Stem Cell Therapy can be the answer to staying #ForeverYoung |
Stem Cell Therapy can be the answer to staying #ForeverYoung

Stem Cell Therapy can be the answer to staying #ForeverYoung

30 Jan, 2020

Ageing is an inevitable process and trying to stall it may seem futile. Your gait gets slower, your joints creakier, your bones more brittle, and your skin saggier as you age. In an attempt to combat physical aging, science has turned to numerous methods — from cosmetics to surgeries to SCENAR. Researchers are also exploring the possibilities of using stem cells to reverse or slow down the aging process.

Aging affects all the organs and tissues of the human body, albeit in different degrees. It all depends on the cells’ potential to regenerate and their sensitivity to external factors. Despite advancements in medical science, human aging is still poorly understood.

A couple of reasons such as shortening of telomeres, DNA damage and changes in gene expression are attributed to aging. One of the recent hypotheses is reduction or inefficient differentiation of stem cells.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are unspecialised cells that don’t have a specific function at first. Eventually, they can develop into any type of cells in the body — from nerve to skin. In other words, stem cells are “blank” cells that have the potential to grow into any type. This mechanism is called “differentiation.”

Mesenchymal stem cells originate in the bone marrow. When there are enough of them circulating through your blood, these cells travel to areas of the body that needs repair and rejuvenation. Greater the number of mesenchymal stem cells, healthier and younger the body will be.

When an organism ages, a number of changes take place in within the body: the bone marrow becomes less productive, anemia becomes more common, the risk of cancer increases, organ functions decline and skin starts wrinkling. These problems are usually associated with alterations in the stem cell pool.

From the point of view of aging, stem cells are important for tissue renewal. Loss of these cells are thought to be the cause of aging of the human body, because without enough stem cells, the repair and regeneration of organs become difficult and aging sets in.

By the time you cross age 60, the body only has 10 per cent of stem cells in circulation compared to 100 per cent during infancy.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

To stop ageing from within, one’s own stem cells can be harvested and put back into circulation in the body. For this, the doctors will perform a procedure in a fat-rich area of the body, such as the buttocks, thighs or abdomen to harvest the stem cells.

The sample goes through a centrifugal process, where the stem cells are separated in a concentrated serum. Once the cells are harvested, they are injected back into the patient’s body.

Since these cells are derived from the person’s body, there is no need to worry about rejection.

When the number of stem cells in the body increase, effective repair of various tissues such as bone, blood, muscle, nerve, hair and skin becomes possible.

By regenerating enough skin cells, the body can address problems like skin wrinkling, photo damage, loss of elasticity, etc. Stem cells can also reactivate hair follicles, prompting them to grow more hair.

But stem cell therapy is not just skin deep. It rejuvenates the body from within.

Internal organs can be given a boost with stem cell therapy. These cells can regenerate into organ tissues and plug the tissue deficiency, thereby improving organ functions that get affected by ageing.

Stem cell therapy can boost the working of the heart, kidneys, bladder, eyes, nerves, lungs, brain, liver, etc. Health problems associated with aging like arthritis, back pain, diabetes, joint ache, nerve diseases, erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction can be tackled with stem cells.

Stem cell therapy to address aging is considered safer, more effective and holistic than methods like plastic surgery and Botox, which only addresses superficial problems. In a minimally invasive procedure that can make a world of difference to your body.

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