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Let’s end that relationship with sugar

Let’s end that relationship with sugar

9 Aug, 2019

Ever looked at actress Kate Hudson and wondered what could be the secret behind her superfit body? Or say you look at reality star Kourtney Kardashian and wonder what could make these mothers look so wonderful? It is what they EAT!

You are, literally what you eat. Read here to find what you MUST NOT eat, to become your best self!


Most humans love everything sweet! Don’t we? Be it aerated drinks, those candies with artificial sugar, etc. are super delicious yet addictive. This could answer why you somehow start having too many sweets at once. Just after you chomp on those sweets, you suddenly feel like you are too full. Happens to you? Sure, does.

Sugar seems to be the actual villain. Processed sugar and those in soda can harm your body in a great way. When you say sugar detox, you mean cutting it does completely. Eliminating it will help in flushing out toxins that otherwise get stored in your body. Moreover, various studies have found that sugar has the same addictive properties as that of caffeine or nicotine. To break that addictive cycle, you will have to rewire yourself to not consume it in order to cut the

So the best way to keep yourself fit is to detoxify using water, fibre, and exercises. Here are 3 ways to help you eliminate it completely:-

  1. Water: It is mandatory to have loads of water, especially when you are on your sugar detox- simply because it will help you in combatting the urges caused by sugar. Moreover, drinking enough water can help you in
    eliminating toxins through urination and bowel movements.
  2. Exercise: There is, perhaps nothing that exercises can’t help you with. All you gotta do is practice some form of exercise to de-stress as well as keep your energy levels high. It will also help with releasing some happy hormones and cutting down cravings.
  3. Get enough sleep: Make sure you catch up on your sleep, this will help you in a big way to curb your withdrawal symptoms or side-effects such as fatigue, etc.

Cut down on sugar, un-wind and get healthier!

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