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Tai Chi for #ForeverYoung skin

Tai Chi for #ForeverYoung skin

23 Jan, 2020

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese art that started as a form of martial arts. It comprises of a series of slow, focussed movements that work all parts of the body. Qi is an energy force that flows through the body. This energy force—life force—needs to be in balance for good health. Tai chi boosts and unblocks the flow of this energy. 

The movements, accompanied with deep breathing, enable participants to focus on what they are doing physically and the sensations the movements invoke. Tai chi is often referred to as both, medication and meditation. It is one of the most effective exercise forms that works for the health of the body and the mind. 

If you are now wondering how all of this is connected to skin care, then hear us out: one among the many benefits of Tai chi (improved balance, flexibility, endurance, and muscular strength) is that it can significantly slow down premature aging of the skin! 

Tap into the benefits of the Supreme Ultimate Skill

Tai chi, very loosely, translates to the ‘Supreme Ultimate Skill’. And from what we’ve read, it really is that when it comes to its many benefits, including anti-ageing. Tai chi, with its equal and powerful impact on the mind and the body, is a superb way to defeat stress—a primary harbinger of anti-aging—from destroying your skin. 

To prove the benefits of Tai chi, scientists at the Center for Neuropsychiatry at China Medical University Hospital in Taiwan carried out a year-long study. The participants—volunteers below the age of 25—were divided into three groups. One group practiced Tai chi regularly, the other walked briskly, and the third did no physical exercise. 

The group that practiced Tai chi saw the maximum increase in their CD 34+ specialised cells. These are blood stem cells markers that aid the self-renewal of cells. Cell renewal is in charge of maintaining and repairing our organ systems. 

Translation of this science mumbo jumbo: increase in the number of the CD 34+ cells improves the cell renewal process which is associated with slowing down of premature aging. The study was published by the Cell Transplantation Center Of Excellence For Aging and Brain Repair and the authors unanimously agree that, “compared with the no exercise habits group, the Tai chi group had a significantly higher number of CD 34+ cells”. Dr. Shinn-Zong Lin, one of the authors, says, “Considering that brisk walking may require a larger space or more equipment, Tai Chi seems to be an easier and more convenient choice of anti-ageing exercise.” 

If you are all pepped to try out Tai chi and stay #ForeverYoung, click here and get in touch with our expert Wellness Service Providers. 

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