New Moon: How affected are you by the moon? |
New Moon: How affected are you by the moon?

New Moon: How affected are you by the moon?

28 Sep, 2019

Since centuries, the very presence and the mysteriousness of the moon have been romanticized and often make for the stuff myths are made of.

Is there any truth to the many stories we’re told about the moon since our childhood (of the werewolves and the rabbit on the moon)? (The moment I read the topic title for this post, I was reminded of Jacob from Twilight.) Here’s presenting a comprehensive post, with abundant findings from studies conducted worldwide, on how the moon can actually affect you.

The moon and your mind

A very prominent, and highly debated, if I may say, effect of the moon on the human body is people’s erratic behaviour during a full moon. Here’s an interesting correlation: the terms ‘lunatic’ and ‘lunacy’ originate from the word ‘luna’, which is the Latin word for, you guessed it, moon.

A full moon intensifies violent behaviour too. An extensive analysis of Florida’s police records for over a period of 5 years showed a noticeable increase in assault and homicide cases around a full moon. Studies have also shown instances of increased psychiatric emergencies.

A full moon affects the sleep cycle, affecting the quality of sleep. A study shows that its participants took 5 minutes longer than usual to fall asleep and, on an average, slept for 20 minutes less. A full moon also brings with it a lot of energy, which can aggravate anxiety and generally make you very emotional. The lack of sleep and the increased emotional vulnerability are testament that the moon inspires mood swings.

Now, not everything’s bad about the full moon. Consider this: the emotional high during a full moon also means that you feel more drawn to your partner; you feel more romantic.

The new moon, on the other hand, makes you very introspective. You might find yourself craving for more ‘me time’ to reflect on your life and choices. A new moon can also make you feel very tired; you’d have this very strong urge to stop for some time, which, in a way, could lead to introspection.

The moon and your body

The gravitational pull of the moon affects the cardiovascular activity in the body. For example, as quite a few studies have proven, the heart’s performance is at its peak during both, a full moon as well as a new moon. The body’s altered cardiovascular functions also increase our physical efficiency. Here’s an interesting fact: A study conducted at Rhode Island Hospital and published in the Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery journey says that if an acute aortic dissection (AAD) repair is performed in the waning full moon, the lunar effect reduces the odds of death and shortens the length of stay.

You know that the moon is responsible for tides. According to a team of Dutch researchers, because our brains are significant sources of water, the gravitational pull from the moon influences the activity in the brain, thus explaining the erratic behaviour. Reports of migraines and headaches have seen a significant rise during a full moon. Remember we spoke about sleep deprivation earlier? That could be a plausible explanation for the headaches. A team of British researchers have analysis that shows complaints of headaches and coordination issues in people who are physically all right.

Urological emergencies have also seen a significant increase during a full moon, as have accidents and surgeries.

The ladies out there, have you observed a sync between your menstrual cycle and the phases of the moon? Looks like there is one. Could that explain the PMSing too? Plausible. In fact, a lot of people still address menstrual cycles as moon cycles.

The new moon, quite obviously, has the reverse effects.

It is quite awe-inspiring, as it is mysterious, how the moon, from all that distance, affects us so closely. Have you experienced a certain kind of behaviour around a moon day? Get in touch with our experts here and tell us about them. 

Nikita Jhanglani is a technical and creative content writer, editor and book blogger. Currently, she is into world domination, one checklist at a time.

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