Improving physical fitness through meditation  |
Improving physical fitness through meditation 

Improving physical fitness through meditation 

19 Jun, 2019

Meditation has become a part of many fitness routines practiced all over the world for mindfulness and a better, calmer life. But what we don’t know is that meditation does much more to your mind and body than just calm us down.

Even though meditation is being since centuries and has been practiced since ages, the modern-science has recently found the other benefits of meditation and its effects on the physical body.

Our brain is the strongest part of our body and if we can train it to be fit and healthy, the body will follow. If you feel good, your body tends to be de-stressed and hence, the overall state of your mental and physical being is in balance. Even scientists have now found major relevance on the mental and physical cord and suggest that a few minutes of meditation every day can save you from many diseases and medical conditions.

Here are a few benefits of meditating daily:

  1. A better blood circulation

A few minutes of meditation daily relaxes the mind and body and hence releases the tension, allowing the blood to flow better. It improves the levels of blood pressure and hence, can be used as a tool for patients with the problem of high blood pressure.

  1. A healthier heart

Meditation is proven to improve the signs of anxiety and heart rate in people and hence a daily practice can improve the heart condition of a person and maintain to keep it healthy. Studies have found that people who practice meditation daily tend to produce fewer amounts of lipid peroxide than the people who don’t. Lipid peroxide is a compound that hardens the arteries and causes atherosclerosis.

  1. A stronger immune system

The immune system is the core of the body and maintaining a strong core can cut most of the physical problems. Meditation tends to improve the strength of the immune system with the positivity it induces on the mind and body. According to a study in 2003, a meditation routine can help you maintain the strength of your immune system and can create positive, lasting changes in the brain cells.

  1. A stress and anxiety free being

In today’s time, stress is the most common but it affects a person deeply and can cause many issues including inflammations and lack of judgment. Stress is the major reason why people turn to meditation and it has been found that most of them have felt the change in themselves after practicing meditation. It has improved the attention span and reduced anxiety levels. A calm mind can do much better than a hassled one.

  1. An improved memory

Meditation improves the concentration and attention levels providing a better relation of memories in the mind.  As we age, the brain tends to decline and memory loss is a very common result of it. Mediation helps you in improving this condition and keeps your brain cells alive. It may decrease the risks of Alzheimer’s disease if practiced daily as a routine. It helps the brain to be attentive and agile keeping it more focused and calm.  

  1. May help fight addictions

Addictions are a result of mental dependencies and meditation can help get rid of that. The idea of meditation is to create a balance between mind and body. Letting your mind follow a discipline can get you out of any sort of addictions or dependencies, be it a drug, food or any habits.

These are a few mental and physical benefits of meditation that can change the life of an individual if followed properly. Make a routine, take out time for yourself and practice mindfulness. You will notice the difference for yourself. It is simple science that if the roots of a plant are healthy and flourishing, so will the plant. If we take care of the inner peace and balance, the body will flourish.

So, take care of your self, follow your heart, let go and give yourself the space to grow and feel. Keep the inner layers happy and everything else will fall in place.

 Shivani Mehra is a budding author and a hopeless poet, a learning enthusiast and a dreamer who believes her dreams come true through writing.  


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