No more excuses! Exercise while you are on the go |
No more excuses! Exercise while you are on the go

No more excuses! Exercise while you are on the go

11 Oct, 2019

Instead of exercise, I will broaden this to mobility – and how much ever I emphasize on this, will be less. It is one of the best natural remedies for cortisol, anxiety, depression, hormonal balance (up and above maintaining those inches and weight!). 

So, if our association with mobility is just exercise and weight, then we might be doing a disservice to ourselves. Having understood this over my years of research and loving my body, now mobility is a necessity – even when I’m on the go! 

I know when we are traveling for work or otherwise we have a lot going on – in fact sometimes even being in the same city, it can feel like we are on the go lol – so we have to think of strategies and ideas that can work within this is limitation. 

Let us break this down into 2 parts:

  1. Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT): This is the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or even exercising! So what is it? Well, this everything else and we can start this from today since this adds to 15% of our metabolism!! Okay, there I have got you incentivized haven’t I? 
    1. Get the cup of coffee yourself: Be it at work in your own office or when you on the go – get those little things yourself even if you have help! This is NEAT Adding mobility in little ways – get the coffee, go to the printer yourself, get multiple cups of hot water (2 in 1 formulae!), go to the colleague and give the papers yourself, go outdoor to get some sunshine (again 2 in 1 – your vitamin D dose right there done!). Did you get the gist? Add mobility through daily activities.
    2. Stand and work: My work doesn’t give me enough steps you see since I’m seeing clients and doing sessions, so what I do is I stand and work! Yes, I create my own standing desk with cardboard boxes when I have to write an article or research stuff. I keep a standing quota for the day so it’s easier. Standing desk can be created anywhere we are – it doesn’t need investment. I do it at Starbucks and other cafes, you can just be a little creative make your own when you are on the go. 
    3. 10,000 steps (beyond workout!): The best thing that can be done when not in town. Walk everywhere, use navigation and make it a fun activity to discover new cafes and places! Walk halfway to work and then cab it or train it up! So many ways we can add this but we just need to bring awareness and know this is now mandatory 😉
  2. Exercise activity thermogenesis (EAT): This is energy expended from conscious exercise and workout. While this is just 5% of our metabolism, it also eliminates toxins, gives a dopamine rush and changes our mood for the day. Often I hear people miss this on the go and for that, I think we need to keep ‘convenience’ as the main factor.
    1. Tabata workout: One of the oldest Japanese workout that uses maximum oxygen uptake during exercise and has higher VO2 (maximum oxygen uptake) than a 60-minute workout! So all in all – it is super to do on the go. It is usually a 4-minute workout, which I make into 16 minutes (repeat the 4-minute x 4 times) and there you go! I’m done for the day because I will add several NEAT movements. 
    2. Suryanamaskar: If your work is hectic, too many emotions involved, then do a couple of days suryanamaskar – it is whole body workout and also balances the mind. 
    3. Use classes around the area: With new-age workouts, there are classes in neighbourhoods, which don’t need a membership and can be paid per class! There are several in the day so you can pick as per convenience.

I hope through this I have given you enough reasons and motivation to make ‘mobility on the go’ a priority and convenient – integrate this in your life from today – be your best version through simple steps.  

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