Sustainable Fashion Redefined: The Rise and Role of World’s First Carbon-Negative Brand ‘Sheep Inc.’ |
Sustainable Fashion Redefined: The Rise and Role of World’s First Carbon-Negative Brand ‘Sheep Inc.’

Sustainable Fashion Redefined: The Rise and Role of World’s First Carbon-Negative Brand ‘Sheep Inc.’

7 Dec, 2019

With climate change becoming a hot topic and creating an unforeseen uproar, it’s reassuring to witness businesses across the world taking a pledge to improve their footprints. Never has this stirred more awareness, than it is now, in the whole fashion industry, which is considered the least sustainable otherwise. 

Going as per data, both the footwear and apparel industries collectively account for close to eight percent of global climate impact, much higher than all maritime shipping and international flight trips. The industry has made a terrible impact on the places where garment production takes place. Producing, dyeing, and washing the raw material as well as the final product consumes huge amounts of water and involves large quantities of toxic dyes and pesticides that seep into the environment. Fast fashion – which encourages consumers to invest in cheaply-made, self-proclaimed disposable clothes, only deteriorates and accelerates these problems. 

The challenge to reduce the usage of fabrics like nylon, polyester, and acrylic that are non-biodegradable, and to eliminate carbon emissions, has time and again given the fashion industry a chance for its players to do what best they can do – become creative.

That’s exactly what the New-Zealand based brand Sheep Inc. did. Realizing the urgency and the need for spinning the crisis at hand into a great offering gave birth to Sheep Inc. The next best thing to do was going carbon negative, not sustainable, nor carbon neutral. What came as a surprise was the brand’s first, one-of-a-kind product launch, a Merino wool jumper, chic and classy in its own way. More than just a brand, Sheep Inc. skilfully steered the wheel of its industry by setting the record to become the only international fashion label to counterpoise the carbon footprint of the product multi-fold, by making an investment in biodiversity products. 

Its clients realize the value of investing in timeliness, biodegradable, and eco-friendly products that spell luxury in contrast to fast fashion. Sheep Inc’s inventiveness is a winning formula for both, the environment as well as consumers. The clothing collection is made out of ZQ-certified Merino wool, with classily cool and seasonless designs complimenting the nature-inspired colour palette. 

To add a style statement and versatility to its collection, the jumpers are made available with exclusive cuff details and ribbed collars with hand-sewn designs that last a lifetime. What’s more, Sheep Inc. has made it a goal to create quality products for its customers without side-lining the aesthetics and trend. 

All products are incorporated with unique serial numbers that, if scanned, help in unlocking the details of the product’s carbon footprint and complete manufacturing journey. To up the ante and magnify its brand name, Sheep Inc. has also extensively involved sheep in the process – without restricting to simply shearing. To add a personal touch and enhance its one of a kind offering, Sheep Inc. also regularly updates its customers about the sheep’s wellbeing and movements, to let them know that the final product had a start somewhere.

So, you can now enjoy shopping a little more, secretly knowing that you are contributing to clean up the atmosphere in your own way!

Akanksha Shukla is a content strategist, writer by the day and reader by the night- all with the trusted companionship of coffee!

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