Online Yoga Classes from the Comfort of Your Home |
Online Yoga Classes from the Comfort of Your Home

Online Yoga Classes from the Comfort of Your Home

1 Dec, 2020

A Yoga instructor is pivotal for training beginners. A Yoga expert will understand each and every need and the limitations of your body. He will also guide you with Yoga Asanas and mastering the correct pose. They also provide guidance in yogic philosophy as well as areas complementary to yoga, such as nutrition and meditation. Kunjan Paul, an expert on Yoga, Pranayama and prenatal Yoga, discusses how online Yoga classes are beneficial for you.

Yoga trainer for mastering the Yoga pose

When you try to practice Yoga on your own, you tend to injure yourself, since you do not have the right knowledge to practice Yoga. A Yoga instructor understands the limitations of your body and he/ she may suggests you some modifications for doing a particular Asana. A Yoga instructor will help you to balance your body, hold onto your breathe and get the right pose. Beginners should approach a Yoga instructor to understand the alignments of Yoga Asanas and how to swiftly move into the practice of Yoga.

Debunking the myths of an online class

Many people believe that online classes do not help much and the students are not trained properly. However, this is not true. The instructor helps you to get the right pose, movements of the limbs and the correct  technique of  breathing, while performing yoga. In fact, you save your time and energy of travelling for a Yoga class. When your children see you performing Yoga during an online class, from the comfort of your home, they too develop an interest in Yoga. This is an added advantage of getting enrolled for an online Yoga class. The brightness of the room and position of the camera should be right during an online Yoga class, so that the trainer can correct you when required.

The expert’s way of conducting a session

Paul first asks her clients to just observe how she performs an Asana. Later, Paul instructs them step by step and observes and monitors their poses, hands and legs movements to get the right pose. When the clients are performing yoga, Paul simply observes them, so she can guide them properly.

Success stories of clients

Paul’s clients are now into advanced yoga. They have improved their body flexibility. Their body muscles feel more relaxed after a Yoga session. They feel happy like a child and return home with smiles.

Tips for attending an online  Yoga class

Stay hydrated during a Yoga class
Keep sipping water during a Yoga session. Do not accidentally dehydrate yourself during the session, because it may lead to a feeling of giddiness, weakness and nausea.

Breakfast regimen before and after a Yoga session

If you are waking up early in the morning, do not starve yourself. Eat an apple or a banana. Avoid citrus fruits in the morning. You can have walnuts, almonds, dates and raisins Avoid cashew nuts early in the morning. Eat a light breakfast before doing yoga. You can have eggs, oats or sprouted moong. 30 to 45 minutes post a Yoga session, you can have a breakfast, in case you did not have a breakfast prior to the session.

The right posture is important

You can take the support of a wall, if you are not able to sit erect on the floor while doing Yoga. Beginners can also sit on the couch, cot or on the bed to practice yoga. The upper back and shoulders should be straight.
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