Shed that stress at any of these top 10 yoga retreats in the world |
Shed that stress at any of these top 10 yoga retreats in the world

Shed that stress at any of these top 10 yoga retreats in the world

23 May, 2019

How difficult can it be to find peace of mind? Well, if you really think about it, it is not that easy. The lives and work culture we follow consider relaxing to be a sin. A hassled mind can hardly achieve what it aspires to. So what do you do in such a case? The answer is, Yoga.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is one of the ancient practices that bring peace to your body and soul. So, if you’re looking for optimum health and inner peace, yoga can be the key to unlock those states of being. So, shed some stress and sign up for a yoga retreat.

To make it easy for you to choose, we’ve got a list of the 10 best Yoga retreats around the world.

  1. Bagus Jati, Ubud, Indonesia

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Hidden in the lush green hillside gardens and serenity, Bagus Jati is the heart of spiritual and physical wellbeing. Spread over 5 hectares of tropical forest in the mountains of Bali, Bagus Jati identifies as the best yoga retreat worldwide. Many wellness and traditional therapies are offered to the guests including detox, nutrition, yoga, meditation, stress relief, anti-aging programs, holistic counseling,and so on.

  1. Reclaim Your Self, Japan

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Established in 2005, Reclaim Your Self is one of the best Luxury Yoga retreats in the world. They meticulously run various programs, which include yoga retreats, yoga holidays and weekend retreats focusing mainly on world-class wellness programs, divine cuisine, and unique accommodation. Meditate with Zen priests, practice Jivamukti yoga and experience shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) in a white beech forest. Other delightful activities include a visit to a shrine for shinto (nature worship), practising shakyo calligraphy, and enjoying local culinary experiences with frequent treks to the beautiful countryside in Japan.

  1. Rasa Retreat, India

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A beautiful and simple place for you to feel closer to nature and hence yourself.  Situated in the heart of Goa, India Rasa retreat is one of the most peaceful retreats you can find around the world. Those looking to take a dip in the spiritual levels of inner peace and a full yogi experience will find their home here in this retreat.

  1. Silver Island, Greece

A delightful 60-acre private island strewn with flower-filled tracks, ancient churches, beautiful olive trees and to top it up, a gorgeous lighthouse. If you want to be away from city life and take a tour inwards, this is the place you want to be at. Enjoy Mediterranean meals with local wines and train with the best Yoga masters from all around the world.

  1. Ulpotha, Sri Lanka

Amidst the Galgiriyawa mountains, monks living in remote temples and caves, is situated this admirable, peaceful and homely organic farm that offers Yoga with internationally renowned teachers, ayurvedic treatments and beautiful lake in the middle of serenity. Named by the Observer magazine as the “best yoga retreat in the world,” Ulpotha seeks to provide an authentic experience to visitors as they co-exist happily with nature.

  1. Yoga explorers, Italy

Set in the Umbrian Countryside, yoga explorers are led by an amazing duo who are popular for their style of keeping yoga light-hearted and fun. This retreat comes as a whole package providing you an experience of living in a 12th-century hillside farmhouse set in beautiful Italy. A perfect getaway for great food, amazing company and expect coming back home with a peaceful soul and relaxed body.

  1. Ananda In The Himalayas, India

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An award-winning, luxury spa resort located at the foothills of the Himalayas, Ananda In The Himalayas is the perfect destination if you are looking for to rebalance mind, body and soul in nature’s lap. Along with Hatha yoga and guided meditations, enjoy beautiful scenic views and top-notch ayurvedic treatments and let the energy flow to the most inner layers of you.

  1. Kaliyoga, Pulgia

If you like to relax and cleanse at the same time with beautiful sunsets and a luxury stay, Kaliyoga is the right choice. With stunning Trulli as your stay, this retreat provides a full package for your body, mind, and soul. Founded in 2008, Kaliyoga already has made its mark in the industry. With two sessions of yoga every day and spa treatments it is one of the hub spots for tourists.

  1. Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

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Situated on the Koh Samui Island in Thailand, this retreat offers a range of detox options to cleanse your body inside out. The programs are customized for visitors as per their preferences and choices. These programs include yoga, meditation, spas, and food combinations to help you detox your mind and soul.

  1. Sivananda, Bahamas

Yoga just gets better when it’s practiced in the Bahamas. With a breathtaking view and clear turquoise waters, Sivananda is the perfect getaway. With its vast range of accommodations, it is not heavy on the pocket, yet soothing and rejuvenating, an experience that everyone deserves.


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