This Company is giving us major life goals by introducing #WorkplaceWellness |
This Company is giving us major life goals by introducing #WorkplaceWellness

This Company is giving us major life goals by introducing #WorkplaceWellness

7 Nov, 2019

 You go to a gym each day. You are never late to work. You eat healthily. But you’re not too happy with the results. Do you often wake up tired, fatigued or completely zoned out? Nothing seems to catch your interest, and you are burnt out? Does that sound like your everyday story? Maybe it’s time to focus on your office atmosphere. 

Each of us spend more than 8 hours in our office. Be it your relationship with your colleagues or your work culture, it can have adverse effects on your health. Chrome Pictures, a leading advertisement production house in Mumbai is setting an example by including wellness in their work culture.   

Chrome has managed to carve an interesting niche for itself by doing a lot of commercially and socially relevant work such as the silent national anthem, Lifebuoy’s Help A Child Reach 5 campaign, Google Reunion TVC and the latest feature in their hat was the success of the production house’s debut feature film “Badhaai Ho”.

Besides commercial success, Chrome is one of the few production houses in the country to have adopted a policy which is extremely employee-friendly. The founders of the company believe in the philosophy that an emotionally and mentally secure individual not only is more productive but he is also able to cope with their interpersonal relationships and lead life in a more fulfilling fashion. 

Aleya Sen, Director, Producer, Writer, Co-founder, Chrome Pictures

Aleya Sen, Director, Producer, Writer, Co-founder, Chrome Pictures said, “ At Chrome Pictures it is very important for us to create an environment that is open, spacious, surrounded by greenery and with lots of light seeping in. Such an environment is welcoming, inspires creativity and helps the mind relax. Since our nature of work isn’t time-bound; a nurturing work atmosphere makes a huge difference. The standard snack menu at work comprises of fresh salads, fruits, nuts, and juices. In the past, we have also organized Yoga sessions for our teams. A happy, healthy work unit not only reinforces professional rewards but it also encourages its staff members to live healthier and happier lives.”

Some of the activities carried out at Chrome over the years are – 

Yoga sessions – Until very recently the company used to regularly organize company-sponsored compulsory yoga sessions for the entire team to help them relax, stay fit and lead to a peaceful state of mindfulness after busy work schedules. 

Live Green, Live Healthy – Chrome as a unit believes that nature nurtures. A green surrounding not only leads to emotional growth but it also aids in spiritual alertness. The office layout at Chrome Pictures is designed in a manner to ensure that their staff enjoys as much greenery as they possibly can since such an atmosphere only helps enhance productively. The office has a special creative room with a tree stem and branches, designed especially to help teams be creative, discuss new ideas, conceptualize concepts or to just spend some alone time lost in thought and reflection. Once a shooting schedule comes to an end Chrome ensures they plant a tree; this not only adds to helping preserve our eco-system but also aids in building refreshing green pastures for the public at large.

Minimal Plastic – Chrome has adopted a zero plastic policy at work. We all know that production is a very expensive business. Building a production set with zero plastic is a challenging endeavor. Chrome, however, tries its best to stay away from plastic as much as possible whether it involves building sets or using eco-friendly shooting gear. They are constantly looking at collaborating with partners who are equally involved in this cause towards mindful and thoughtful living. 

Ask Sen how they came up with these ideas, she says, “We took the initiative at work to eat and live healthy because it can have a positive impact on work, it also helps enhance performance and manage high-stress situations with a relaxed mind. These small lifestyle changes have not only helped us grow creatively but it has also helped us stay fit and healthy. Mental and emotional health is the key to happiness.”

So has productivity actually increased? Sen (smiles) and answers, “My efforts of instilling these changes at work have definitely led to free-flowing creativity, productivity, unity, camaraderie and encouraged better and healthier lifestyles within the Chrome Pictures family.”


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