to avoid it and suppress it but it is of no use. We need to talk to the monkey here. Yes, that is correct – it needs us to have a little conversation. The monkey mind is usually in full swing when it is upset or anxious. It could be one of the 3 things:
    1. Something we need to do that it is reminding us of: Be a good listener here. Make a note of it and schedule it with time so that the monkey is off it. 
    2. Worried about something in the future: It needs to know that it is going to be fine. So create the worst-case scenario and know it is not all that bad! Even the worst-case scenario can be dealt with and you will be fine. The monkey mind will calm down. 
    3. Reminding you of something from the past: Yes, things happen that have hurt us or upset us and the monkey mind needs a plan to work on the past. We can’t leave it hanging when we need to heal. So get a coach or some structured method to resolve the past. 
  2. When the monkey mind wants to let it all out: Scheduling a daily morning journaling gives the monkey mind full chance to let it all out without any judgment! This is cathartic and so healing that we instantly feel light. Then when it comes back to let it all out in the day, quietly let it know that you can do it the next day in the journaling session and not now. When we do this consistently, it starts knowing the rules. 
  3. When the monkey mind needs to know you are the master: The only solution here is meditation. When we meditate regularly and know that feeling present is possible, we start creating new beliefs about ourselves. This gives us a full understanding of how powerful our mind is! This should be done regardless of the monkey mind chattering so that it does, we can use the power we gained through our daily meditation practice. 
  4. Rule out the monkey mind’s limiting beliefs: When our present scenario doesn’t match with what the monkey mind believes it should be, it starts voicing the beliefs. We need to, at that point, know mostly it is the voice of ego and this is our chance to let our ego out. Do things always need to go our way? Do people always need to agree with us? Do we always need to know the outcome? This way the monkey mind knows what ego does/wants and starts to slow down. 
  5. Monkey mind needs to play the game of 5: At times we know we just need to teach the monkey that we can crowd out the chattering. So quickly play the game of 5 – notice 5 things around you, through your 5 senses – what are you seeing? What are you hearing? What are you touching? What are you smelling? What are you sensing? Feel this as if you felt this the first time without judging it – only feeling and see how the monkey goes into its shell.
  6. Monkey mind needs to be outdone through the piko-piko breathing: Inhale deeply and focus on your crown and exhale deeply and focus on your navel. Breathing is so powerful and so aligning that we can instantly feel calm. This is just one breathwork and we can do several as a part of our morning routine, night routine and in the moment of the chattering. So try this and see how magical it is! 

The monkey mind is part of us that just came along the way. We have full power over it and taming it will make us just befriend it! Tame your monkey mind so you can fully enjoy the present. Because sometimes, the present is all we have.  

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