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Tarot Truths: Is Love On The Cards For You?

Tarot Truths: Is Love On The Cards For You?

29 May, 2019

I must admit how shocked I was, when I realized the accuracy with which Tarot experts put forth the truth. Honestly, I didn’t know this is how it worked either! One Thursday morning, I got on a call with Neeta Jhaveri, who is an Internationally Qualified Tarot Card Reader, Healer, Clairvoyant & Psychic expert. This phone call with this Thriive-verified expert made brought me to the threshold of understanding a lot of things that seemed rather mysterious to me.

The Mysteries of Energy

Have you ever met someone in your life and felt like they have a lasting effect on your aura? Can you recollect the time when your parents and well-wishers told you that unless you get done with one thing or job or person completely, you can never move on? If the answer to any of this is a YES, then it’s all about energy.

Well, as a layman all that I knew about Tarot was that a lot of people go to tarot experts to acquire the truths of life. Whether it is related to love, career or health- it always had a true side. But what I didn’t know was the experience of energy.

“A girl, once came up to me and I could understand her apprehensions right away. She was in a relationship with a guy- but it wasn’t a stable relationship. They would get back after ‘breaks’ and this kept continuing. She wasn’t able to break the chord completely,” explained Neeta on the phone-call.

This bit of the conversation seemed extremely understandable to me. Haven’t we all met that one friend who perpetually tells you that they are done with a particular relationship but cannot seem to snap all ties? May be then, you should get them to a good tarot expert too!

The story ahead

“A lot of people cannot move on from their past because they never really get over the past energies. You must know that unless you let go off the past energy, you will not be able to manifest anything new,” added Neeta.

My further understandings told me that if you don’t let go of this past energy, you will either never be able to move on or you might end up finding someone with a same energy. This ideally answers why a lot of people end up in real clumsy and unsatisfying relationships one after the other.

How Tarot changed HER love-life

Six months of readings and sessions with the girl changed her life forever. “Once we were able to make her break that cycle of energies with her ex, she let go of that blockage. Now, she is in a very fulfilling and happy relationship.

This story seems similar to yours? May be you should see what energy is blocking you and tell us your issues in the comments section below 🙂



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