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Let the Sweat Rain: Don’t Let the Rains Dampen your Fitness

Let the Sweat Rain: Don’t Let the Rains Dampen your Fitness

15 Jul, 2019

Don’t you just love a warm cup of coffee with the fresh smell of the recently dampened mud? The weather around can be so so tempting for you to roll up in that soft blanket of yours and doze off. You can certainly do that, but not the cost of your workout. It is okay if the trains stop due to the heavy rains, your fitness goals can’t stop.

Being fit is not just about a workout or a run but it’s a habit which becomes your lifestyle. You are the only person who is responsible for your health and fitness, and that requires a strong will along with a constant commitment to your fitness goals. It is necessary that you continue your fitness regimes by working out indoors and getting used to simplers devices that can do the trick for you. If you want to maintain your shape this monsoon, let your sweat rain with this quick guide:

  1. Spot Jogging: 

I, just like you – love to run outdoors on the streets. But with the heavy rain pouring down, it is often risky to take that chance. Comes to the rescue: Spot Jogging. It can be done at the comfort of your home. It helps you burn calories and also helps you to lose weight. It only requires you to put your running shoes on and start jogging in the same position with your hands near your chest. It is not as effective as jogging outdoors but surely gets the job done. 

  1. Dance Workout: 

Hit the floor and burn your fat! Huh. Sounds weird? Totally! There are different styles to dance workout and the intensity depends on the kind of dance style you choose for yourself. Most of them will require you to use your whole body and will challenge your brain as you learn the form. It is found that it is good for your heart, and it also helps with balance and coordination. 

According to a survey, it was found that 30 mins of dancing can effectively burn the same calories as a person jogging. 

  1. Skipping Rope: 

Granted that this requires more space than the others, but it is very effective. It is one of the most effective fat burning workouts you can do at home. It acts as a full-body workout because it requires your body coordination to perform it in a correct way. It tends to improve heart rate and muscle tone with just 15 mins of everyday skipping. It can raise your heart rate two to three times faster than other exercises and offers the same benefits as running with less impact on the joints.

  1. Yoga: 

You can only notice the benefits of Yoga on your body if you follow them with a trained instructor. Yoga is often just linked with increasing flexibility – but performing yoga can also help build immunity and reduce the risk of respiratory problems which are common during this season. It also helps you to relax while not losing your fitness lifestyle. Just 20 minutes of this every day will keep active for the rest of the season. 

  1. Staircase:

Your apartment building has stairs (right?), try using them as a superb exercising device themselves. It is as simple as starting by climbing up and down for a few minutes. There are a couple of styles that you can perform in order to make the most of it. Firstly, you can simply start with climbing up and down the stairs for a few minutes. The other way is to perform a push up on the stairs. You can do that by firmly placing your hands on a step, and do a regular push up. You will be able to feel your core (stomach) muscles working.

Don’t let the weather flood over your fitness dreams. Performing these exercises every day for a minimum of 30 minutes will rejuvenate your dampened days and make you feel afresh. 

Omkar Kulkarni is a self-proclaimed art appreciator, a certified film reviewer and someone’s favorite human being.

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