Mumbai Monsoons: 5 Things To Know Before Daring This Weather |
Mumbai Monsoons: 5 Things To Know Before Daring This Weather

Mumbai Monsoons: 5 Things To Know Before Daring This Weather

2 Jul, 2019

With the monsoon lashing the city, there seems little or no respite from the weather. Given the weather conditions at the moment, the MCGM Mumbai rolled out a tweet informing that the city has come to a partial standstill and hence the state has declared an emergency.

Whatever be the condition, you must ensure that certain precautionary measures are maintained. Here are 5 important things to remember in this monsoon:

1) Eat Right: Oh a hot vadapav with a cup of chai can seem like a sinful indulgence but NO, avoid them. This monsoon, street food is the Forbidden Fruit and you don’t want to commit the sin of temptation. Do not punish your bowels by feeding it these things. If you want to spice  your food game this monsoon, make yourself some hot aloo bhajji and khichdi along with papad or pickles. Completely avoid street food, that’s what we gotta say!

2) Carry your weapons: Umbrella, raincoats, windcheater and gumboots might seem like uncool but in any case, it is our shield in this season. Carry them everywhere you go. Whether or not you like it, it is your go-to weapon. Monsoon isn’t the time for style.

3) Beware of potholes: According to various sources, 706 potholes have been reported across Mumbai. these hell-holes have created a havoc in the city and there is no denying that it is quite dangerous in the pouring weather. Save yourself from the horror of landing into the hell-hole. Be very careful. Do not let your children go running in the weather.

4) Drive carefully: Long drives in monsoon is a really romantic option, yes. But the water all around the place can really get to you. Over-flowing gutters, dirty water with rainwater could lead to skidding. Drive your way carefully, completely avert seeding in rains.

5) Hydrate: While you might love the charm of the rains, make sure you expect the perils of this weather. Dirty water everywhere, clogged weather, unsafe street-food, sickening climate and delayed trains can spoil the fun. However, in this weather make sure you sip on boiled water throughout the day.

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